Sunday, February 18, 2007

All aboard!

Tell it as is...

We spoke before on what competition does for a country and it came to pass. The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company should have in its coffers enough money to spring an advertising blitz on new entrant Digicel. They should have, after all they raped the pockets of innocent Guyanese for years, reaping huge amounts of money.

Surely, one retired Major General, who now heads the GT&T operations must be hitting himself in the head for taking up the appointment when it was offered. Not only him, those sorry-ass entertainers which include Hits&Jams, Sterosonics, and the two divas of local music, Tamika and Celeste must also be drooling.

Ramnaresh Sarwan, who once advertised for GT&T has now switched, partly because Digicel sponsors the West Indies team. For more than one reason, 'Ronnie' we know is happy. We spoke to him about it at the Digicel VIP Party which was held at the Pegasus. (More on that at a subsequent date).

The best that GT&T has done so far, is to play on the minds of those same innocent Guyanese by telling them that GT&T is a Guyanese company. Nonsense! GT&T is a subsidary of Atlantic Tele-Network (ATN), a US-based entity.
GT&T has boasted of having more customers while at the same time neglecting to update their platform to effectively handle the high volumes of calls that accompany increased customers.

Instead of being honest with consumers, they continue to peddle lies in the media even though a full-page advertisement that mimic Digicel's countdown ad. According to Digicel folks, "They are here to stay."

Say goodbye to GT&T, Digicel has awoken a tired, hungry, giant size consumer population.