Monday, November 27, 2006

Funny Mail Found on Trail...

Mail Trail:

Word out that Mr. Neaz Subhan will or might succeed Terry Holder as Deputy GM, Communications @ GTT.

Neaz can get over US$3,000.00 plus perks for this position. Any bets?


Guyana360: Funny!!! Thats the best joke since the President announced plans to have children after this year's elections.
We bet US$1.00 against Mr. Subhan, a washed up Sharmanite, an anchor at nights who is really an actor and not a playwright.

Welcome One,Welcome All to Guyana

Welcome to the first in a series of publication on Guyana's readiness for CWC 2007, which is expected to attract over 30,000 visitors.

As any one of the over 30,000 arrive at the overhauled CJIA, they will recieve an official tribal welcome. A group of Guyanese showed a German just how hospitable we are as a people...

The police in Georgetown are investigating a robbery under arms that was committed on German National Rita Ghunter, 63 years, and her husband at about 2130h. on Friday November 24, 2006 at Sheriff and Canje Streets, Campbellville.

Investigations revealed that the victims had earlier arrived into the country through the CJIA and travelled to Campbellville by way of taxi. Upon arrival at their destination and while disembarking from the vehicle they were attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun. The men lashed them about their bodies with pieces of wood and took away Rita Ghunter’s handbag which contained $3,000.00 US; 300 Euros, a watch, jewellery and documents and escaped on foot.

Guyana360: Welcome to Guyana, a nation on the tip of the South American Continent.

We ready fuh rain or are we?

The drainage and irrigation system on the East Coast Demerara (ECD) is working well and in anticipation of expected heavy rainfall during the November-December rainy season, further improvement works are ongoing.

Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud today (Saturday) inspected critical D&I structures on the ECD and pronounced on their efficiency even though it was raining heavily. He was accompanied by Region Four Chairman Clement Corlette and Senior Engineer of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) Lionel Wordsworth.

Following visits to Plaisance, Montrose, Lusignan, Buxton, Belfield, Craig Milne, Hope, Strathavon and the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC), Minister Persaud expressed satisfaction with the present status of the D&I system in terms of its preparedness.

“Based on our assessment, we are satisfied that the units are working and that necessary plans are in place. We have identified some additional work that the Region and the NDIA will have to undertake,” he said.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No Comments...

What’s buzzing…? Sharma won a seat

Breaking News: Post elections controversy brewing…

We have just learnt through the grapevine that there are major errors in GECOM’s results.

Now that some bright person has come up with the correct final results, it shows that the great, yet small mitta Sharma may have won a seat in Parliament and is now eligible to create ruckus in the National Assembly.

But for po’ Sharma to get that seat the AFC must relinquish one of its National Top up seats bec-aurse the right tabulation of the results clearly shows that Sharma won a seat.

Opposition Leader and PNCR-1G Leader Robert Corbin has made this case to GECOM.

It is ironic that the AFC was calling on the PPP/C to do the decent thing and give up the Region 10 seat since the PPP/C was given the seat courtesy of a tabulation error by GECOM.

Will the AFC give Sharma his seat?

If it does and it gains that Region 10 seat from the PPP/C, it means that the AFC will remain with 5 seats, but Sharma will gain a seat, while the PPP/C would loose one of its 36 seats.

Another cracking joke is that the seat that the PPP/C is holding on to in Region 10, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds occupies it. If they give it up, what will happen to the Prime Minister, who has been appointed the Head of Parlaiament for the first time since 1992.

There is also controversy surrounding the time in which the official results were declared, which could render it null and void, but for now the political directorate have ignored this fact. We’ll keep you posted as it develops…

The most peaceful election according to International Observers is turning out to have the most comical finishes and all the International Observers are gone!!!

What’s buzzing…?

So many questions about what is really buzzing in Guyana. Readers sent in very interesting mails about politics, sports, entertainment and of course crime in anticipation of what we might reveal as buzzing…We hate to disappoint the news-cravings.

E-Buzz is buzzing in Guyana. It is a free entertainment magazine-Guyanese could do with some free merchandise for a change-that presents an entertaining, less bloody and less political side of Guyana.

It is exactly what the doctor ordered with Cricket World Cup 2007 on the horizon (hopefully the sun rises on December 31 and Guyana is given the green light by the ICC to host CWC matches).

Under the stewardship of Mondale Smith as Editor-in-Chief, the magazine in its first few issues has produced some stunning work.

It also brings to the fore, sharp, yet humorous stories. Take for instance; one front page story featured Cricket enthusiast and sports writer Sean Devers who said that he wanted to be God for a day. Intriguing start...

While we love the general idea of the new feel good E-Buzz publication, we must say how disappointed we were in the first issue that had quite a few errors, including an article with text so small that it gave new meaning to the phrase, an eye-popping story.

First impression always counts and the newspaper failed miserably.

Eric Phillips and Leslie Bonnar will obviously provide some stability to the publication and they will have to also provide a balancing act to the ever unstable Mondale Smith, who just loves hopping from TV to print, media house to media house.

He started the Extra newspaper, another publication that seeks to highlight a better side of Guyana, but he left before his days in the sun by the car park selling Extra could pay off.

The print quality of E-Buzz is also debatable.

It looks cheap and stiff and lacks that whole feel good nature to the pages.

However, E-Buzz has good strong content and no one could deny the team E-Bragging rights.

Monday, November 20, 2006


The Flame & The Ribbon

National Cultural Centre

Candle Lighting from 7 pm

Broken Promise from 8 pm
Written & Directed by Desiree Edghill

Get your tickets early

Call 225-5112 for details and ticket info

Friday, November 17, 2006


A frequent reader sent us a mail describing U.S. moves to gain a foot hold in these parts...enjoy....Its an International assessment.

Washington Looks to Cement its Military Presence in Central America

The U.S. Military Presence

The U.S. has had a lasting presence in modern Honduras, primarily at the Soto Cano airbase, which has witnessed scores of human rights abuses during the 1980s. The American troops now stationed in Honduras are known as Joint Task Force Bravo (JTF-Bravo), a component of the

U.S. Southern Command (Southcom), which was formed in 1983 under the original name of Joint Task Force 11. At that time, handsomely bribed Honduran officials closed their eyes to the fact that U.S.-backed insurgents were staging sorties into Nicaragua from Honduran territory, while Tegucigalpa concomitantly refused to acknowledge the covert ventures. It is not entirely clear how many U.S. troops were stationed at Soto Cano and other Honduran-based military installations during the 1980s.

Conservative estimates place that number at anywhere between 2,000 to 5,000 troops, who were there as part of a training mission.

Today, Soto Cano houses between 350 to 500 U.S. troops belonging to the 612th Air Base Squadron and the 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment. Since the closing of the American facilities in Panama over the last decade, the U.S. has relied more and more on smaller bases across the hemisphere.

These include Manta in Ecuador, Comalapa in El Salvador, as well as a comparable base in the island of Aruba. Still, Honduras’ Soto Cano continues to be the pillar of the U.S.’s Central American military presence. With the departure of the U.S. Army’s 228th Aviation Battalion from Fort Kobbe, Panama, many aviation assets of U.S. Army South (USARSO), Southcom’s army component, were moved to Soto Cano.

These include a command and control element, CH-47 “Chinook” helicopters, as well as UH-60 “Blackhawk” and “Medevac” helicopters. Since the end of the 1980s, the troops serving at Soto Cano have often been used for disaster relief operations. A Joint Force Quarterly article proudly cited how JTF-Bravo aided the populations of Guatemala and Honduras after last year’s Hurricane Stan and Tropical Storms Beta and Gamma hit the region. The base has always been on Washington’s radar, as exemplified by President Clinton’s trip to the facility in March 1999, and the recent Bush-Zelaya discussions on its future.

The Future of Soto Cano and the MosquitiaGeneral Romeo Vázquez, chairman of the Honduran joint general staff, declared on July 15 that Honduras would be building, with U.S. assistance, a new military installation in the province of Gracias a Dios. According to Vázquez, the proposed base would house aircraft and fuel supplying systems.

While Washington defense officials see Caracas as a potential security threat to its neighbors, some would argue that the same accusations can be made by Venezuelan officials regarding Rumsfeld’s actions in the region. Under Rumsfeld, the U.S. significantly expanded its military presence and ties throughout the hemisphere.

On August 2005, he was the first U.S. Defense Secretary to visit Paraguay. The trip was widely regarded as connected to the ongoing U.S. military exercises (13 in total from July 2005 to the present). It has been widely speculated that these talks may have involved the consideration of permanent bases that could signify a more permanent American military presence in Paraguay. Rumsfeld later visited Peru during his South American tour in order to court then-president Alejandro Toledo. Rumsfeld also was after gaining more support for the ill-reputed, Brazilian-led MINUSTAH mission in Haiti.

An Expansive Rumsfeld“I can’t imagine why Venezuela needs 100,000 AK-47s,” Rumsfeld told reporters in Brasilia during a March 2005 joint news conference, in regards to the proposed Venezuelan purchase of rifles from the Kremlin.

Rumsfeld may have grounds to criticize such a transaction, but he lacked consistency when he neglected to comment on the numerous Chilean military purchases. These have led to the beginning of what may well be a multinational arms race, raising already mounting security concerns in Lima and La Paz.

On October 22, the Chilean daily El Mercurio reported the first batch of 100 Humvee all-terrain vehicles had arrived, purchased by Santiago as part of its aggressive military modernization campaign. According to the report, the Chilean army plans to buy over 200 Humvees and upgrade them with 106mm guns and a battlefield missile system. Chile also purchased a squadron of Lockheed F-16s raising concerns regarding its growing air force. If Rumsfeld was so concerned with the de-stabilizing effects of aggressive weapon purchases by a western hemisphere nation, he could have used the same language to object to Chile’s recent purchases with equal justification.

Rumsfeld is known to be a strong supporter of maintaining a U.S. presence in Soto Cano, and would have probably advocated moving Palmolera’s operations to the Mosquitia site if necessary. With his resignation, it is not entirely clear if Washington will continue to prioritize the maintenance of a noticeable footprint in the area, especially if it serves, apart from responding to natural disasters with relief assistance, very little purpose. Former officials such as Uribe point out that there is little need for the U.S. to maintain a presence at Soto Cano in the post-Cold War world.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Buzzing....something is buzzing in Georgetown.

We will keep you posted.

More Police Successes in “Greene” Land of Guyana

Fresh on the heels of the major drug and gun bust on Friday last, police today shot and killed a gun man on the East Coast of Demerara after he tried to engage joint services ranks using an AK-47 rifle.

Reports suggest that the man was acquited of attempted murder earlier this year.

Details later...



I'm a U.S. shortwave listener & was listening to theVoice of Guyana last night for a few hours. This morning, I did a little searching around on the Internet for more station info and I found your blogabout the destruction of the radio archives from the station.

Wow, so sorry to hear about the lack ofgovernment interest in your station's history (bothfrom a historic and cultural prospective).

I wish I could just scoop up a couple of armloads of tapes &record them to CDs for archival.

I guess those are thehazards of the Internet--in some ways, the world is avery small place, yet in others it's just as big asever.Anyway, thank you very much for the fascinatingreading & have a great day!


Guyana at its best.

This is the latest issue of Gem Magazine, an astonishing work of of Guyanese art. The publisher of this bi-monthly magazine must be given credit for showcasing Guyana through rays of good light, in a sea crowed with screaming front page newspaper headlines of all the ill things about this "Greene" land.
The cover photo of Gerry Gouveia taken at the Ogle airstrip by Dwayne Hackett is astonishing.
We await the next issue of Gem, since the August/September issue was a drag, especially that front page portrait of a popular celeb' news anchor.

More Mail on da Trail...

For those of you in the NYC area, we are sharing this invitation with you, pop by and get to meet some of our staffers. Where ever you see rum you'll find our two technical support employees...Note the dress code.

This Friday, November 17th

Sholay Productions & Curry Club NYC invite you to break out those leopardprint hotpants and join us for a wild time atDesilicious Bollywood Jungle!
Get ready for two floors of Bollywood, Bhangra, Soca, Chutney and Tribal beatswith Ashu Rai, Bobby, Suraj, and Raj. Plus, look out for some wild new dragsters prowling the dancefloor!

Desilicious: Bollywood JungleFriday, November 17th

Doors open 10pm PEPPER95 Leonard Street @ BroadwayA/C/E to Canal 1 to Franklin St.Music: Downstairs Ashu Rai & Bobby Upstairs: Suraj & RajBig Screen Bollwood Visuals, Drink Specials.

Dress code: animal prints, loin cloths, and faux fur!

Cover: $15

Mail Trail...

A frequent vistor to our blog sent this...

At 10.51 pm Guyana Time
been tring to access Living Guyana Blog & the Guyana 360 blog
cant access none. Any reasons?
Who deleted the Demerara Light house Blog?
Whats happening Guys


Guyana360: J, at 10:52 Livinguyana, Guyana360 was up and running, maybe its your ole' computer that you have stuck on dial up. Demerara Light House Blog has been touched by an angel and now it is gone. As the name suggests, it was once a blog of archieves serving a similar status as the real Demerara Light House...i.e eh eh eh!!! no purpose.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Linkin' up:Beauty and the Beast

Mrs. South America may be innocent since we understand that the man caught with her, Sean Hinds was actually a bodyguard during the pageant. Perhaps he was to remain guarding the queen, who knows???

Hinds (far right) is seen here posing with some of the girls from the pageant.

Mrs. South America held with guns

Carolan Lynch crowned Mrs. South America last month

Remember that large arms cache found by the police on Friday.
It turned out that one of the persons held is the queen above.
Word from the street is that she was out to take out some "Bitch"
that messed with her. We just have one question to ask her,
are you foolish girl, you had so much going for you.
And after what happened to Mya Rahaman...Why????????

W-A-R in "Greene" Guyana

Items siezied from an early morning raid on Friday by the Guyana Police...We just cannot help but notice that since Henry Greene, DSM took over the helm of the force, the amount of success he snapped up under his belt.

Greene has a huge, santa clause looking tummy, so he does have space for some more successes under his belt.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

India Revealed

India is one of the world's most populated country, where children are forced to sllep on streets and perform daily to make a living.

Yet we rely on India's economy.

Here is the true India. The side you will not hear about. a side that the media has tried to hide over the years.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Cabinet, Same ole' Behaviour.

The 10 new smiley faces within the Cabinet may be new but the ole' addage states: one good appale spoils the bunch. A good example that this saying still holds true was evident in the recent protest by residents of La Grange over the poor water supply in their area.

Their protest promted a visit from the Minister of Housing and Water- A Minister long spoiled by the bad apple (Ask AFC member Boyo Ramsaroop).

GINA describes the visit:

Residents of La Grange to get adequate water supply
-New well being installed

Minister of Housing and Water Harry Narine Nawbatt today visited several areas on the West Bank of Demerara where he interacted with residents who complained of poor water supply.
Residents of La Grange who have been receiving inadequate water supply will soon get a normal supply as a new well is being constructed in the area.

“We would hope that the entire situation on the West Bank be sorted out long before Christmas,” the Minister said.

Guyana360: The Minister should be ordering GWI to fix the problem before Christmas, not just hoping that it be fixed. Too many hopes in one mind, leads to hopelessness and there are many Guyanese dabbling in dreams. Minister Nawbatt and the Jagdeo Governmnet must know that a reactive government may be good for PR and helping to gain popularity among the masses but a proactive government will always be respected as a force of authority. Castro, Chavez and Bush are all proactive leaders; President Bharrat Jagdeo? Well we need not say much more.

GuyEpo 2k6…Ring, Ring

GuyEpo 2006 was yet another missed opportunity for local businesses to effectively widen their market base.

Entrepreneurs from across the length and breath of this land choked into the olden structures at Exhibition Site Sophia under sweltering heat to promote their businesses, many of them still managed a smile from behind harden faces of disappointments.

Guyana’s epitome of a large fair trade and exposition was nothing but a large fair and dance attracting several entertainment starved youths.

Organisors promised that the event would not been used as an entertainment attraction, even though better sense prevailed since persisting along with the non-entertainment tune would have certainly set GuyExpo on the wrong chord.

The largest crowd was experienced on Sunday, jamming the walkways and the tarmac but few ever ventured to look around at the booths, judging from the instantly recognisable ease at which those who remembered it was a trade fair were able to enjoy the booths.

Overwhelmed by the large crowds on Sunday the organisors tried desperately to sustain their high level of preparedness and security, but like the Berlin wall, systems collapsed.

At the ticket booths, patrons became uneasy; at the gates, thugs, chic-chic board operators, firearm holders-some members of our team included, slipped (strolled) by easily without a whisper from security officials for a check.

NO Checks!!! No patting-down of the women by male security personnel (As was done last year), even metal detectors failed on that particular night. All of this under the watchful eye of ICC/CWC officials, since GuyExpo was used as one of two venues to test Guyana’s security plan for CWC 2007.

Monday evening presented a similar situation in relation to security, but this time more patrons ensured they visited the booths.

Without having to wait for an official assessment, we could safely pronounce that security was a partial failure. Partial because the almighty allowed for a rather incident free exposition

Without having to wait six months for the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce to provide an assessment, we could safely say that GT&T and its cellular phone vendors rang out as the company with the best marketing initiative.

Those trade-in offers were magnet to patrons. Other companies such as Courts Guyana Inc. also did well to attract interest and create excitement at GuyExpo. In General companies that gave away prizes managed good support from visitors.

Overall GuyExpo was a big sham

The worst booth has definitely SAFECO Group of Companies, the parent company of Guyflag.