Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What’s buzzing…? Sharma won a seat

Breaking News: Post elections controversy brewing…

We have just learnt through the grapevine that there are major errors in GECOM’s results.

Now that some bright person has come up with the correct final results, it shows that the great, yet small mitta Sharma may have won a seat in Parliament and is now eligible to create ruckus in the National Assembly.

But for po’ Sharma to get that seat the AFC must relinquish one of its National Top up seats bec-aurse the right tabulation of the results clearly shows that Sharma won a seat.

Opposition Leader and PNCR-1G Leader Robert Corbin has made this case to GECOM.

It is ironic that the AFC was calling on the PPP/C to do the decent thing and give up the Region 10 seat since the PPP/C was given the seat courtesy of a tabulation error by GECOM.

Will the AFC give Sharma his seat?

If it does and it gains that Region 10 seat from the PPP/C, it means that the AFC will remain with 5 seats, but Sharma will gain a seat, while the PPP/C would loose one of its 36 seats.

Another cracking joke is that the seat that the PPP/C is holding on to in Region 10, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds occupies it. If they give it up, what will happen to the Prime Minister, who has been appointed the Head of Parlaiament for the first time since 1992.

There is also controversy surrounding the time in which the official results were declared, which could render it null and void, but for now the political directorate have ignored this fact. We’ll keep you posted as it develops…

The most peaceful election according to International Observers is turning out to have the most comical finishes and all the International Observers are gone!!!