Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The beacon @ the Demerara Light House...

The so called beacon of truth’s character is revealed through the shady light that beamed from the Demerara Light House.

At first glance you think well, these fellows are sharp and can draw on contacts at will.

Well we are sorry to bust their bag and roll out their hidden secret. (or shed light) Let us warn before they formulate any of their balderdash. Self praise is no commendation.

But let us not say more before we create a higgledy-piggledy situation on the Internet. Just observe the highlighted name that can be found in the following text taken from the Demerara Light House blog (Presently the Demerara Black out. They have not posted since August. We guess running multiple blogs is difficult). It should shed some light as to who is the mastermind behind the blog.


“Over the years, Guyana has produced journalists and other media workers, who have performed with distinction locally and overseas. This accomplishment can continue almost infinitely if the GPA can stop its internal squabble, develop a culture of accountability and honesty and the senior journalists should care more for their young colleagues and objectively disseminate information to all and sundry.

Imran Khan seems to be the most outstanding journalist that this country has produced in recent times. He is bold, honest and is one of the few journalists with a vision. Many of the above-mentioned journalists should listen to Imran Khan because he has the solution to make the GPA what it ought to be!!!”

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Guyana-Barbados Immigration row

Barbados catch Guyana off guard with a vicious bouncer. Now the local immigation authorites are unsettled and jumpy.

We just want to add our bit to the ongoing, never ending debate. The fact remains that Guyana's economy continues to force many to flee by what ever means necessary.

If you don't believe, there is a film that was recetly given the red carpet treatment right here in Georgetown. It was a grand opening at the Strand.

But many of the movie critics failed to depict one of the central themes in Rainbow Raani.

The film apart from its romatic scenes, shows just how desperate Guyanese are to taste the big apple, the city of New York.

Its sad, but as President Bharrat Jagdeo pointed out after the deportation of some 35 Guyanese from Barbados (again), it is Guyanese who are creating the impression that they are begging to enter foreign countries. And he is right. This does not mean that Guyanese must be treated with scant regard. Even ET was welcomed on a foreign planet. Why must Guyanese be treated as refugees?

The President and his men must know by now that peace and diplomacy is just a metaphoric phrase (Just ask the U.S. what they said to the Pakistani President behind closed doors after 9/11) and definitive action is what needs to be taken. Forget the silly notion of free movement and that foolish Caribbean Single Market.

The President must give instructions for Immigration Officers at the Cheddie Jagan International Airport (CJIA) to turn back a few Bajans and see how they like it.

Was there ever an apology from Barbados about the treatment dished out to those 35 Guyanese who travelling to be part of Crop Over, but who only stayed over until the next available flight to Guyana after they had landed?

Instead of an apology, the Barbados authrorties are now seeking to weaken the morale of the Immigration authorities here by stating that they are involved in the issuance of bogus travel documents and play part in a scam that see Guyanese deported from Barbados returning with documents bearing different names.

And the Guyanese as usual are very defensive...This is what they had to say as the Barbados-Guyana Immigration row flares-up again...

"The Guyana Police Force is concerned over statements attributed to the Barbadian Chief Immigration Officer in relation to Guyanese nationals travelling to Barbados , being found in possession of illegal passports, especially at the Grantley Adams International Airport.

It is unfortunate that the Barbadian Chief Immigration Officer was unable to provide us with some specifics. However, the Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, Senior Superintendent George Vyphuis, will be making contact with him to obtain further information on the issue.

There is enough evidence to support the fact that many Guyanese nationals attempting to get to foreign countries through the backtrack, leave Guyana with bona fide travel documents, but use false documents obtained from the backtracking source on arrival in the intended country. In most cases the false documents are not Guyanese passports.

Between January 2005 and September 20, 2006 a total of 337 persons were sent back to Guyana . Of this number 24 were for being in possession of false documents. Two (2) persons were deported twice during this period having been found with false documents in Barbados .

Of the 24 stated, fourteen (14) persons had left the Guyana legally with proper Guyanese travel documents, but presented false documents of other countries on arrival in Barbados . Five (5) travelled on false ICTDs while four (4) travelled on false passports, two of which were stolen from the Immigration Office. The other deportee left illegally by boat without any travel document.

For the period reviewed, a total of thirty eight (38) persons were caught by Immigration Officers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport attempting to leave the country using false travel documents. They were all charged and placed before the courts."

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stabroek Goes Nude!!!


We could not belive our eyes when we say it, yes we did see it in Stabroek News' The Scene. It was quite a scene to see these young models modelling, ouch!!!

CHECK THIS OUT from The Scene: Email us with your responses

GINA always

Guyana’s folklore amazes Carifesta IX

GINA, September 23, 2006

Led by Minister within the Ministry of Education Dr. Desrey Fox, the Guyana contingent boldly entered the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Trinidad and Tobago along with counterparts from around the Caribbean for the opening ceremony of Carifesta IX.

The stadium was packed to capacity as persons from around the Caribbean and other parts of the world came to witness the festival and cheer their fellow country men and women.

Guyana 360:
We just cannot understand these GINA staffers, stating that the stadium was packed to capacity. But the proof of the pie is in the puding.
In this case the proof is in the pic...look at the stands see how they are filled? GINA reporters seeing people the way the tourism people seeing tourists...Never mind the false report by GINA. big up Guyana for taking part in Carifesta despite the rumors that some of the funds were embezzled, the team which included the Baccoo from Kaieteur News in the Twin-Island Republic...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No light

The light has gone out from this lighthouse.

Tired a de accusations of police brutality

The time has come for Guyanese who have been locked up; who have been abused while in the so-called ‘protective custody of the state’ to step into the clear light of day and name the men and women who hurt them while they were in the so-called ‘protective custody of the state’.

Through the medium of these feeble words is that the time has come for Guyanese to craft a mirror that would tell them the truth concerning who they really are.

The time has surely come for victims and victimizers to come together and reason about their sins and crimes against each other, to ask God’s forgiveness.

I am talking about a process where Guyanese will seek truth, speak truth and do what is right. Once they do so, things will be just all right.

Truth matters.

Reconciliation matters.

Justice matters.

Brothers and sisters –my fellow Guyanese- today I speak to you from this text that is my life.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Seemingly a nice Minister

Priya Manickchand is one of the new faces in President Bharrat Jagdeo's Cabinet. What she does during these five years ahead will either make or break her.


PARENTS: Krishendat Manickchand, Rice Farmer
Hyacinth Manickchand, Retired Headmistress

SIBLINGS: Anil Manickchand
Jaya Manickchand

U.G 1992-1997-L.L.B

Associate Attorney at Khemraj Ramjattan & Associates.
September 2000- February, 2002.
February 2002 to present.

Senior Supervising Attorney
Georgetown Legal Aid Clinic.
January 2004-October 2005.
Senior Attorney, Georgetown Legal Aid Clinic
October 2005 to present.
Member of Burn’s Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Executive Member , Guyana Bar Association 2002-2005.
Executive Member , Guyana Association of Women Lawyers 2002-2005.
Member , Guyana Medical Council 2002-2006.

Member, Board of Directors
Omai Bauxite Mining Industries O.B.M.I
2005 to Present

President , National Youth Council
Guyana Presbyterian Church

Director, Board of Directors
Guyana Rice Producers Association

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Guyana's "A" Team!!! Maybe not

Guyana's "A" Team is now ready to face their first battle, be warned indicments are preparing to roll into Guyana...Bam, Bam, trouble is coming...

One major question, why is Rohee at the Home Affairs Ministry, when he was in Visa trouble before. The U.S. Canadian and British must be fuming mad. This Five years will be teh most controversial.

President Bharrat Jagdeo and his Cabinet Ministers

GINA writes...

The 19 appointees to President Bharrat Jagdeo’s Cabinet today took the Oath of Office, pledging their allegiance to the people of Guyana as they execute the functions of their respective offices, while the Head of State charged them to lead by example.

“If we want our country to achieve certain standards, we are the ones who have to set the example. And I will be requiring that of every Minister that we ensure that the standards in our performance are kept at the highest level so that we can inspire others to join with us in this exciting task,” the President said while delivering brief remark at the swearing-in ceremony at State House, Georgetown.

The Cabinet was selected mainly from the List of Candidates submitted to the electorate by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic and included some technocrat Ministers. The Constitution has a provision for four technocrats.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Presidential Blunder or...

Newly elected President Bharrat Jagdeo is a one-man army, even though he has an attractive wife in Varshnie.

The two wedded at the biddings of the PPP/C but something is wrong about the union.

On his biggest day, the day that he took the Oath of Office, the Guyanese leader arrived alone, while his wife sat in front row with the invited guests.

At the end of his speech, he thanked a bunch of people, including his sisters-one name Chinee.

But something hit home when we waited in vain to hear him say thank you to his wife...

The President of Guyana operated like he hasn't a wife.

Poor gal...she looked so vexed about it and judging from the squints on her face, a wishful thought may have crossed her mind.

Judging from information, the two are at odds and the President used the occassion to score some points.

Did he had to drag his bedroom business in public?

Where is the media when there is a good story to chew on?

No war Rasta

Whether you are Living in Guyana or simplyLivinGuyana, there is no need to fight rasta, Ah we sey suh because we want clean rasta levity.

Wan Jamtown song, which we have adopted as our theme in life, go sum like dis...
“Bare love we ah deal with forever. Forever and ever.”

If you Living in Guyana but always never in Guyana or merely LivinGuyana when cricket deh here, we still believe in love rasta.

Ministerial View

Ministers Booted…
Kaieteur News of Sunday September 3, 2006 states…

Major changes in new Cabinet

There will be a major change in the new Cabinet with at least four prominent former Ministers making way for new faces. Insiders say that former Ministers in the Social Services Ministry, Dr Dale Bisnauth andAttorney-at-Law Bibi Shadick are to be replaced. Also to be replaced are former Finance Minister Sasenarain Kowlessar, former Attorney General Doodnauth Singh,and Sports Minister Anthony Xavier.
Mr Doodnauth Singh is demitting office for reasons of health as would be former Agriculture Minister ReepuDaman Persaud. The insider did not disclose who would replace the outgoing former Ministers but he promised surprises.
He said that former Home Affairs Minister GailTeixeira is also likely to be removed and assigned adiplomatic posting. To date, the only person named to the Cabinet is Carolyn Rodrigues who has been re-confirmed as Minister for Amerindian Affairs.
Some of the names mentioned to replace some of the outgoing were Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram and businessman Gerry Gouveia. But sources close to these men say that Ram refused the offer of the post of Finance Minister while Gouveia declined any Cabinet offer on the grounds of his business interests. The government has until Thursday to name its Cabinet and the other members of Parliament since on that day the new Parliament is supposed to be convened.
A source close to Public Buildings said that the Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs is standing by to swear in the Speaker, who is likely to be attorney-at-law Hari Ralph Ramkarran. Ramkarran was the speaker when Parliament was dissolved on May 3, last.
The other Members of Parliament are likely to be sworn en bloc before President Bharrat Jagdeo addresses the inaugural sitting. Parliament exists whenever the President is present. In the absence of the President the body is theNational Assembly, commonly called the House.

Guyana360: To all those Ministers that will be kickedout of Government, we say GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Who are the new faces? We anticipate, Robert Persaud as the head of a re-instituted Ministry of Information. MosesNagamotoo, who recently returned to the PPP/C fold is a force to be recon with, but where will they place him. Heard Steve Ninvalle is likely to pick up as the Sports Minister…Not bad at all but we just hope that the same gratitude extended to Ninvalle for joining,will not be bestowed on Natasha Waldron…Poor choice to begin with as a Candidate on any party list. We know that she might be given a Permanent Secretary posting. If she is back at NCN after the Cabinet announcement, it should snap her back to reality, that she will onlybe an anchor and assistant editor doing the Government’s bidding.
Sweet gal, but she is a bit screwed-up in some areas.

Presidential View

The elegance that accompanied the swearing-in ofPresident Bharrat Jagdeo has died its natural deathand its time for the President to step-up to the plateand prove that he is worth more than a pound of salt. While we applaud the PPP/C victory, we at Guyana360 most certainly hope that the trepidation that accompanied these polls would soon die its natural death too.

We must admit and must apologise to our many fans and supporters, but we were caught-up in the franticscamper to find the seemingly elusive peace at elections time. We followed the happenings through the print media,even though the Kaieteur News website is the last to be updated on any given day, despite the publisher’s promise posted on the site to bring the news as it unfolds. Guess nothing much unfolds in Guyana.

Youthful President Jagdeo was most impressive on the campaign trail, often pushing the limits with his sarcastic yet mind boggling statements as he blazed an unmatched campaign trail. Who could forget Ramjattan and the AFC with they cock-eye polices and stage?

He was all alone as no other candidate dared to go the aggressive route. Perhaps, at least in our estimation, President Jagdeo won the hearts of the electorate and judging from the relative calm that has suddenly fallen on Guyana, he may have won the hearths of the Opposition too.

His flamboyance and unmatched élan sets him apart from all other Presidents before him. He has laid thefoundation that could see him becoming the greatestPresident to have served this wonderful country. In his second and last term as President, he should jerk the reins of governance and put Guyana first.

The2006 landslide triumph was not as a result of thePPP/C doing, it was a Bharrat Jagdeo win. That should give him some buoyancy because we certainly believe that had he not been there, the PPP/C would have lost its Parliamentary majority.

He has in the past surrounded himself with some incompetent Government Ministers, that have failed to provide proper management of the country’s affairs and in so doing they have failed to provide effective advice to the President.

We love the Prospects of a major Cabinet reshuffle…more info on that later. But the President has kick-started his 2nd term in apositive way by promising to include the Opposition in his planning for the country. Kudos!!!