Sunday, February 26, 2006

More $$$, More Votes?

Opposition politicians have accused the president of disbursing funds in an effort to garner votes...Well if the Govt didnt spend, those very politicans would still complain...How do you please people, especially politicans who seem to think that their only job is to oppose.

Georgetown, GINA, February 25, 2006

"The City’s appearance would receive a big boost with Central Government spending more than $700M to finance road repairs and drainage works."

This announcement was made Saturday by President Bharrat Jagdeo after he toured several parts of South Georgetown to have a first-hand look at the condition of streets and drains, according to Gina.

Boy he Could Wine!!!

This was the pic we were talking about at the end of this post. Notice the guy in the blue tie- die in front of the guy with the blue shirt jack...Please dont mix up the two men, it could create problems.

ah show dem how GT men does wine...Ah whip and ah dip it...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Mahaica we Celebrated after your hard work.

As Guyanese sipped their beer, rum punches and gobbled down loads of water to beat the heat, residents of Mahaica were still recovering from weeks of prolonged flooding. Did we remember them? We hope you did. We must remember those who made this year’s mash event possible, regions 5 & 6 residents especially those in the Mahaica area. If we didn’t flood them out the entire coast would have been in trouble. Lets give these communities National Awards.

“As we observe this national event, let us spare a thought for all those who suffered in and are recovering from the recent floods,” President Bharrat Jagdeo.

Showcasing our Cultural & Political Mix in 2006

2K5 was really a rough year for close to half of Guyana’s population who were forced to suffer under the Mid January floods. On February 23, 2K6 there was an outpouring of hearts and minds as thousands of Guyanese came out to showcase Guyana’s cultural mix in 2006.

The crowd that witnessed the somewhat disappointing float parade was awe-inspiring. After having more than a year to prepare for the event, the floats were miserable. Banks DIH, surprisingly Ansa McCall and Sling Shot and his Pirates must be commended. But while hundreds gyrated, the single most essential happening of the day was missed.

For those who were along the Mash route would remember seeing the largest and most disorganised group of revelers make their way to the National Park. Yes!!! The PNC/R. Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin must be commended for supporting this year’s event although we are preparing for elections. We think that it was a show of gut and yea there was a hidden agenda, Corbin & the PNC/R supports a National event? Be careful he’s looking for the Indian vote.

The PNC/R showcased their Political Mix of emotions…Well it was heartening to see the politicians showcasing the Political Mix of Guyana. Among the revelers were Information Liaison to the President, Robert Persaud oops, lets rephrase that…Among the revelers were information liaison to the President, Robert Persaud, M.B.A, again PNC/R leader Robert Corbin and several executive members of his party. Standing alone, Third Force member, Peter Ramsaroop, revealing his true self, decked in his Pirate outfit, they said he was out stealing votes. Well Politicians have been preaching that Guyanese exercise more tolerance; For goodness sake it is time that the politicians themselves start listening to Guyanese and become more tolerant of each other.

The politicians did well yesterday but fell down in the dance competition as many of them walked with ‘dem’ stiff waist… This politician below certainly knows how to strut his stuff, He came out in the afternoon when the sun was down, smart move…We urge that he opens a dancing school, a tiny wineeeeee wineing school.

GT&T and its stupid cable, We'll have post that pic later.

411 on the Insiders.

Someone name Roop answered our call for info on the people over at Insider 411, they just dissapeared, vanished into thin air...

"The show has moved to a better prime time of 9pm on Channel 13
Also, we are now showing at 8pm in Essequibo. We have had some changes to the show and personnel. Insider 411 is alive and well."


Guyana360: Personnel Changes? You guys surpised us with the addition of heavy weights Duane Fowler and Zaheer Abbass, we are trembling as much as the Govt. Ministers to find out which heavy weight has been added... We will be watching this week, we wonder who will face the heat like Cox did, oh and by the way we forgot to commend you guys on the last show aired...that prostitute story was ok, needed to get to the people that would pay for sex, that woulda been loads of fun...and we saw a dressed to death Melissa Edwards after Media Critic did a number on her. Like de man behind de show now start spending.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We are Outsiders, What's the 411 on the Insiders

You know is a strange thing when friends abandon you and leave you out in the cold to wonder where they are and what they doing. We have sent several correspondences via email to our friends at Insider 411 but over the last few weeks we have gotten no reply from them. We noticed that there was no show last Sunday, WOW what’s happening guys? Fowler, French, Edwards, Roop or that skinny cameraman, anybody make contact.
If anyone knows how to make contact with these young ppll let us know, telephone numbers will be appreciated.

Send mail to

GMC Fighting a Loosing Battle Against Guy Media

It is a shocker to us that the Guyana Media Critic has been suckered into a quite corner whiles the profession he fights to keep on course slips further into shite…Well not to worry we got this one…A shameful thing occurred Tuesday, it was a total slap in the face of Journalism, would you believe that one Smith at Sharma news reported on Digicel entering the market without even showing at least one, at least one cellular phone. Sharma’s Son-in-law owns several popular cell phone stores, the main branch is - guess where? Right next to Smith’s office. We could not believe what we were watching, it was better for them to go black and have Smith run off his mouth like if it were a radio cast. Jagdeo went to linden Monday, yet on Tuesday evening Sharma news had insufficient footage. We taped the story this morning and we had a good friend of ours, who is not as good as GMC explain the footage in sequence.

Amateur Assessment:
1. Footage of talking head of Jagdeo
2. Shaky pan from talking head of Jagdeo to crowd
3. Shaky pan from crowd back to talking head of Jagdeo
4. Repeated 1, 2 & 3 for the remainder of the story.

Guyana 360: Unless we are convinced otherwise, it appeared that Mr. Smith read from the Guyana Chronicle, which is acceptable by Guyana standards. But At least he could have gotten a comment from GT&T on what Jagdeo said about the company or about Digicel as a competitor. We were not prepared to have our so called expert slip away without telling us about the appropriate footage.

Amateur recommendation:

1. GT&T’s offices and communication towers
2. Cel *Star’s offices and communication towers
3. Cell phones galore
4. People using cell phones
5. Add some sound bytes with cell phones ringers

Here’s a story idea, find out what the people think of another cell phone company entering the market. Or at least talk to the big guns at Cel * Star or GT&T schuuuuuups…get out de office Smith.

Shelve Carib beer, Ship Dutchin out

Like many competitions globally there is always controversy… well brace yourself, because in Guyana controversy seems to be a way of life… On Sunday into Monday Morning, Ansa McCall hosted the Carib beer Soca competition. An unlikely crowd favourite in Michelle ‘Big Red’ King won by the judges’ scorecard but then 1 day after, a disgruntled Adrian Dutchin last year’s Monarch, who placed second to Red was given the crown after the scores were recounted. Total poppy cock this, we were there sipping our Carib when Dutchin performed his soothing rendition of ‘One’. Big Red’s song, ‘Unity’ was more fitting for the season and we dare anyone to tell us otherwise. The strangest thing happened after Red was announced the winner, Dutchin started talking in what we presumed was Dutch about how Guyanese this and that. We were later told that he was not speaking Dutch but was in fact cussing out Guyanese promising never to sing in Guyana. Our sources say that apparently the people from Ansa McCall (tried but failed to take away Banks DIH, a Guyanese company) liked the way Dutchin Cuss out Guyanese so they gave him the crown. Seriously though, most of our contributors are not Guyanese but we suggest Guyanese shelve Carib and Ship Dutchin out.

Or if Dutchin wants to stay in Guyana send him to Mahaica where the people need some spiritual motivation, his song is fitting and we gon gyrate to big red in Gtown come Thursday.

Dutchin should have done the decent thing and just lay low man. If we had known that he would have taken this thing so far we would have advised him to talk with some people who have been in the same position as him, people who would have believed that they won but ended up second…here are a few.

Robert Corbin
Cheddi would have been good but he gone, (God rest he soul) Janet is still there though
Al Gore could be reached via email, he always responds.
Olive Gopaul
Maliza Walton
Vanslythman who lost the GPSU elections

We did our own investigations and the media should start examining Dutchin’s relationship with Ansa McCall and Ansa McCall’s relationship with Burchmore Simon, Dutchin’s Manager. You know if it were the US the tabloids would make a killing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Safe and Unsafe Internet…Trouble lurks.

For centuries, treaties, doctrines, business reports, familial concerns, etc. have been recorded in physical form, often it was on paper and at even earlier times it was written on papyrus. But with the advent of emails and text-messaging, nearly all communication between people today is left undocumented and quite easily and often destroyed with just a single tap on the "delete" key….But some people are plain smart or just dumb because the delete key never comes into play

The reason we blogged this, is because a very close friend of ours said they intercepted (hacked) some very interesting and unique emails that revealed some so called “affair” that someone was having with someone high in the status quo. Hmm Hmm Hmm!!! Interesting, we at Guyana 360 reflected on the Monica Lewinsky case some years ago which occurred in the US. Our friend did not divulge the information saying that it was too sensitive but then we offered money (don’t laugh at us we are running on a low budget so we offered him 5 grand) and he refused. …We advised him to take his info to the 411 show where he can make 25 grand to 1 million dollar just for the information. Then surprisingly he said no…our friend left smiling saying that when the price is right they'll be back.

We’ll get to the bottom of this, trust us.

The funny thing is, The Internet connects 300 million computer users in a maze of networks and connections. It enables us to have real-time conversations across the globe, to buy cheap CDs, to trade shares from our living rooms and to do many other innovative things. But the Internet can also expose us to the threat of fraud and to an invasion of privacy. Using it can also result in irreparable damage being wreaked upon our computer systems and personal lives.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Welcome to the first post of the much anticipated series called "Burning Bush" have fun...

President Bush was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nation last weekend in Arizona.

He spoke for almost an hour on his future plans for increasing every Native American's present standard of living.He referred to his career as Governor of Texas in how he had signed "YES" 1,237 times - for every Indian issue that came to his desk for approval.

Although the President was vague on the details of his plan, he seemed most enthusiastic about his future ideas for helping his "red brothers".At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes presented the President with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name - Walking Eagle.

The proud President then departed in his motorcade, waving to the crowds.

A news reporter later inquired to the group of chiefs as to how they came to select the new name given to the President. They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird so fullof shit it can no longer fly.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Photo of the Week...Coming Soon

We are impressed by the folks over at GMC for the way in which they are trying to change the face of photography. Well we want to know just how much their ploy of leading from the front have worked. We are inviting you to submitt photos to us and we will screen them and select the best for our Photo of the Week post. Have fun folks.

Moseley's Media Cub Meeting

Guyana 360 has managed to aquire a correspondence from Moseley who was just awarded a major US government attachment, calling for an urgent meeting. We have learnt that the media cub group also includes some daddies and mammies too and that they intend to teach the cubs a thing or two about hunting in the wild. Good luck guys, we offer our support and encourage everyone in Guy Media to attend the meeting. We will send in a mole to that meeting...Below is the letter that was leaked to us by someone in the media circle.

Dear Friends,


As you should all know, I have been planning the formation of the YOUNG MEDIA PROFESSIONALS OF GUYANA to push for more training for our young media colleagues. Well, my aplogies for not keeping contact but you should all know how busy the past few weeks have been for all of us...anyway i am writing you folks to invite you all to be apart of the organising/steering committee of the YMPG.

I hereby invite you to a meeting on Saturday 18th February at the Capitol News office on Carmichael street at 4pm for us to develop and put together an action plan for the YMPG and begin our quest for media development. We have the full support of the GPA and all the media houses. i thank you and look forward to your response. CONTACT ME PLEASE ON 227 8289, 640 2765 to confirm participation.

Gordon Moseley

Coming Tomorrow...

Finally here's word on an upcoming feature.

The GM of Guyana 360 has announced the start of its new series "Burning Bush" staring tomorrow. The feature is intended to shelve some of US President George W. Bush's bigotry for countries opposed to his style of governance. In these series Guyana 360 intends to look back at events and expose the truth.

Thursday Night Disaster

Well, well, well call us stupid but before you do that save the breath for this…

We were kicking back having a bud, watching the winter games on WRHM Ch. 7 when we flipped from the pro USA coverage provided by NBC and landed on NTN Ch. 65. It was a sorrowful sight to see two young chicks harping on a show called “Friday Night Fiesta.” Because our friends over at GMC would never spare them on content and production we will refrain from offering a comment on that aspect…But allow us to say one thing though we found the show disgusting because even the smallest child would know that Friday Night Fiesta needs to be aired on Friday night not Thursday night…For a moment they had us fooled, we thought that we probably had too much booze but a nearby calendar confirmed that it was Thursday February 16, 2006…How much more dumb can Guyana television get…if this continues the folks over at GMC will forever have work…

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Go Moseley...

We at Guyana360 would like to first congratulate Gordon Moseley of Capitol News for his selection by the United States to the Edward Murrow attachment. Guyana360 wishes him all the best... take a look at what the President of Guyana Pressociation, Julia Johnson had to say about Moseley's achievement.

Julia Johnson:

Dear All,I have been informed by the local US Embassy thatWashington has selected Gordon Moseley of Capitol Newsas Guyana's representative to the Edward Murrowattachment.

You would remember that several colleagues had applied for this prestigious attachment inJanuary. It is tenable in Washington DC area, andwould see the selected person interfacing with otherjournalists from several countries as well as USdecision makers.

As many of you may be aware GPA had, as requested byseveral applicants, issued letters of support for eachcandidate as a nominee for the 3 - weeks attachment,Gordon was among those for whom GPA submitted suchcorrespondence.We are indeed happy that another members of theassociation has been selected for needed attachmentwhich we feel can only benefit the wider fraternity.

Gordon now joins Nicosia Smith of the Stabroek Newswho was selected as Guyana's representative to theColumbia University's Globalisation seminar.Gordon, CONGRATULATIONS. Some of us at GPA remember acouple of years ago, when you were our representativeat the UN General Assembly. We wish you every success.RegardsJulia

S.O.S Distress call Answered

Cpt. Jag of the MV PPP/C was too late in finding the captain & crew of the MV Third Force after it sprung a leak and sunk. Only Guyana 360 has the inside scoop.

Guyana 360:

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the crew of MV Third Force jumped ship minutes before the ship sank leaving the ship’s captain, Roop Suits…But in an unbelievable twist to this story, Roop Suits is alive and well…as faith would have it, Suits was rescued by a Pirate Ship, The People’s Nightmare Crew of Robbers (PNC/R). Insider information suggests that Suits will take revenge on his crew…Our friends over at livinguyana may be on to something with this explanation for the ship jumping crew.

Monday, February 13, 2006

S.O.S...Incoming Distress Call

Guyana 360 has learnt that there were survivors when the MV Third Force sprung a leak and reportedly sunk...we'll keep you posted.

Coming Soon... Burning Bush !!!

Remember Moses in the Bible? His journey started when he learnt to trust God and he did so by standing on holy ground.

And where he stood the bush was burning.

Here is where the interest lies, "BURNING BUSH"

We will celebrate this phrase weekly, we love it...we have decided to use it as the caption of our weekly presentation, where we will take the fire to US President George W. Bush who keeps sticking his nose in everything around the world...As our Rasta Bredrin and Sistrin would say, 'We gon bun Bush."

Coming soon!!!

News Flash

After weeks of major technical problems due to defective hardware, the management of Guyana 360 announced today that they have resumed posting.

The top brass reported that, 'All sytems are up and running."

Guyana 360 entered the blogging arena in January and has already created quite a stir.

"We hope to keep our visitor's counter ticking, we may have lost some viewership but we have a fun packed programme ahead," reported Guyana 360.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


We have been unable to post in the last few weeks...we are working round the clock to rectify the problems