Monday, September 28, 2009

Ann Greene calls on the community to protest McCow

CHILD Protection Week, observed under the theme ‘Caring communities raise caring children - Protect them now’, ended Friday, but Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency, Mrs. Ann Greene, maintained that community involvement remains a must for effectiveness.

Come on people follow Mrs. Greene and start an effective campaign to protect other children from venomous child predators the likes of Kwame McCow

Run lil boys run...

KN reports:

The group chanted slogans such as “run lil boys run, Kwame the predator is around”; “Shameful Kwame, wants protection from the judiciary”, “Kwame, you bring shame pun we country”, “God made Adam an Eve not Adam and Steve”, and “Kwame in the garden hiding”. The chanting went on for over an hour and caused drivers and passersby to stop and look in amusement.

Question it

Why is Dr. Randy Persaud anxious to promote Bharrat Jagdeo for a Nobel Peace Prize?

McCow must reign to Monkey Mountain

This Kaieteur News front page is glowing with colourful and interesting headlines, but the one that caught us is at the lower section of the Page. If Mr. McCow has any decency he would step down from all the state positions and allow for an investiagtion of some sorts. We will not debate the fairness of the investigation, but he must allow for one. Mr. McCow can go to Monkey Mountain for a while to ponder his actions.

If he refuses to do so, then the ball is in the President's court as other matters are being the micromanger he is. If Bharrat Jagdeo allows McCow to continue serving in his administration, then he would be in danger of exiting a morally broken Office of the President - one that supports abuse of our women and children, who are protected by numerous laws across the world. The incoming president will have a lot of work to restore respectability to the office. It is not impossible.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life is fair in Guyana!

Mr. Evan Persaud makes sexual advances at students and he is fired as a lecturer at the University of Guyana, Kwame McCoy makes sexual advances at a little boy and he is allowed to continue serving. Both have political connections to the governing party. Isn't life fair in Guyana?

McCoy should reign...SASOD should lead the call

Phone records show that the infamous sex call was made from 226-1832 to 223-7502, a direct line to Kwame McCoy at Office of the President.The call started at 16:54:03 hrs and lasted for 20 minutes.

However, in the mico-management scheme of things, this little 15-year-old boy must wait until daddy returns from New York before a public paedophile is dealt with.

Kaieteur News reports...It was pointed out that in light of McCoy’s denial the unit has to wait until President Jagdeo returns to ascertain the likely course of action. What the fuck is this about. This makes a mockery of the Rights of the Child Commission and Guyana as a state.

Where is SASOD in all of this. Is forcing buggery on a child something that you condone. Certainly you do condone buggery and you fight for it to become law. Speak up, let's hear from you memebers of SASOD. The last time you spoke you accused the state of sponsoring homophobia. Will you now accuse the state of sponoring paedophiles?

Smart move!

We must applaud the fact that Mark Benschop took this bold move yesterday. We encourage him to take the cart to Berbice, Lethem, Esequibo and Linden. They too have not heard!

'Operation Koetai’

Guyana has made a mockery of its immigartion laws by attempting to deport a large group of mermons. That is agreed and accepted by most right thinking Guyanese. Guyanese throughout the Caribbean have been the constant target for deportation and are subjected on a regular basis to additional immigration scrutiny especially in Barbados and Antigua. Perhaps because these two islands are bursting with expatraite Guyanese, a large percentage working and living illegally.

It was only a matter of time before other Caribbean countries jump on their band wagon and started to deport Guyanese living and working illegally in their jurisdiction. Suriname has done so under "Operation Koetai". Bahamas has repeatedly held immigration sweeps which net Guyanese literally. Bahamas employs a less humane method to capture illegal migrants, but it depends on which side of the argument you stand. Guns and batons are hardly used in the Bahamas. Instead, they use large nets and often pounce on unsuspecting aliens like dog catchers.

We expect immigration operations to launched in St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Grenada and Trinidad. Guyanese continue to be driven out by political unrest and victimisation; insecurity and crime; lack of economic oppertunties and vision of the Government; and rampant corruption condoned by those in authority. Those elected are running around chatting about stark developments, yet Guyana is seen externally hovering above Haiti, considered the poorest country in the hemisphere. Until, the Government come to grips and accept the realities that confront this nation, Guyanese will continue to find ways to make hay in other countries. Life's lessons are simple and it teaches that for you to fix a problem, you must first find it.

There is a sense of hopelessness and dispair with a large percentage of citizens craving for an Obama-type leader to enter the fray. Faced with so many internal struggles, the Government of the day acted like morons when they jumped on those mormons who preach peace, love and togetherness.

We need an immigration policy that works better than the bandaid policies that have come on stream since 1992.

Timeka's upcoming project

When we heard about Timeka's newest project with popular danchall act, Busy Signal, we could not help but think when will she get down to writing and producing her own songs. Everyone else is busy, busy trying to write their own music while she is satisfied with joyriding on everyone's track.

Did we mention her slutty out of character roles she has been portraying in those videos? She is Guyanaese, but her aim should be above appearing in a few videos, rolling up in bed and grinding at the bar.

Hits and Jams which manages this young lady must sample the blame here. If you are a singer in the Caribbean, you will not make much money from cd sales. Your cds are promotional items for a stage show invite. Money is really raked in from tours and stage performances.

We ask of anyone reading this to rest you patriotism for a moment and ask what songs would Timeka excite a crowd at Summer Splash (since she is working out of Jamaica). The answer is pretty simple. Below is the teaser for her video with Busy Signal.