Monday, September 28, 2009

McCow must reign to Monkey Mountain

This Kaieteur News front page is glowing with colourful and interesting headlines, but the one that caught us is at the lower section of the Page. If Mr. McCow has any decency he would step down from all the state positions and allow for an investiagtion of some sorts. We will not debate the fairness of the investigation, but he must allow for one. Mr. McCow can go to Monkey Mountain for a while to ponder his actions.

If he refuses to do so, then the ball is in the President's court as other matters are being the micromanger he is. If Bharrat Jagdeo allows McCow to continue serving in his administration, then he would be in danger of exiting a morally broken Office of the President - one that supports abuse of our women and children, who are protected by numerous laws across the world. The incoming president will have a lot of work to restore respectability to the office. It is not impossible.


  1. Internet works fine in Monkey mountainMonday, 28 September, 2009

    We don't want him in Monkey Mountain...we don't behave like monkeys despite what the name suggests

  2. Lets all just stone McCow eh. You idiot bloggers should take note of all the recent blogs that have disappeared.