Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well watered and ready to supply KM

Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Water Authority, Karan Singh, was yesterday dismissed when the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cyril Solomon, gave him his marching orders.
Karan Singh was summoned to a special meeting to discuss the allegations of procedural irregularities.

However, Mr. Singh is not taking the sacking lightly. Late yesterday he consulted his lawyers with a view to mounting a legal challenge.

Singh claimed that he never had a chance to see the report prepared in the wake of the allegations made against him and neither was he given a chance to defend those charges.
He said that the internal auditor conducted an investigation over four weeks, threatening and terrorizing members of staff while compiling the report. At yesterday’s meeting Mr. Singh asked for time to study the report since it had not been presented to him although he was expected to react to the contents.

According to reports, the Board declined and proceeded to sack Mr. Singh.
Having been sent packing, the former CEO is now seeking legal advice on the matter. The Board had already sent Dhani Narine on leave after discovering similar irregularities. The Board has not yet summoned Narine.

On March 25 last, following his return from his annual vacation, the GWI Board of Directors sent Singh on leave.

The Board commenced investigations into the allegations and thought it best that Singh be absent from duty to speed up the process.

Singh has since said that he is not guilty of any wrongdoing. He said that he agreed to proceed on leave to allow for a fully transparent investigation.

The disturbing state-of-affairs came to light after it was discovered that Head of Procurement of the water company, Dhani Narine, had for some time been involved in a scam over the issuance of contracts.

Narine has since been sent on 30 days leave following allegations of corruption.

There are allegations that over a period of time he has been making deals to receive ‘drawbacks’ from contractors employed by the water entity.

This newspaper has learnt that Narine would allegedly demand that contractors advance him specified sums of money from the contracted sum before they were guaranteed the contract.
A source related that the contractors became aggravated and, as a result, decided to lodge an official complaint with senior officials of the entity.

It was at this juncture that the Board became involved and recommended that Narine be sent on leave to allow the facilitation of a proper and unbiased investigation.

However, investigations revealed that Narine was not alone in his practices but was rather aided and abetted by high-ranking official(s) within the very entity. On March 26 last, the reins of GWI were placed in the hands of Director of Operations, Yuri Chandisingh.

Along with the former CEO, his entire secretariat, including an Executive Assistant, a Clerk and driver, were sent off the job to facilitate the investigation.

As part of the ongoing investigation underway, the entity’s Human Resource Manager, Sabrina Panday, had her contract terminated.

She said that she was on the job for less than six months and was therefore not considered permanent staff.

All of the staffers that have come under scrutiny were also former employees of the Cricket.

Question it...would KM have saved this child?

The Guyana Police Force wishes to clarify aspects of an article published in the Kaieteur News of Sunday March 29, 2009, under the caption “Runaway teenaged boy rescued from bisexuals’ home”.

The article stated that the police had swooped down on a house at Victoria, ECD, and rescued the teenaged boy who was being held against his will by a group of bisexual men and a young woman.

The article also stated that one of the occupants of the home has been detained after he admitted that he had sexual relations with the boy and that police said that the man could face abduction and buggery charges.

Investigations into this matter have revealed that on February 22, 2009, the fifteen-years-old youth was sent on an errand by his mother to Leopold Street , Georgetown . After not seeing him return, she made a missing person report to the police on February 23, 2009, who subsequently located him at a house at Victoria on Saturday March 28, 2009. An alleged homosexual and his niece who were in the house at the time were arrested.

Further investigations revealed that the teenaged boy had traveled to Suriname and returned to the country on March 11, 2009, when he met the homosexual at the Stabroek Market area. He was subsequently invited to a house at Victoria where he went of his own free will and was reportedly not abducted and was free to come and go as he pleased.

It was also revealed that the teenaged boy was not sexually molested but had engaged in anal sex with the homosexual. Investigations are continuing.

BJ explains

Looks like BJ is trying to explain why he rebuked Former president JJ on the Sn issue, but her son JJ is having none of it. JJ looks like he preparing to unleash one of his potent threats of a slap across the upper region of the body.

Rohee we feeeeel yuh pain

In all we years of being aroundCde. Rohee, we never know him to be emotional. But, de man cry he soul case out while reading the eulogy at JJ state funeral this morning. We wonder if dem were tears of joy or of fright because everybody expected the real BJ to emerge after CJ is laid to rest.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Question it

Maybe this might not be a good time to raise questions surrounding Mrs. Jagan's death, but we are left with no other alternative.

Could anyone say why was Mrs. Jagan admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, a facility that has been discarded by senior officials of her party? Is this the care and attention she deserves as a fomer President? Was any effort made to remove her from the GPHC and fly her out of Guyana, maybe nearby Cuba? Did our political leaders determine that she had fulfilled her mandate and that it was her time to die? What exactly was the cause of death because the nation was unaware of any life threatening illness? Was she admitted directly into the Intensive Care Unit or was it to a ward? Why was the PPP/C so slow to react to her hospitalisation and subsequent death?

We are not insenstive to the mourning family, but someone has got to answer these questions...afterall this woman did achieve a number of firsts and one would certainly expect that such a political icon would have been treated better, especially with the party she helped steer to the seat of Government, still in full control.

Gail Teixeira on JJ's passing

I hope that for all of us as Guyanese, despite whatever has happened in the past that we would stop and to give this woman and outstanding leader her due respect and honour that she truly deserved and more particularly Guyanese women. I think that we need more people like her and we as women should strive to be like her, to be good leaders, passionate about our beliefs and honourable to our beliefs and principle and to also find the balance as women between dedication to country, and in her case, to her party and of course most importantly to her children and grandchildren. I just want to say thank you Janet for everything.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grenada on JJ's passing

Minister of Tourism and Foreign Affairs, Hon. Peter David offered condolences to the Government and people of Guyana on the death of former President Janet Jagan, who died on Saturday.

The Minister said the death of Mrs Jagan was a great loss to the region and described the late Guyanese leader as a tireless fighter for the rights of developing countries.

“She served the Guyanese people with dedication, commitment and integrity. These attributes became the sustaining factor of her life’s work during the long battles with her husband, the late Cheddi Jagan, for an independent Guyana. Therefore it is heart-wrenching to begin to accept the loss of such a dedicated patriot of Guyana…”

Minister David said that Janet Jagan has been a very close friend of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government.

Finally, GINA on JJ's passing

Click to see

US Embassy on JJ's passing


March 28, 2009

U.S. Embassy, Georgetown

The death of former President Janet Jagan

The U.S. Embassy community is very saddened to learn of the death early this morning of former President Janet Jagan.

President Jagan’s U.S. roots and upbringing, as well as her Chicago-area courtship of then-dental student Cheddi Jagan, are well-known to the Guyanese people and a source of pride for the people of the United States. As a principal figure in Guyana’s successful struggle for independence, she embodied the fight for the right of people to choose their own destiny.

Born just two months after the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution first guaranteed women the right to vote in the United States, President Jagan was herself – both through words and deeds – a staunch advocate of the rights and role of women in society, politics, and government. Her lifelong commitment to this cause had a demonstrable impact on the lives of countless women in Guyana and throughout the world.

The entire staff of the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown expresses its condolences to the Jagan family, and to a mourning nation.

Guyana Government on JJ's Passing

Still waiting....

AFC on JJ's passing

The Executive and members of the Alliance For Change express their sympathy to the children, relatives and colleagues of former President Janet Jagan. Mrs. Jagan will be remembered as the woman who rose to the highest peaks of public life in Guyana through grit and determination. For her political activism she gained a reputation as a strong and fearless leader; never being deterred by her detractors and opponents, and by the controversy which shrouded her life. Though arriving in Guyana as the foreign wife of Dr. Cheddi Jagan, she embraced all things Guyanese and left an indelible mark on this nation.

It is regretful that genuine healing and reconciliation did not come between her and many who she was at odds with up to the time of her passing. With her death another chapter of Guyana’s history has closed without it being properly ended.

The AFC urges all those who have been a part of the political and social construct of Guyana in its formative years especially, since political independence was attained in 1966, to use the occasion of her passing to recommit to healing and reconciliation.
By our actions we must set the example that in Guyana there is no place for intolerance, bigotry and hatred and that a beautiful dawn awaits us if we begin to work together with mutual respect and appreciation for each other as true patriots.

SN reports on JJ's passing

Link (Please ignore the google ads, which appear to ask if JJ was like Sara Palin (SP)

PNCR on JJ's passing


The People’s National Congress Reform has learnt of the death of Mrs. Janet Jagan, a leading member of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Central Executive Committee, Former President and a long standing Journalist and Editor. The Party extends its sympathy to Mrs. Jagan’s children, Joey and Nadira, the relatives, friends and other leaders and members of the PPP.

Mrs. Jagan played an important role in shaping the early political culture of the nation, helped to push the issue of women rights and liberation to the top of the national agenda and was a fighter for Independence . As a Minister, she made her mark in the field of Health, Housing and Home Affairs. As a Legislator, she was a Senator and member of the Legislative Assembly. Mrs. Jagan made an important contribution to our national development.

Mrs. Jagan was also known for her interest in literary and artistic matters. She wrote several books for children. This interest ensured that she played a part in the development of Castellani House, as a focal point for the artistic endeavours of our citizens. Equally, it is well known that Mrs. Jagan had an abiding interest in the collection of documents, manuscripts and photographs relevant to the history of Guyana .

As a Journalist, Mrs. Jagan was known for her hard-hitting articles. She was ill in her later years but used her pen to oppose her own Party when she thought that, the withdrawal of advertisements from the Stabroek News was wrong. Mrs. Jagan was instrumental in the founding of the “Thunder”, which became the Party’s theoretical organ, and later, as its Editor, the “Mirror” newspaper.

The death of Mrs. Jagan represents the passing of an era. She was the last, but one, of the original founding members of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC), the precursor to the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

Once again the Party extends its condolences.

May her soul rest in peace.

People’s National Congress Reform

Congress Place, Sophia,

Georgetown, Guyana

Saturday, March 28, 2009

GC reports on JJ's passing

Former President Janet Jagan is dead

Former President Janet Jagan died at the Georgetown Public Hospital this morning at 12.35 hrs.

She was admitted to hospital around 17 hrs. yesterday after complaining of feeling unwell.

Janet Jagan, Guyana’s fourth Executive President, was a woman of a number of firsts in her long history of involvement in her adopted country’s politics.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on October 20, 1920, she was to become Guyana’s first woman Deputy Speaker, first woman to be elected in the Georgetown City Council, first woman cabinet minister under self-government, later first woman Prime Minister and then the nation’s first woman President.

She was educated at the University of Detroit; Wayne University; Michigan State College and Cook County School of Nursing.

She married Cheddi Jagan on August 5, 1943, then studying dentistry and travelled with him to then British Guiana shortly after to become involved in a lifetime of politics.

Within three years of her arrival with her husband in the colony of British Guiana in 1943, she was instrumental in the formation of a Women’s Political and Economic Organisation and later a co-founder of the Political Affairs Committee that was the forerunner to the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

She worked with the country’s legendary labour hero, Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow, particularly in organising domestics, and was also a leading figure in organising of strikes by sugar workers in 1948, a period when a group of workers were shot by the police and came to be known as the “Enmore Martyrs”.

In 1950 she became a co-founder of the PPP, along with her husband, the trade union expert and lawyer, Ashton Chase and the late Jocelyn Hubbard, another trade union figure, Ram Karran, Sydney King and others.

Also in that year she was elected General Secretary of the PPP, a post she was to retain for two decades until 1970; and became the first woman elected to the Georgetown City Council.

She entered the House of Assembly for the first time in 1953, when she was elected Deputy Speaker. She was among the political prisoners of that year - others included her husband and the late national poet, Martin Carter - following the suspension of the Constitution by the British Government on allegations of a “communist conspiracy”.

In 1957, when fresh elections were held and the PPP returned to office, she was appointed Minister of Labour, Health and Housing. In 1963/64 she served as Minister of Home Affairs and Senator, following the death of Minister Claude Christian. She quit as Home Affairs Minister declaring non-cooperation from the then British-controlled Police Force, and subversion of her government.

Splitting her time and energy between party headquarters, Freedom House and as editor of the PPP-backed “Mirror” newspaper, she was to return to parliament at successive elections in 1973, 1980, 1985 and 1992

She became First Lady of the Republic with her husband’s inauguration as Executive President in October 1992, and then served for a six-month period as Guyana’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

In March 1997 when President Jagan died, she became the country’s first woman Prime Minister and First Vice-President. On December 19,1997, she was sworn in as President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, when the PPP won the elections. She resigned due to ill health in 1999.

Mrs. Jagan, who has been Editor of “Mirror” for about 24 years, has written a number of publications, largely children’s books, including stories of Guyana’s struggle for independence.

She is the recipient of the country’s highest honour; Order of Excellence (OE), the Woman of Achievement award from the University of Guyana, and in 1997 the Gandhi Gold Medal for Peace, Democracy and Women’s Rights by UNECSO.

(More on the late Mrs. Janet Jagan in tomorrow’s Sunday Chronicle.)

What is NCN doing for JJ

JJ was close to Fuzzy and as the CEO of NCN, he has got to marshal his employees better. We are not watching, but reports suggest that so far, only Donald ramotar has said anything on JJ's passing. The woman played an integral part in moulding and establishing the PPP. Is this the thanks she gets?

Or BJ is so happy about JJ's passing that he has instructed NCN to downplay it. After all, he did rebuke her once when she wrote about his style of management.

JJ gone but not forgotten

JJ, oh JJ

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ramlall should be fired...

The United States Embassy in Georgetown has revoked the visa of Supreme Court Registrar, Sita Ramlal. The revocation followed an investigation by the embassy into a case of forgery of documents purporting to represent the adoption of a female child.
A police source said that at the centre was an application for immigration purposes for a female said to be the adopted daughter of former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and Human Resources Manager of Bosai, Norman McLean.

The police said that the embassy reported that dates were changed to make the adoption papers appear to have been done before the actual date.
During the investigation by the embassy, staff attached to the Supreme Court Registry testified that Ms. Ramlal instructed them to make the changes in the records of the Supreme Court.
The embassy called in the local police when Mr. McLean approached them with the forged documents on Wednesday. He was detained.

McLean, who this newspaper understands also holds a United States of America passport, had filed for permanent residency in the United States on behalf of the adopted female.
Mr. McLean, who is also a former Deputy Commissioner of Police, was detained at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters, Eve Leary, and has since been put on station bail pending charges to be instituted by the embassy.

Late yesterday afternoon, Ms Ramlal was at the CID headquarters with her lawyer, Nigel Hughes.

Ms Ramlal, the Supreme Court Registrar, is the equivalent of a High Court judge.
At the time of her alleged involvement in the fraud, she was locked in a court battle challenging the Chancellor and the Judicial Service Commission for attempting to question her right to leave.
She had been forced to seek medical attention in the United States. She had another medical appointment in the States but with the visa revocation, that appointment can not be kept in the future.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ram, Ramsaroop, not Peter Ram is singing

Christopher Ram and another Ram...Peter Ramsaroop have all had gloomy predictions of the current situation regarding the Clico crisis and have been extremely critical of the Government's handing of the situation. Government has tried too long to cover up its failings. minister Dr. Ashni Singh has been too quite and lacks the leadership this crisis so deserves. Below are some notable events leading up to yesterday's firing of several Clico employees.

In Early February President Jagdeo, at a press conference, announced that Government was monitoring the domestic situation closely. He also indicated the existence of short-term risk through potential mismatches in the maturity of the company's assets and liabilities that could arise in the event of significant changes its overseas investments.

SN February 26:

“We want to ensure that people here, their interests are protected so we are watching this closely,” Jagdeo declared on February 5th. The President said he had looked at Clico (Guyana’s) liquidity position as well as its assets and liabilities.

On March 12

The National Assembly unanimously supported President Jagdeo’s guarantee to CLICO Guyana policyholders.

Clico staff sent packing

From SN: Several employees of CLICO (Guyana) were yesterday issued with letters terminating their service, while moves were made to shut down the company’s Lamaha Street branch as the troubled insurance company faces its financial predicament.

Stabroek News was told that in excess of 30 staff members from various departments were issued with letters of termination. Among those who have lost their jobs are the entire staff of the Marketing Department as well as several members from the Financial and Underwriting departments, as well as cleaners and receptionists.

Quote of the year

From KN:

“They told us the company solid and now when we do find out they don’t have money to do anything…is we does have to interact with the clients not them…wha we gun tell de people now” - Agent

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Was McSkunt an alter boi

Dear Editor,

Like most balanced and patriotic Guyanese, I have witnessed the PPP Government spiral my country downward in every sphere of endeavour, resulting in the sorry economic and social state we are in today.
The appointment of Kwame McCoy to the Commission for the Rights of Children is a further endorsement of the unnatural nature, absence of enlightenment and absence of loyalty to the development of progressive organisations in the interest of this country.

Kwame McCoy is by his personal nature adverse to the very process that results in the blessings of parenting children. As a father and grandfather, this appointment insults the very values I and other parents have placed on our and the State’s responsibility towards the development of a legal philosophy towards the interest of incurring natural, uplifting values in our sons and daughters.

Kwame McCoy fits into the busing, political propaganda and dirty tricks category he has so far presented himself best suited for in his years on channel 65. That they all endorsed him truly paints a deeper pathetic picture of this administration; this appointment should be rejected publicly by all responsible organisations and natural parents.

Barrington Braithwaite

Vishnu vs Freddi round 1

Vishnu's first pebble:

I applaud Kaieteur News for some terrific editorials but also to chide the newspaper for some poor editing especially as they relate to commentaries by Freddie Kissoon.
Over the last two years, I recognise that the quality of Kaieteur News editorials has vastly improved and in fact most have been excellent. Some of them are quite comprehensive and laudable. I enjoyed reading them almost daily.

The points in the editorials are succinct as well as lucid. They educate and inform readers on so many important issues. They are well written and arguments well presented. One can hardly find faults with the positions and views of the paper’s editorials. It speaks volumes about the quality of editors on staff.

However, the outstanding quality of the editorials is not carried forward in the editing department of the paper, especially in editing the columns of Freddie Kissoon, your daily columnist. Freddie often makes claims in his columns that are not supported by facts or common sense and the editor allows these claims and or glib comments to be published.

The choir sings

According to the lawyer, the US Prosecutors had demanded that Khan tell them ‘everything they wanted to know in exchange for a minimum 20-year sentence.’
This deal went nowhere, according to Puran.

The lawyer said that he suggested to Khan that he offer to talk to the federal agents about only one issue, the Iranian involvement in Guyana. However, by the time Puran visited again in December 2006, Khan said that he was not interviewed by the federal authorities.

Read more stanzas

That other Corbin

Mr. Charles Corbin was today, March 17, 2009, sworn in by President Bharrat Jagdeo at the Office of the President as a member of the Guyana Elections Commission, (GECOM) replacing the late Mr. Lloyd Joseph. Mr. Corbin was identified to fill the vacancy after a process of meaningful consultation between the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Robert H. O. Corbin and the leaders of the Parliamentary Opposition Parties. With the appointment of Mr. Corbin the commission now has its full complement of members, that is, three (3) representing the Government and three (3) representing the Parliamentary Opposition Parties.

Witnessing this ceremony were Members of Parliament, Ms. Amna Ally, Ms. Cheryl Sampson and Mr. Dave Danny; Co-chairman of the Local Government Task Force, Mr. Alan Munroe, Commissioner of GECOM, Mr. Robert Williams, Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally, Chief Election Officer, Mr. Gocool Boodhoo, Government Ministers, Mr. Manzoor Nadir and Mr. Maniram Prashad and President of the Guyana Olympic Association, Mr. Juman Yasin, Attorney-at-Law.

Mr. Charles Corbin brings substantial experience and expertise to his post. He has a BA in Sociology from Colombia University and an MA in Organisational Psychology from the same university. Mr. Corbin also has a Certificate in Political Economy from Academia Stefan Gheorghi Bucharest, Romania and a Diploma in Co-op Management and Administration from the Kuru Kuru Co-op College . He is also a consultant on computer technology.

Mr. Corbin will take up his post at the next meeting of GECOM.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Music to our ears

Now that this jail bird has done the most sensible thing and pleaded guilty in the United States, one can only imagine what kind of deal he has struck with investigators. What is he willing to share with investigators about his operations here in Guyana and how does the US intend to share that information with Guyana law enforcement.

Based on previous occurrences, we can assume that the US will not share one iota of information with Guyana. We will not know until suspects are nabbed at airports because the US has a difficulty trusting senior Guyanese officials, including the head of state, who is on record of blasting uncle Sam for not taking on its own drug problem. Instead of looking to secure Guyana from the drug trade, the head of state has deflected blame to the US for allowing drugs across its border.

Khan had no other choice that to cave into the constant pressure of having sensitive information about his dealings leak locally. Having so much information in the public domain would not have helped his affiliates or his chances if he was to return someday to Guyana. As it stands, Khan can sing all he wants to Us officials, but the public will not have access unless the US decides to pursue other people during the investigation.

Surely, the AFC would be singing, while the PPP/C will be walking around with shit in their pants and panties. Just check that former black pudding vendor, who worked his ass literally to get to the top of the ladder.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We invite you to a Saturday field trip

Today we have decided to take our readers (who love our no bias, no bull approach) on a field trip. There is this secret spot that hardly anyone visits. The name spells popularity in Guyana context, yet very few people have heard about this well preserved location.

This single place is an untouched reserviour of history flowing from top to bottom. Guyana archives cannot even begin to accomodate the wealth of history and information dating back to the early stages of devlopment.

Grab your lifejackets just in case you decide to really take a dip in the nearby river. Paddles and cannoes will be provided by your gracious hosts. The waves are usually calm, providing healing ripples most days, but brace for unexpected high tides, which are rare.

The place is full of surprises...sounds never heard before, sounds forgotten, streams that run occassionally and this is Guyana so expect to see a few cross-dressers spring at you. They are a rare and endangered specimen, who find shelter at this hidden location. A jungle is out there. No words can describe the madness that exist at this vacation spot. So we will keep your visit to a minimum.

You will also meet a rare King and scrap books with ancient words barely visibly, no doubt eroded with the passage of time.

We assure you that an ancient story teller will pinch your emotions, ride your emagination and tenaiously guide you along a trip back in history when darkness enveloped the land.

We give you a rare peak at your Saturday spot....we present to you (drum roll)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Points for Bharrita Jagdeo to note about his failed leadership

Failure of Leadership Why Leaders Fail
by Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE

Donald Trump, paragon of the real estate world, files for bankruptcy. Richard Nixon, 37th U.S. President, resigns the presidency over the Watergate scandal. Jennifer Capriati, rising tennis star, enters a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. Jim Bakker, renowned televangelist, is convicted of fraud.

In the recent past, we've witnessed the public downfall of leaders from almost every area of endeavor -- business, politics, religion, and sports. One day they're on top of the heap, the next, the heap's on top of them.

Of course, we think that such catastrophic failure could never happen to us. We've worked hard to achieve our well-deserved positions of leadership -- and we won't give them up for anything! The bad news is: the distance between beloved leader and despised failure is shorter than we think.

WARNING SIGN #1: A Shift in Focus

This shift can occur in several ways. Often, leaders simply lose sight of what's important. The laser-like focus that catapulted them to the top disappears, and they become distracted by the trappings of leadership, such as wealth and notoriety.
Leaders are usually distinguished by their ability to "think big." But when their focus shifts, they suddenly start thinking small. They micro manage, they get caught up in details better left to others, they become consumed with the trivial and unimportant. And to make matters worse, this tendency can be exacerbated by an inclination toward perfectionism.
A more subtle leadership derailer is an obsession with "doing" rather than "becoming." The good work of leadership is usually a result of who the leader is. What the leader does then flows naturally from inner vision and character.

{Clearly, we have seen seen Bharrita lose sight of what is important. He is no longer governing a nation and he is failing to inspire, even his own Cabinet Members. Bharrita loves to micro manage and as small-minded leader, that has been his most common feature since taking up the leadership of Guhyana. Lastly, he has become caught up in trivial things by banning a Capitol News reporter and clearly gets into trivial things as a leader. His daily rants are compelling testimony.}

WARNING SIGN #2: Poor Communication

A lack of focus and its resulting disorientation typically lead to poor communication. Followers can't possibly understand a leader's intent when the leader him- or herself isn't sure what it is! And when leaders are unclear about their own purpose, they often hide their confusion and uncertainty in ambiguous communication.

Sometimes, leaders fall into the clairvoyance trap. In other words, they begin to believe that truly committed followers automatically sense their goals and know what they want without being told. Misunderstanding is seen by such managers as a lack of effort (or commitment) on the listener's part, rather than their own communication negligence.

{The Henry Jeffery fallout is a clear cut case. Bharrita being for the EPA before he was against it is also a very good example. The fact that he offered the entire rainforest without first informing his own Cabinet and the nation is remarkable. Talk about failed leaderhsip.}

WARNING SIGN #3: Risk Aversion

Third, leaders at risk often begin to be driven by a fear of failure rather than the desire to succeed. Past successes create pressure for leaders: "Will I be able to sustain outstanding performance?" "What will I do for an encore?" In fact, the longer a leader is successful, the higher his or her perceived cost of failure.
When driven by the fear of failure, leaders are unable to take reasonable risks. They want to do only the tried and proven; attempts at innovation -- typically a key to their initial success -- diminish and eventually disappear.

{We have not seen any real progress in the last 10 years and now we know why, except there has not been any previous sucesses. Hence it should have been easier of Bharrita to set standards in divelopment. That has not happened}

WARNING SIGN #4: Ethics Slip

A leader's credibility is the result of two aspects: what he or she does (competency) and who he or she is (character). A discrepancy between these two aspects creates an integrity problem.
The highest principle of leadership is integrity. When integrity ceases to be a leader's top priority, when a compromise of ethics is rationalized away as necessary for the "greater good," when achieving results becomes more important than the means to their achievement -- that is the moment when a leader steps onto the slippery slop of failure.
Often such leaders see their followers as pawns, a mere means to an end, thus confusing manipulation with leadership. These leaders lose empathy. They cease to be people "perceivers" and become people "pleasers," using popularity to ease the guilt of lapsed integrity.

{Freddie Kissoon has already pointed out that no one belives Bharrita when he speaks. For obvious reasons, he lack credibility because he looks down on his countrymen/women as servants. What Bharrita has done is manipulate and dictate. He has kept drug dearlers close to him and has even kept a gunslinger and held him in a ministerial role.}

WARNING SIGN #5: Poor Self Management

Tragically, if a leader doesn't take care of him- or herself, no one else will. Unless a leader is blessed to be surrounded by more-sensitive-than-normal followers, nobody will pick up on the signs of fatigue and stress. Leaders are often perceived to be superhuman, running on unlimited energy.
While leadership is invigorating, it is also tiring. Leaders who fail to take care of their physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs are headed for disaster. Think of having a gauge for each of these four areas of your life -- and check them often! When a gauge reaches the "empty" point, make time for refreshment and replenishment.

{No wonder he mistreated Varshnie Singh. Failure}

WARNING SIGN #6: Lost Love

The last warning sign of impending disaster that leaders need to heed is a move away from their first love and dream. Paradoxically, the hard work of leadership should be fulfilling and even fun. But when leaders lose sight of the dream that compelled them to accept the responsibility of leadership, they can find themselves working for causes that mean little to them. They must stick to what they love, what motivated them at the first, to maintain the fulfillment of leadership.

{Bharrita needs to ask himself three questions: Why did I initially assume leadership? Have those reasons changed? Do I still want to lead?}

Heed the Signs

The warning signs in life -- from stop lights to prescription labels -- are there for our good. They protect us from disaster, and we would be foolish to ignore them. As you consider the six warning signs of leadership failure, don't be afraid to take an honest look at yourself. If any of the warnings ring true, take action today!


The good news is: by paying attention to these signs and heeding their warnings, you can avoid disaster and sustain the kind of leadership that is healthy and fulfilling both for yourself and your followers.

Talk about drug links

Hey! You remember when Bharita Jadeooo jump up and cuss out the All For Christ (AFC) people about drug links.

My, my, my and look in less than a month how the tables have turned upside down. While Bharita claims were empty and without proof, the unfolding Roger Khan saga is compelling and riviting, enough to carve out a definitive opinion of Governmental involvement with the drug accused.

Cry shame, shame, shame.

Shame for the sole reason that the United States is untangling the sinful web weaved by the current administration under the leadership of Bharita Jagdeooo. At no time did the administration show any willpower to stop Mr. Khan and to point him to the need to share information with the police and not seek to invoke vigilante justice, which would have worsened the criminal problem. Bartica and Lusignan are left as evidence.

Throughout the entire episode of Khan’s time on the run (prior to his capture in Suriname), the Government portrayed obstinacy by avoiding any real statement regarding his links to criminal activities.

Their silence in fact undermined the effort of law enforcement, sending a wave of mixed signals to Guyana that Khan was being unjustly targeted.

Prior to the joint services pressure, the Government never lifted a muscle to probe Khan's involvement in murders committed on Guyana's soil.

It was only after the PNCR along with international pressure that the Government was subdued into a Commission of Enquiry that was eventually tainted when the Commission decided against conducting private interviews and taking in camera evidence.

Those were very dark days for Guyana. The sidelining of army officials, the wiretapping of Commissioner’s Winston Felix phone is all going to come to light as US officials build their case against Roger Khan.

Don’t expect this administration to be too light with Stabroek News for revealing the information as it comes available. Stabroek has shown that what is at stake is not its own survival, but the survival of an entire nation. While Adam Harris and KN wipes the dribble from their slumber, a nation is crying out for a true watchdog.

Too many unsolved crimes, so many unanswered questions that haunt many families across all races. Bharita and his team lacked the foresight to find a handle on the madness that erupted following the 2002 jailbreak.

The blood of many PPP supporters has been swiped upon the forehead of each and every Freedom House lackey. The blood of many innocent children, mothers, fathers, fishermen, Government Minister, dogs, friends, wives, uncles, aunts, grandmother, great aunt…now rest heavily on the chest of Bharita.

Failure by any grouping to act and to act wisely rests on the shoulder of the Group’s leader.

Yesterday our country’s leader failed us. Today he is failing is. We the people of Guyana can only hope the sun is on the horizon with his departure, but we fear knowing that failure is an inherent coherent of our current leaders.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PNCR says no to McCoy the gunslinger

Despite the strenuous principled objections by all opposition members of the National Assembly Appointments Committee, the PPP/C appears determined to have the appointment of Kwame McCoy, as a member of the Rights of the Child Commission, approved by the National Assembly of the Parliament tomorrow, Thursday12 March 2009. The nomination of Kwame McCoy, as the representative of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, to serve on this Commission, is an insult to all decent minded Guyanese and the latest illustration of PPP/C arrogance and lack of concern for the views of Guyanese.

The Rights of the Child Commission is one of the four Commissions established by article 212 G (1) of the Constitution of Guyana.

By virtue of article 212 U (2) (a) the Ministry with responsibility for children’s affairs i.e. the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security and the Ministry of Education are entitled to nominate member(s) to the Rights of the Child Commission.

The National Assembly, on the 13th day of June 2008, unanimously passed Resolution 60. This Resolution approved both, the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security and the Ministry of Education, being asked to nominate one person each to serve on the Rights of the Child Commission, along with the thirteen other members nominated by other agreed entities.

On or around the 18th day of July 2008 the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security was requested by letter to have his Ministry nominate a person to serve on the Rights of the Child Commission.

In January 2009, after the Committee on Appointments had received the names of the other 14 nominees, to serve on the Rights of the Child Commission, the Committee received a letter from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security informing the Committee that the Ministry’s previous nominee was withdrawn and the new nominee was Mr. Kwame McCoy, press officer to the President of Guyana.

It is interesting to note that the members of the Committee never saw a copy of the first letter from the Permanent Secretary and, enquiries about its contents were met with the strange response, from Ms Gail Teixeira, Chairperson of the Committee on Appointments, that the first letter was never received by the Secretary to the Committee on Appointments.

At the level of the Committee on Appointments, the representatives of the PNCR-1G strenuously opposed the nomination of Mr. McCoy. As a consequence, the PPP/C members of this Committee, which include the Honourable Ms. Priya Manickchand, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, agreed to an adjournment, of the meeting of the Committee, to reconsider their support of Mr. McCoy’s nomination.

Predictably, at the next meeting of the Committee on Appointments, in February 2009, the PPP/C members all reaffirmed their support of the nomination of Mr. McCoy.

At the Sitting of the National Assembly, on Thursday 12 March 2009 (tomorrow), the Sixth Report of the Committee on Appointments, in relation to the appointment of the members of the Rights of the Child Commission, will be debated.

The PNCR-1G will continue to object to the nomination of Mr. McCoy.

The objections of the Party, to the nomination of Mr. McCoy to the Rights of the Child Commission, are as follows:

1. His nomination, to this Commission, flies in the face of Article 212 G (2) of the Constitution of Guyana which states that “A Commission shall be independent, impartial and shall discharge its functions fairly”. It is public knowledge that Mr. McCoy is a rabid member and/or supporter of the PPP/C and, his numerous public utterances, in the print and electronic media, makes it clear that he is merely a mouthpiece of the PPP/C and the President. Therefore, he can neither be considered to be independent nor impartial.

2. The letter from the Committee on Appointments to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, in July 2008, stated inter alia that “The person must also have earned public respect and be of unquestionable honesty and integrity”. The countless calls that, the PNCR-1G and individual Party members, have received from persons, from all walks of life, expressing grave concerns about the nomination of Mr. McCoy, to the Rights of the Child Commission, testify that there is the public perception that Mr. McCoy is no exemplar and has not earned the respect or regard of the Guyanese public.

3. Mr. McCoy is not an employee of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security. While the Constitution does not expressly state that the nominees, from that Ministry or the Ministry of Education, must be employees of the respective Ministries, his nomination offends the spirit of the Constitution, as the rationale for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security having a nominee on this Commission, is that the nominees would be the conduit for information between the Commission and their respective Ministries.

This latest demonstration, by the PPP/C, of its continued disregard and disrespect for the Constitution of Guyana, while not surprising, is regrettable.

The PNCR-1G calls on Minister Manickchand to demonstrate her independence and respect for the Constitution, and the spirit in which a nominee should be appointed by her Ministry, by withdrawing Mr. McCoy as that nominee.


People’s National Congress Reform

Congress Place, Sophia,

Georgetown , Guyana

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our impression of the Clico crisis

Where was Geer when Varshnie complained of abuse?

Head of the Domestic Violence Policy Unit within the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, Geetangali Geer has, urged members of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) in Region 6 to join the fight against domestic violence, and to help victims and perpetrators to seek help.

Geer explained various provisions in the Domestic Violence Act of 1996 and emphasized that the law plays a crucial part when it comes to reporting and prosecuting domestic violence cases.

Clico Cayman in hotwater too!!!

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has instructed Clico (Cayman) Ltd to stop its public investment business activity until company accounts are approved by the Authority.

A CIMA media release stated that in an order issued last Tuesday (3 March), it told Clico (Cayman): “Immediately (I) Cease or refrain from issuing new policies with investment features until the asset level in its trust fund has been increased to the required level and approval is granted by the Authority for the Company to resume such activity; and (ii) Cease or refrain from receiving any new premiums on existing policies with investment features until approval is granted by the Authority to resume such activity”.

In a press release issued on Friday, CIMA states that the instruction to Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited, trading as Clico (Cayman) Ltd further required the company to “…take certain actions within a prescribed time frame and imposed additional reporting requirements on the Company to better monitor its business activities and financial condition”.

By way of background to its reported action CIMA stated in the Friday release: “On January 30, 2009 the Government of Trinidad & Tobago and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (“the Central Bank”) announced that the Government had reached an agreement with the CL Financial group (the parent company of CLICO) for the provision of a package of financial support for the group’s financial services companies. As a result of the above action CLICO is now under the control of the Central Bank and Mr Andrew C.

Musaib-Ali has been appointed as managing director. Mr Musaib-Ali reports directly to the Central Bank”. Subsequent to the action in Trinidad and Tobago there have been reports coming out of Guyana, Barbados and The Bahamas of what may be financial irregularities in relation to CLICO-affiliated companies. The CLICO firm in Barbados reportedly does not have the full monetary amount required by statute as security for deposits made by investors. This alleged violation is said to have been happening for some years now.

In Guyana, authorities have reportedly discovered that monies the CLICO office there invested in CLICO Bahamas is missing, although the assets in question are said to appear in the audited accounts of both companies.

The Guyana situation is further complicated by reports that a major investor in CLICO (Guyana) Ltd, the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), is dependent on returns from that investment to pay pensions and other workers’ benefits. NIS is a government-owned authority that by law collects contributions from every company in Guyana on behalf of workers for pension payments and other industry-related compensation.

Guyana's vote for sale

Report: In fact, there is a detailed plan to use the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia as a central lobbying event for the UN vote, each country attending the Games being assigned a targeted strategy, an intelligence file and a platoon of fluffers.

How does it work? Look at what happened three weeks ago, when Peter Kent, the former TV news anchor who is now Canada's Minister of State for the Americas, made a quiet visit to Guyana. In a meeting with its Foreign Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, Mr. Kent announced that Canada had voted for a Guyanese judge, Mohammed Shahabbuddeen, to become a member of the International Criminal Court. In exchange, Ms. Rodrigues-Birkett pledged to give Guyana's 2010 UN vote to Canada rather than Portugal.

Is he Guyanese

This is a young bright lawyer bai, but he needs to clarify his continued plucking of the UK Times reports. The guy is so scared to blog his thoughts.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Here we go BJ

AS the Colonial Life Insurance Company’s (CLICO) financial turbulence spreads throughout the Caribbean, SKNVibes has learnt that several of the larger institutions in the Federation have substantial investments in the now-struggling company and collectively could lose $300 million.

The list reportedly includes high-profiled financial institutions, private companies and local investors. The $300 million also includes the hard earned savings, investments and pensions of average citizens.

Minister of Finance, International Trade and Commerce, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has revealed that this figure represents the total amount that the people of the Federation have in [the subsidiaries of] CL Financial, either in terms of investment or policy holding. CL Financial is the parent company of CLICO and British American insurance companies.

“We totalled the values of all our deposits made by locals in all the company’s subsidiaries. If the worst were to happen then we [local depositors] have EC $300 million that they may not get back. This is how much we actually stand to lose.”

The Minister along with Financial Secretary Janet Harris and Director of Financial Services Fidella Clarke flew to Barbados yesterday (Mar. 4) to join other members of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Monetary Council, and Prime Ministers and Ministers of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados in discussions relating to regulation of the region’s financial sector, redressing the issue and limiting further exacerbation of a bad situation.

Harris told SKNVibes that the CLICO matter had to be dealt with in swift time to avoid further exposure of the region’s finance sector and wider economies.

“We must act quickly to maintain control over the situation. The longer this situation prevails, the more the situation worsens. As local and regional markets lose confidence in the financial sector, more and more persons withdraw their money as banks withhold monies from lending also. The longer we stay to put forth a solution, the more the situation automatically worsens.”

In early February, Chairman of Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) Holdings Barbados Ltd, Leroy Parris told the Kittitian populace that what had happened in Trinidad only affected the three subsidiaries in the that territory (CLICO Life Insurance, British American and CLICO Investment Bank) and not those across the Caribbean.

“I give the public and policy holders of St. Kitts assurance that their pensions, policies, deposits and all their investments in this company are safe and secure. The parent company is not in trouble; the parent company is rich in asset. The company is secured.”

Parris also asserted that CLICO Barbados Holdings Ltd. does not repatriate funds from Dominica, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados to Trinidad.

CLICO’s parent company CL Financial Group is the largest privately held conglomerate in Trinidad and Tobago and one of the largest privately held corporations in the entire Caribbean. In early January the company reported financial difficulty and sought rescue from the Trinidad government. Under an MOU, the government and Trinidad Central Bank agreed to bail out the company in exchange for controlling interest in some of its subsidiaries. The Central Bank also took control of the conglomerates financial institution, Republic Bank.

The future of CL Financial and its regional empire remain irresolute as a High Court judge recently granted an ex-parte injunction to the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and CLICO which prevents the parent company from selling, liquidating or otherwise conducting any business with its assets.

The injunction also dictates that CL Financial has to disclose the identity, and location of all or any assets of CLICO in or out of the jurisdiction. CLICOs across the region are concurrently registering their own dilemmas as a result of the CL Financial backlash.

Currently, CLICO Guyana has been placed under judicial management, CLICO Bahamas is under a liquidation order to sell off its assets, CLICO Trinidad is being controlled by their Central Bank, and the government of Barbados is trying to acquire their local branch of the insurance company.

Blahh, blahh, blahh Jagdeo and the reality is

Private hospitals refuse CLICO insurance cards

The Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) Guyana insurance cards are being refused at private hospitals, with some having adopted this course of action weeks ago. Others did so just after the company was placed under Judicial Management.

In an invited comment, Alliance For Change Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, said that the inference to be drawn from the position adopted by the hospitals is that they have no confidence in the guarantees “spouted by the President”.

He said that the statements are obviously being seen as not sound and without validity.
The Commissioner of Insurance must now meet with the hospitals to guarantee that bills covered under the medical cards issued by CLICO (Guyana) will be paid.

Ramjattan said that unless this happens it is hardly likely that the private hospitals will be accepting the cards, given that they would be providing medical services unsure of whether they will be paid.

Meanwhile the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Robert Corbin, yesterday told media operatives that with every passing day the revelations surrounding the financial difficulties of CLICO (Guyana) and its associate companies in the Caribbean raise more questions than provide answers and solutions.

He emphasised that the recent revelations by the Prime Minister of the Bahamas that the Regulator did not find any evidence of the alleged $6.1B invested by CLICO (Guyana) in CLICO (Bahamas), and the subsequent responses by officials in Guyana, provide no comfort to policyholders and affected persons and institutions.

“The paranoid responses by President Jagdeo to genuine concerns raised by affected persons appear more like political propaganda, rather than a professional approach by a responsible government to a serious financial crisis…

“The assurances by the President at press conferences that all valid CLICO claims will be met, without stating that these claims will be guaranteed by the Government of Guyana, mean absolutely nothing, having regard to the track record of the Jagdeo Administration with respect to the honouring of their promises.”

The PNCR official added that in the meantime several persons remain vulnerable to excessive loss in the absence of a formal statement by the court-appointed Judicial Manager, “who has obviously been negligent in performing her previous duties as Regulator”.

Until a complete audit of CLICO (Guyana) is done, no one would be able to know the extent of the financial difficulty of the company, hence the party was calling on the administration to provide in the National Assembly an unequivocal guarantee to policyholders and investors that all their financial claims will be met.
The Party also called on the Minister of Finance to explain how the objective would be achieved.

Luncheon should face lie test

For his role in attempting to cover up the whereabouts of a sophisticated spy equipment, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat should be subjected to a lie detector test immediately. If not, then he should be made to resign with immediate effect and not be allowed to ride off into the sunset at the end of Bharrat Jagdeo's final term (It will be his final just as the PPP insiders).

The fact that Dr. Luncheon is the Secretary of the Defence Board is enough reasons for him to take full bloody responsibility for the spy equipment being returned to drug accused, Roger Khan. Two Rogers - we smell something fishy here.

Lets say for the sake of argument that indeed Dr. Luncheon had no idea where the spy equipment had disappeared, why wasn't an investigation launched, since the equipment and its intended use would represent a serious breach of the nation's security.

The mere fact that Dr. Luncheon, a high ranking official of the PPP/C administration could turn his back on the disappearance of this sophisticated equipment smacks squarely on the level of incompetence that has swamped the Government under the stewardship of Bharrat Jagdeo.

Perhaps Dr. Luncheon lied through his teeth, which is not unbecoming for him. To have the spy equipment resurface in the United States after it was confiscated locally, is indicative of the immature and scant regard shown for security in Guyana.

It therefore shows that Khan and his cohorts can operate with impunity under the cover of the state, knowing fully well that protection is guaranteed.

Chartered Accountant Rams blog

Chartered accountant Christopher Ram is calling on Police Commissioner Henry Greene to investigate a statement on a blog that he was among those questioned by the police about the posts on the Living Guyana blog.

In a letter addressed to Greene and dated March 3, Ram said that “I am writing to lodge a formal complaint to you with a request that you investigate a libelous report on the Blog liveinguyana.blogspot.com attributed to the Police. The Blog stated that I am one of three persons pulled in for questioning by the police in relation to the livinguyana.blogspot.com imbroglio”.

Stabroek News made several attempts to contact Greene but was unsuccessful. Crime Chief Seelall Persaud said that he was unaware of the letter or the complaint being made by Ram.

Ram in his letter stated that “such malicious and dangerous abuse” of the public space that falsely impugns the name of the police deserves immediate clarification from the Force and action associated with the site.

It was also noted that investigators were quick to respond in relation to one blog and Ram stated that he hopes the police will be as “decisive, effective and prompt” with the other.

Police said in a release earlier this week that they were investigating the Living Guyana blog as posts containing erroneous statements about two local banks were placed on that site.

According to police, the force acted after it received a complaint from GBTI concerning the article posted on the livinguyana.blogspot.com alleging a bail-out approach to the Bank of Guyana. Upon investigating, the police discovered a second article on the website which contained erroneous statements about Citizen’s Bank Guyana.

The Police described the acts as “erroneous” and “wicked” and stated that they were “intended to cause public mischief.”

The police said that an investigation has been launched to verify who is hosting this website and to pursue any information which surfaces during the investigation. The release stated that both international and local agencies have been contacted for assistance in this investigation and added that if it is determined that the law has been broken anonymity will not exonerate anyone from the

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lonely without GMC?

Join the GMC petition and let them know they should start back.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Berbice Bridge is breaking down, breaking down....

Chief Executive Officer of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc, Omadat Samaroo today informed the Government Incompetent News Agency (GINA) that efforts are being made to resolve the problems currently being experienced at the Berbice River Bridge.

During the testing period in January a flaw was found in the design of the ramps for the retractor span posing difficulties in lifting the ramps as such they are being operated manually with a mechanical jack. This adds on some 20 minutes more to the usual retraction period. He explained that the bridge is still being opened automatically with only the ramps needing manual assistance.

He said the manufacturer has been contacted and a preliminary design of a hydraulic system has been sent which is likely to be agreed upon.

Additionally he informed that this installation of the hydraulic system is expected to take place at the end of April and last for approximately four days.

Samaroo posited that the company will liaise with the Ministry of Public Works to provide adequate ferry service for the short period. Also the company will notify the public one month in advance of the closure.

Commuters are being asked to understand that this work is necessary for the efficient running of the bridge, he said.

The Company will not be facing any new cost from the manufacturer since it is still in the “liability period.”

The bridge was commissioned on December 23, 2008 by President Bharrat Jagdeo. It starts from D’Edward village, West Coast Berbice and stretches across to Crab Island, on the Eastern Bank.

This structure is a dream realised for Guyana and the administration has been providing a valuable service for Guyanese as it reduces the travel time that was formerly experienced with the ferry at Rosignol to New Amsterdam.

Rough-necks at it again

One of the victims of the alleged torture at the hands of the Joint Services during last Saturday’s raid that netted $20M worth of cocaine on Wakenaam, has made a formal report to the police.
Ryan Gordon yesterday gave a detailed statement to the Parika Police on the alleged atrocities by the ranks of the Joint Services, thereby facilitating a full scale investigation.

Gordon is alleging that the ranks held him by his pants and dragged him down the road. They also slapped him in his face several times.

He is also alleging that he was forced to lie on his belly and forced to crawl.
The ranks also allegedly put wood on his shoulder and stood on him for several minutes before shoving the barrel of a gun in his ears.

Another person, Mitchell Thomas, a part time labourer, has also alleged that he was placed to lie down in an ant nest for several minutes.

He too has indicated that he will be formally reporting the matter to the police.
Police Commissioner, Henry Greene, had told this newspaper that once an official report is made, there will be a thorough investigation and from all appearances this is being done.

His sentiments were echoed by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee who was contacted yesterday.

“Any allegation of torture made by anyone under any circumstances will be fully investigated,” Minister Rohee said.

Efforts to get a reaction from Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Gary Best, on the issue were futile.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Windee Algernon had informed this newspaper on Monday that the GDF was also not in receipt of any such report.

“We have no information on torture during the operation. If we are in receipt of a report we will investigate,” the Colonel told this newspaper.

[See photo]

Spragga Benz has clean lyrics?

Since we did this post on the so called peace concert, some Spragga Benz fans were quick to point out that the singer has shifted to more conscious lyrics for which we applaud. Here he is with his turban, but listen carefully to the lyrics of the recent song.

Governt watchdogs were busy monitoring Blogs

The Alliance For Change (AFC) has accused the government of failing to perform its watchdog role in Clico (Guyana) charging that the company’s overseas investment should have been detected as high-risk prior to its sister company in the Bahamas collapsing.

But the party has noted with deeper concern reports out of The Bahamas that there appears to be no evidence of Clico (Guyana) funds. Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan said yesterday at a press briefing that the developing story in Nassau is worrying, emphasizing that the implications could be severe for the country.

Ramjattan questioned where the $6.9 B Clico said it invested in The Bahamas could be and pointed to the issue being one of a possible criminal nature. He declared that the problems facing Clico locally is as a result of an oligarchy within the ruling party that controls several key companies in the country that are now affected by the Clico meltdown.

The AFC Chairman criticized the Finance Minister’s role in the meltdown. He also reiterated the party’s call for Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh and Commissioner of Insurance Maria van Beek to resign.

Ramjattan maintained that the architecture of the local financial sector is suspect and declared that the watchdogs put in place to guard [the sector] “became velvet-pawed pussycats”. He said that the President, Singh and the Commissioner of Insurance merely accepted the status reports from the Chief Executive Officer of Clico (Guyana).

According to him, the party is moving to set up a legal team to provide legal services towards finding tangible remedies, as far as possible, for affected policyholders.

Further, Ramjattan said that the AFC will seek to immediately have a meeting of the Economic Services Committee of Parliament convened to have an enquiry into the Clico financial problem for “purposes of not only settling the issues beyond doubt as to those who were responsible for it, but to make recommendations as to how a crisis like this could be avoided in the future”.

Ramjattan added that the party will support with certain relevant amendments, and participate in the motion proposed by the Leader of the Opposition to have the matter debated in the National Assembly as a matter of urgent public importance.

He said too, that the party intends to get answers from the Finance Minister on a string of questions it will submit in Parliament on Clico (Guyana).

Clico (Guyana) has since been placed under judicial management following a High Court order, which has also appointed the Commissioner of Insurance as the technical person in charge of the company.

Should Liveinguyana be shut down too?

Freddie Kissoon: The PPP and Mr. Jagdeo will never learn. Here is why. An employee of this newspaper, two months ago, showed me that there was an anonymous blog named livinguyana.blogspot.com.

What I saw there was shocking. I never went back to that site. I found out with adequate proof who was one of the persons posting on that site. I told him it was wrong to use such vile, sick language to attack real persons who cannot respond to him.

He was unapologetic. Now enter the real sickness. Another employee of this newspaper hauled me from my chair to show me what was on a blog. I told the person I was not interested in seeing livinguyana.blogspot.com. It was then indicated that it is another website with a similar name (liveinguyana.blogspot.com)

It turned out that this blog was (and is) being run by high public officials in the employ of the Government. Yes! Believe it! Top Government people! There is more to come. What is on this blog is something that even Adolf Hitler, even the world’s most tyrannical leaders would not tolerate.

This is a blog that is extremely filthy, incites danger and harm to anti-government critics and the photographs and language are things the civilized world should never tolerate. So the police are going after livinguyana.blogspot.com but what about the other one from the government that has a similar name?

How stupid and how dangerous that a government can descend to that level!
Does Mrs. Jagan know that her government runs one of the filthiest blogs that can be found anywhere in the world? Brace yourself for the unimaginable. This blog posts pornography on the site, taking the face of pornographic actors and pasting it on to opposition figures. Any decent human being would revolt against this pathology. Yet not one PPP leader has called on the Government to desist from this moral sickness.

I will give the names of these people to the US Embassy and ask that they consider revoking their visas. I am calling on the police force to shut down this government site immediately

What peace fest with Spragga Benz?

Those hips and bamsee people are at it again, They are teaming with a Trinidadian company to stage a ‘PEACE FEST' concert featuring international Jamaican artistes JAH CURE and SPRAGA BENZ. Jah Cure is someone you want to have perform at a concert to unite people, but Spraga Benz? What message will Spraga Benz give to young people... Cock it up, jack it up dig out the ...? Spraga Benz is known for his lewd and insensitive approach to women. he is a typical dancehall singer where guns, violence and sex plays a central role in his music.

Hits and Jams is really trying to pull a fast one on us Guyanese. This entire concert is a big farse and is nothing more than a major moneymaking venture.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Shelly G fan vote

If you love/hate that daggering tune by Shelly G, call 226-6660 and let them know.

Vanilla did what?

Only in Guyana judges in a major competition would sympathise and award a person begging to win something to boost their ego.

This is precisely what the Mash Secretariat did when it declared that Carib Soca Monarch runner-up, Melissa ‘Vanilla’ Roberts is the 2009 Road March Queen.

Roberts and her manager/ sex partner Burchmoore Simon (of East Coast/Adrian Dutchin fame) were only a few short weeks ago complaining about the judging after they were defeated by the singer/producer couple of Shelly Garraway (of Shelly G/Daggering fame) and Eon 'tumble down' (of Everything Music/Big head on HBTV fame).

Simon and his song bird (who also plays his FLUTE) had challenged Garraway because she won the Soca Monarch. Simon has been a sore looser not once, but twice.

A few years ago, he forced organisors to recount the votes after judges had declared 'Big Red' Soca Monarch. Because of Simon's actions, both Dutchin and 'Big Red' were declared champs.

Vanilla you do not deserve to win that road march crown. The judges felt so sorry for you, they did'nt want to see you cry and pee pee your skin again.

She'll be coming 'round the mountain

Is this the beginning of the end of what has been a long, painful journey? We know many do.

Sn goes under the table

SN: There is a perception in Guyana, the United States Department of State 2008 Human Rights Report released on Wednesday said, that some police officers and magistrates could be bribed to make cases of domestic violence, child rape and criminal child abuse “go away.” Were it not for the vortex of fear surrounding us all in the CLICO saga, there would have been by now the usual how-dare-they-accuse-us responses to the report. But we all know what has been said about those who protest too much.

In Guyana, the State Department’s report also said, violence against women, including domestic violence, is widespread and crosses racial and socioeconomic lines. It notes that the law prohibits domestic violence, gives women the right to seek prompt protection, and allows victims to seek protection, occupation, or tenancy orders from a magistrate.

However, the legislation, the Domestic Violence Act, was frequently not enforced.It added that according to Help and Shelter, government enforcement of laws against domestic violence was poor. “Help and Shelter asserted that magistrates and magistrate court staff lacked sensitivity to the problem of domestic violence and to their roles in ensuring implementation of the law. In addition not all police officers fully understood provisions of the law; some officers reportedly could not recognize the paper form on which a protection order is written.”

The State Department does not pull its reports out of a hat, nor does it spy to obtain the information contained in its reports, which address human rights practices in countries around the world. They are compiled from information acquired through a wide variety of sources, including US and foreign government officials, victims of human rights abuse, academic and congressional studies, and reports from the press, international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) concerned with human rights. And it notes that much of the information in its country reports is already public knowledge; it might not be official because most governments and opposition groups deny that they commit human rights abuses and sometimes go to great lengths to conceal any evidence of such acts.

The State Department said it rarely quotes the source of its information – for obvious reasons – tries as hard as possible to evaluate their credibility and does not use sources it believes lack credibility.

However, in the instance cited above, it said that the information had come from non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Not surprising, since several NGOs routinely counsel women and children who have been victims of incest, rape and other forms of sexual violence, as well as physical and psychological domestic and partner abuse. Several NGOs consistently send representatives and volunteers to court to provide moral support to abused women and children and in some cases to help them understand the court process.

Allegations hitherto unproven abound about the practice of “passing something under the table” to officials to make a case disappear. And in some instances case jackets have mysteriously vanished and witnesses have either developed amnesia or told outright lies. As further evidence of the government not applying the law, the report noted that in instances where the alleged victim or victim’s family agreed to accept a monetary payment out of court, prosecution of the case immediately ended. This should not be.

The state, through its prosecuting arm should still pursue justice, since the accused would not have been charged in the first place, if there were no evidence tying him/her to the crime. And in any case, commonsense tells us that no one would hand over money in an out-of-court settlement, if s/he were innocent of the charge/s laid. Anyone who is falsely accused would want to clear his/her name; would want his/her day in court.

What is unfortunate is that in officialdom, there never seems to be a reasoned approach to reports such as these. Intolerance of even constructive criticism is the order of the day and the response usually is the pointing of fingers at the US’s human rights record, when instead, there ought to be the taking on board of the poor practices outlined in the report and moves to implement systems to correct them.