Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rough-necks at it again

One of the victims of the alleged torture at the hands of the Joint Services during last Saturday’s raid that netted $20M worth of cocaine on Wakenaam, has made a formal report to the police.
Ryan Gordon yesterday gave a detailed statement to the Parika Police on the alleged atrocities by the ranks of the Joint Services, thereby facilitating a full scale investigation.

Gordon is alleging that the ranks held him by his pants and dragged him down the road. They also slapped him in his face several times.

He is also alleging that he was forced to lie on his belly and forced to crawl.
The ranks also allegedly put wood on his shoulder and stood on him for several minutes before shoving the barrel of a gun in his ears.

Another person, Mitchell Thomas, a part time labourer, has also alleged that he was placed to lie down in an ant nest for several minutes.

He too has indicated that he will be formally reporting the matter to the police.
Police Commissioner, Henry Greene, had told this newspaper that once an official report is made, there will be a thorough investigation and from all appearances this is being done.

His sentiments were echoed by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee who was contacted yesterday.

“Any allegation of torture made by anyone under any circumstances will be fully investigated,” Minister Rohee said.

Efforts to get a reaction from Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Gary Best, on the issue were futile.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Windee Algernon had informed this newspaper on Monday that the GDF was also not in receipt of any such report.

“We have no information on torture during the operation. If we are in receipt of a report we will investigate,” the Colonel told this newspaper.

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