Friday, March 20, 2009

Ramlall should be fired...

The United States Embassy in Georgetown has revoked the visa of Supreme Court Registrar, Sita Ramlal. The revocation followed an investigation by the embassy into a case of forgery of documents purporting to represent the adoption of a female child.
A police source said that at the centre was an application for immigration purposes for a female said to be the adopted daughter of former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and Human Resources Manager of Bosai, Norman McLean.

The police said that the embassy reported that dates were changed to make the adoption papers appear to have been done before the actual date.
During the investigation by the embassy, staff attached to the Supreme Court Registry testified that Ms. Ramlal instructed them to make the changes in the records of the Supreme Court.
The embassy called in the local police when Mr. McLean approached them with the forged documents on Wednesday. He was detained.

McLean, who this newspaper understands also holds a United States of America passport, had filed for permanent residency in the United States on behalf of the adopted female.
Mr. McLean, who is also a former Deputy Commissioner of Police, was detained at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters, Eve Leary, and has since been put on station bail pending charges to be instituted by the embassy.

Late yesterday afternoon, Ms Ramlal was at the CID headquarters with her lawyer, Nigel Hughes.

Ms Ramlal, the Supreme Court Registrar, is the equivalent of a High Court judge.
At the time of her alleged involvement in the fraud, she was locked in a court battle challenging the Chancellor and the Judicial Service Commission for attempting to question her right to leave.
She had been forced to seek medical attention in the United States. She had another medical appointment in the States but with the visa revocation, that appointment can not be kept in the future.


  1. I think Sita Ramlall should go to jail for forging those documents. She blatantly broke the laws and should be made an example while at the same time pay the price for such a crime.

    It is sad that the former cheif of staff of GDF is in the middle of all this because it clearly shows what kind of people are in our armed forces and unfortunately the force loses its credibility once again.

    This is just one simple reason why Guyanese or no one else have faith in the law enforcers in Guyana, because they are the ones to break the law first and foremost.

    I hope Justice is served!!

  2. President Dicktaker Buggegado Jagabat (BJ) is currently in Antiman Jorgdan.

    Hope they grease up he batty before giving him a good reaming.

  3. The Supreme court Registry headed by Ramlall is a den of corruption.Remember the millions spent on taxi services which was raised in the parliament.No investigation.Somebody should find out who own them taxi.The investigation will take them straight to Bel Air.Guyana's auditor general is asleep.The forgery discovered by the US embassy is only the tip of the iceberg.

  4. Only those who have felt the wrath of Sita Ramlall and her par amour Norman McClean and their close circle of frends and family, including Roger Lucnheon, her cousin Claudette Singh etc., really know what is going on here.

    If her Lawyers have any sense and decency, they would not defend her. This woman is among the worse human beings in the world. She has no scruples and is capable of concocting the worse schemes and getting others to go along with her. She uses others to do her dirty work and drops names like dumplings in a stew.

    KARMA time Sita !!

  5. Sita Ramlall Karma is bitch. You will now suffer the consequences of all the wrongs you have done to others. All the financial frauds committed by you and your associates. You were also assisted by Mr. Roger L. Do you forgot the Barnwell deal and all the contracts.