Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Music to our ears

Now that this jail bird has done the most sensible thing and pleaded guilty in the United States, one can only imagine what kind of deal he has struck with investigators. What is he willing to share with investigators about his operations here in Guyana and how does the US intend to share that information with Guyana law enforcement.

Based on previous occurrences, we can assume that the US will not share one iota of information with Guyana. We will not know until suspects are nabbed at airports because the US has a difficulty trusting senior Guyanese officials, including the head of state, who is on record of blasting uncle Sam for not taking on its own drug problem. Instead of looking to secure Guyana from the drug trade, the head of state has deflected blame to the US for allowing drugs across its border.

Khan had no other choice that to cave into the constant pressure of having sensitive information about his dealings leak locally. Having so much information in the public domain would not have helped his affiliates or his chances if he was to return someday to Guyana. As it stands, Khan can sing all he wants to Us officials, but the public will not have access unless the US decides to pursue other people during the investigation.

Surely, the AFC would be singing, while the PPP/C will be walking around with shit in their pants and panties. Just check that former black pudding vendor, who worked his ass literally to get to the top of the ladder.


  1. Who use to sell black pudding? I'm curious:D

  2. I am curious as well. I think I have an idea so someone please play the music.