Friday, March 06, 2009

Luncheon should face lie test

For his role in attempting to cover up the whereabouts of a sophisticated spy equipment, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat should be subjected to a lie detector test immediately. If not, then he should be made to resign with immediate effect and not be allowed to ride off into the sunset at the end of Bharrat Jagdeo's final term (It will be his final just as the PPP insiders).

The fact that Dr. Luncheon is the Secretary of the Defence Board is enough reasons for him to take full bloody responsibility for the spy equipment being returned to drug accused, Roger Khan. Two Rogers - we smell something fishy here.

Lets say for the sake of argument that indeed Dr. Luncheon had no idea where the spy equipment had disappeared, why wasn't an investigation launched, since the equipment and its intended use would represent a serious breach of the nation's security.

The mere fact that Dr. Luncheon, a high ranking official of the PPP/C administration could turn his back on the disappearance of this sophisticated equipment smacks squarely on the level of incompetence that has swamped the Government under the stewardship of Bharrat Jagdeo.

Perhaps Dr. Luncheon lied through his teeth, which is not unbecoming for him. To have the spy equipment resurface in the United States after it was confiscated locally, is indicative of the immature and scant regard shown for security in Guyana.

It therefore shows that Khan and his cohorts can operate with impunity under the cover of the state, knowing fully well that protection is guaranteed.

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