Friday, March 13, 2009

Talk about drug links

Hey! You remember when Bharita Jadeooo jump up and cuss out the All For Christ (AFC) people about drug links.

My, my, my and look in less than a month how the tables have turned upside down. While Bharita claims were empty and without proof, the unfolding Roger Khan saga is compelling and riviting, enough to carve out a definitive opinion of Governmental involvement with the drug accused.

Cry shame, shame, shame.

Shame for the sole reason that the United States is untangling the sinful web weaved by the current administration under the leadership of Bharita Jagdeooo. At no time did the administration show any willpower to stop Mr. Khan and to point him to the need to share information with the police and not seek to invoke vigilante justice, which would have worsened the criminal problem. Bartica and Lusignan are left as evidence.

Throughout the entire episode of Khan’s time on the run (prior to his capture in Suriname), the Government portrayed obstinacy by avoiding any real statement regarding his links to criminal activities.

Their silence in fact undermined the effort of law enforcement, sending a wave of mixed signals to Guyana that Khan was being unjustly targeted.

Prior to the joint services pressure, the Government never lifted a muscle to probe Khan's involvement in murders committed on Guyana's soil.

It was only after the PNCR along with international pressure that the Government was subdued into a Commission of Enquiry that was eventually tainted when the Commission decided against conducting private interviews and taking in camera evidence.

Those were very dark days for Guyana. The sidelining of army officials, the wiretapping of Commissioner’s Winston Felix phone is all going to come to light as US officials build their case against Roger Khan.

Don’t expect this administration to be too light with Stabroek News for revealing the information as it comes available. Stabroek has shown that what is at stake is not its own survival, but the survival of an entire nation. While Adam Harris and KN wipes the dribble from their slumber, a nation is crying out for a true watchdog.

Too many unsolved crimes, so many unanswered questions that haunt many families across all races. Bharita and his team lacked the foresight to find a handle on the madness that erupted following the 2002 jailbreak.

The blood of many PPP supporters has been swiped upon the forehead of each and every Freedom House lackey. The blood of many innocent children, mothers, fathers, fishermen, Government Minister, dogs, friends, wives, uncles, aunts, grandmother, great aunt…now rest heavily on the chest of Bharita.

Failure by any grouping to act and to act wisely rests on the shoulder of the Group’s leader.

Yesterday our country’s leader failed us. Today he is failing is. We the people of Guyana can only hope the sun is on the horizon with his departure, but we fear knowing that failure is an inherent coherent of our current leaders.

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