Sunday, March 01, 2009

Vanilla did what?

Only in Guyana judges in a major competition would sympathise and award a person begging to win something to boost their ego.

This is precisely what the Mash Secretariat did when it declared that Carib Soca Monarch runner-up, Melissa ‘Vanilla’ Roberts is the 2009 Road March Queen.

Roberts and her manager/ sex partner Burchmoore Simon (of East Coast/Adrian Dutchin fame) were only a few short weeks ago complaining about the judging after they were defeated by the singer/producer couple of Shelly Garraway (of Shelly G/Daggering fame) and Eon 'tumble down' (of Everything Music/Big head on HBTV fame).

Simon and his song bird (who also plays his FLUTE) had challenged Garraway because she won the Soca Monarch. Simon has been a sore looser not once, but twice.

A few years ago, he forced organisors to recount the votes after judges had declared 'Big Red' Soca Monarch. Because of Simon's actions, both Dutchin and 'Big Red' were declared champs.

Vanilla you do not deserve to win that road march crown. The judges felt so sorry for you, they did'nt want to see you cry and pee pee your skin again.

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