Sunday, January 29, 2006


This Miranda LaRose article is very revealing, read carefully about the GTF/PNC talks...The GTF is also in talks with the PPP...Interesting moves there GTF...Maybe thats why the AFC pulled out, poor chaps...We at Guyana 360 hope that there could be a coalation with all the opposition parties, there are too many We know for sure Sharma would opt out...This will Therefore mean that the elections will now become a real contest...We see one problem to unity between the smaller parties, a problem that has always stopped coalation movements in Guyana, egotistical politicians...Everyone wants to be presidential canidate, and so we await the break down of talks...This latest revelation should cause some discomfort in the PPP/C camp.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


After driving the nail in the coffin about the slumbering PR department now limping along with their political parties, the PNC/R has sprung a surprise with its Nation News.

Though we do not like to critique the media and its functionaries, we must commend the PNC/R for kick starting its own News about its leader and party. We must add that it is nothing close to the Diary produced by GINA…I know the GMC would have something more in-depth on The Nation News. The Nation News was simply a programme of poor video and audio quality. The PNC/R is in need of technical help. Comrade Leader as well as the Presenter should portray a bright and upbeat atmosphere, trust us it would spur more confidence in voters. Full marks for effort, no mark for the quality of the production…

We have been begging for competition among political parties for television prominence with elections just around the corner. Now The AFC, Third Force and all the other forces and smaller parties too numerous to mention need to get up and get. Giddy up fellas, times a going…

Friday, January 27, 2006

Digging Road to Drain Mahaica Photos 1

The Following Photos were taken sometime ago when we travelled to Mahaica with the President...Surprised? Don't be, we travel with the President a lot. Well The fella in the white, with the cap beat all. He is the head of The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), Raaaaaavi Narine and now he supervises the digging of a road to allow a pump to discharge water efficiently...Talk about micro management...He should be knocking at the doors of International Donors for aid to help fix the drainage problems and prevent future floodings...This is Guyana where the motto is, if you want something done properly do it yourself...

Guyana 360: Please ppll contact us by mail before you use any of our photos

More Photos coming

Digging Road to Drain Mahaica Photos 2

This is How it Ended...

Now the Pump works...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Damaging info

The Israelis connection...damaging info was leaked to us...More info in future posts closer to elections.

Truly an election year

The $102.9B Budget presented by Finance Minister Saisnarine Kowlessar to the National Assembly will see a significant portion of the working force being exempted from tax.

The personal income tax allowance (threshold) has increased from $240,000 per annum to $300,000 per annum which in fact represents an increase in the monthly income tax threshold from $20,000 to $25, 000. This will eliminate 20,000 more Guyanese from paying income tax.

Kowlessar aslo proposed to replace the current rates of Personal Income Tax of 20 percent and 33 1/3 percent with a single rate of 33 1/3 percent.

Guyana 360: This augers well for Public Servants...We are just wondering if the GPSU and its cogs have what it takes to pull off a strike...We are waiting...By the way we were out having our usual lunch and beers at a popular chineeeee shop on Robb St. when a man told the chineeeee man that the Govt. just treating the public servants nice for this year to get votes...That comment jump started a major argument that eventually boiled down to one comment...So what if they doing things to get votes...Its the Guyanese people to decide if they will sell their votes and the opposition to expose the Govt. before the Guyanese people sell their votes.

While the opposition slumbers

It is evident that the PPP/C's political campaign is in full swing, even at Belladrum...In the mean time all the opposition leaders and key figures are asleep...Hello are you contesting an election or do all of you peeps have money to waste.

President assists Belladrum youth group

Georgetown, GINA, January 24, 2006

Youths of Belladrum, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice) will soon have access to improved recreational facilities with the help of President Bharrat Jagdeo.
The President committed to providing $2M for raising the Belladrum Community Centre ground and repairing of the centre’s pavilion when he visited the ground on January 22 accompanied by the youths in the area.

At a community meeting, the youths told President Jagdeo that the centre has been neglected for sometime by the local authorities. They also alleged that the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has done substandard work on the playground’s fence.

“I am not here to do a post-mortem or to lay blame on who is right or wrong, what I will do is give you some money to fix the ground so that the young people could have a proper recreational facility,” the President said.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wise Crack

The following was a statement issued by the Government...In the midst of flooding casued by heavy rains, some dumb ass person or persons pull a wise crack...This is Guyana where most people have nothing constructive to do and all day to do it...


Unknown individuals have vandalised and set on fire drainage structures aback Strathavon and Victoria on the East Coast Demerara. This has led to a rise in water in the residential areas of Golden Grove, Noot-en-Zuil, Veereeniing and Supply.

H.E President Bharrat Jagdeo has instructed the Chief of Staff to deploy soldiers to secure these and other structures as well as the Crown Dam aback of the East Coast villages.

Pumps are being re-deployed to these communities and the damages and breaches are being fixed.

It is a criminal offence to tamper or interfere with drainage and other similar structures. The Government is calling on residents to ensure there is no tampering of drainage facilities in their areas and to assist in the flood prevention and control activities.

Guyana 360: Guyana's weak police force will not capture the culprits, even with the present 1 million dollar bounty. The police will aso fail to tell the nation if the act was politically motivated...furthur if by an act of God the culprit turns him self in , President Bharrat Jagdeo should make an exception and send them to the gallows.

Blazing the Political Trail Pt. 2

Now the conclusion of Blazing the Political Trail

By the way where is the three headed beast of a political party…The AFC…personalities unknown to the grass roots people, get your act together quickly people, get the media involved. Just in case you missed it, the last time we saw the AFC, they were distributing hampers in Mahaica, they were probably forced to stay there after the flood waters rose…Speaking of which where is Da Roop? He has money (referred to by politicians as the mother’s milk of politics) to travel all over Guyana, but seems to care less to travel to the flood affected communities. Hey just a thought, imagine a man in a suit and shoes coming to ask you about flood woes…we wonder if he’ll wade through the waters or have his body guards jockey him…He needs some PR help, he has very sound individuals in his media unit, pay them extra or hire more people. Business 101, money talks, bullshit walks…

For a start The PNC/R, The AFC, Third Force and all the other small parties too numerous to mention, should take their queue from the PPP/C Government if they are going to contest the elections. Get good PR and get out of the cozy offices away from the coffee peculators and personal secretaries…

Blazing the Political Trail Pt. 1

If race voting was a myth, this article would worth nothing…

If the Guyana Elections Commission were to call elections now, the People’s Progressive Party would win hands down. Not because the Government policies have helped to bring its citizens out of a state of despondency but because of one man…President Bharrat Jagdeo. His style is rather unorthodox and rough but guess what, He is good with the masses…very good…The man is so smooth that he visits Belladrum, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice) which is a predominantly afro Guyanese community (that would make this community a PNC/R strong hold) where the people are vexed and angered by the floods and guess what happens…just look at these GINA photos below… We tagged along with the president but kept a low profile, we took no cameras but we managed to get some photos from GINA…

The PPP/C future in Government is riding on him and so far its smooth riding. We just wish that he had more seeds than balangae and get rid of the liabilities aboard his ship, we are referring to those corrupt Ministers and Government officials, no name calling, they’ll know themselves. We wish the President would get more action oriented by getting up one day and firing his entire cabinet…The PNC/R is correct in its thinking of pulling out of the elections but not for the reasons they have stated…its better to accept defeat early my friends…The PNC/R’s future is riding on Corbin, so far its been a slow ride, did he ever get going?...The PNC/R must be scared as hell to see the President at Belladrum…

Lovely Campaigning Photos

There is something about this particular pic that pricks the heart

Guyana 360: Photos of the President's visit to Belladrum courtesy of GINA which did a fantasic job with the President...Good work guys, keep it up...

Saturday, January 21, 2006


How much more evidence that the top brass at NCN are butchers…the folks at livinguyana have further exposed corrupt broadcasting practices at NCN, this time at NCN Linden…I wonder what will be their excuse this time…we at Guyana 360 came up with a simple explanation, maybe they pulled the show because of its explicit videos featured on the programme at a time when children may be watching…I hope that editor over at NCN can come up with a miraculous explanation (excuse)…anyway this is Guyana…anything is possible.

Just a thought, maybe someone can educate the uneducated as to why NCN is the only TV station that broadcasts in linden. (If this is not true let us know)

While the GPA Slumbers

Nothing is been said about NCN’s Alleged state censorship, by now the GPA should have issued a release or something…ohhhh what travesty…the evidence of state muzzling is now revealing its self right before the GPA eyes (on its mailing list). Reports are that there is an editor over at NCN trying desperately to defend his company’s image…good luck son.

Maybe the GPA as an organisation is being subjected to its own censorship too…what if the GPA comes down on NCN? Then the GPA will have to tackle all the other Media houses who are guilty of lop sided coverage of events…remember guys what’s good for the goose is good for the gander…we at Guyana 360 sense some form of conflict of interest here…

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The computer room...

This is a funny story emailed to us...

This was a story of a man who who was a computer whizz. He was accidentally locked in a computer room in 2001 just before a huge protest in a land where general elections had just concluded.

The man loved his little outing in the computer room, where he got his chance to display his computer expertise. He was eventually let out of the room and soon became a movie star, acting in movies such as, "The Santa Clause," and "Flooding Uncovered." He was also a popular guess on the Tony Viera show. His popularity pushed him to great heights and allowed him to feature in the popular "Then & Now" Tv commercial.

Now the computer whizz has been bored in his acting roles and wants to return to the profession that made him popular...Computer Technician...He has searched for 4 years for a similar job roaming around tv stations, banks and other businesses...if only he could find another computer room to lock himself in again...then one day while another country was preparing for general elections he started snooping around his old work site. They eventually took him in but in another department...he is seemingly happy and hopes to lock himself again in a computer room.

emailed from a fan

NCN Revealed

The State Owned Media…doing the Government’s bidding.

No excuses should be tendered for NCN Radio’s rude interruption of Yesterday’s BBC Caribbean Report at a point when Dennis Chabrol was reporting on the floods that have descended on Guyana. In fact Dennis should be complemented for his advance coverage by interviewing Rtd. Maj. Gen Joe Singh on the floods. NCN excuse so far is that some operator left the studios and that may have attributed to the stoppage …what a coincidence…only the section on the Guyana floods were affected. Mr. MBA what's happening over at NCN, the international community is listening.

Questions that beckon Answers:

1. Why has NCN acted so casual about the entire situation?
2. Why is there no public explanation from an Editor or the Editor –in - Chief himself? Where is Michael Gordon, the acting Editor-in-Chief, let him use his voice as he has done on so many occasions while at GINA?
3. What disciplinary actions are likely?
Was this state censorship?
4. The BBC should demand an apology
Why wasn’t the report censored before if it would have created some embarrassments for the Govt.


1. The GPA should get off its rear end and stage a public protest.
2. Media Houses should carry stories until drastic actions are taken.
3. The recently signed “Media Code of Conduct” should be thrown away or other wise be put to use by the people who can’t afford Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet tissue.
4. The Advisory Committee on Broadcasting (ACB) needs to wake up.


The only solution is to have the radio monoply broken. We have noticed how the Govt. moved swifly to break GT&T's monolpy on the telephone industry...yippy... good work then, many people were mad at GT&T's service...We at Guyana 360 know that many people are disgusted at the services offered by NCN Radio...When will the Govt. break the radio monoply.

NEWS FLASH…The BBC Caribbean Report is aired throughout the Caribbean, North America and England…Try telling all those operators to walk out the studio while Dennis’s report is being aired… What’s there to hide fellas…this is truly Guyana.

Guyana 360 will keep you posted…

Antagonising Guyana 360...

The Guyana Media Critic in is usual acclaimed critique style has taken us up on the launch of our blog. We are happy to enter the blogging arena and hope to coexsist in unity with other Blogs for a long, long time.

We at Guyana 360 will never dethrone Guyana Media Critic, rather we are answering a call for more Blogs in Guyana. Guyana Media Critic is the God Father of Blogger in Guyana…Hail to the Chief. Not to blow any horns here but we were encouraged by you.

We’ll love to share our rather novice knowledge about blog design…psst!!! We’ll email you some tips.

In Shakespearian terms…Country men lend me your ears…Guyana 360 encourages fellow country men to enter the Blogging arena ASAP.

For it is written

"For it is Written"

“For it is written,” is one of the more prominent biblical phrases. In This pic, The Prime Minister of Guyana is forced out of his cozy Kingston, Georgetown office, away from his secretary…He actually remembers how to write…Bravo…hope those “ahhhsss” that he frequently uses to break up his speeches are excluded.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Aerial photo of a flooded Mahaica (Courtesy ofGina)

Is Cox a Cunning Fox?

Frederick Cox...Accused...Says he is innocent?

Insider 411 V.S Federick Cox …

It was reported that the man of purpose who speaks firmly on family issues was sexually harassing his female staffers. The 411 programme even managed to get Cox responding to the allegations.

What a shame, the man is a Goodwill Peace Ambassador, Director for the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) and works along with the Ministry of Social Work as a member of the National Family Planning & Welfare Board…certainly a man of stature. Expect to see women protests the Ministry. Minister Bibi will lash out at Insider 411 instead of Cox…Insider 411 may be in sone hot water here...This is Guyana.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Looking bad

Scattered thunderstorms this evening followed by occasional showers overnight. Low 73F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

Guyana 360: Looking Bad

Rain Batters Guyana

Guyana's National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) reports flooding in Regions 2,3,4,5 and 6 as well as reports of high waters in some areas in Region Four.

Guyana 360: Don't you get it? Truly the land of many water...Oh my!!! wasn't this the situation last year?

US Invasion?

Guyana 360: This is an article published sometime ago..."Hello World, take note."

American Occupation

The Yanquis Are Coming to Put Down Progressive Movements in Latin America
por Wayne Madsen Thursday, Dec. 29, 2005 at 8:40 PM

Latin America preparing for the "Yanqui invasion." U.S. positions military forces in Latin America to confront the surge of popular socialism in the Western Hemisphere.
The Yanquis Are Coming to Put Down Progressive Movements in Latin America

Latin America preparing for the "Yanqui invasion." U.S. positions military forces in Latin America to confront the surge of popular socialism in the Western Hemisphere. The Bush administration and its Congressional allies, consisting of right-wing Cuban-Americans like Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Christian fundies who tout the imperialist line of televangelist Pat Robertson, are backing the Pentagon's plans to expand its military presence in Latin America. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has authorized the expansion of U.S. military bases -- called Cooperative Security Locations (CSLs) -- the Mariscal Estigarribia airbase in Paraguay near the Bolivian and Brazilian borders, Eloy Alfaro International Airport in Manta, Ecuador; Comalapa International Airport in El Salvador; the Soto Cano Air Base in Comayagua, Honduras, "Plan Colombia" military installations throughout Colombia, covert bases in Peru, Reina Beatrix International Airport in Aruba; and Hato International Airport in Curacao.
These bases, which are staffed with a relatively small U.S. military presence and a larger contractor element drawn from the ranks of ex-patriot American and other military veterans who have lived in Latin America since the Contra war days, have the capability to ramp up military operations at short notice.

The Bush administration is trying to cobble together a Latin American "coalition of the willing" to take on progressive governments in Latin America, including those of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Cuba whose ranks may swell in 2006 to include populist governments in Nicaragua, Peru, and Mexico. For that reason, the U.S. Southern Command is planning a saber-rattling military exercise in Paraguay in 2006 called "Fuerzas Comando 06." Although the Pentagon has invited some 20 Latin militaries to participate, Brazil's military chiefs see the United States as their primary security threat. The Brazilian military (as well as Venezuela's) is keeping a close eye on U.S. military activity in Guyana near the Brazilian border. Brazil's armed forces have also held a training exercise called Operation Jauru that was partly targeted against any future U.S. military incursions from Paraguay into Brazil, Bolivia, or Argentina. Brazil is coordinating with the militaries of its progressive neighbors to counter the U.S. military threat to Brazil and its neighbors.

Courtesy: milfuegos

Insider 411 is a weekly investigative news programme aired in Guyana...We @ Guyana 360 love their no nonsense style Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006

Will Elections = Peace?

A prayer for peace

Peace in Guyana, peace for the 2006 general elections and peace for the world at large were the calls of the Guyana Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) today as the organisation joined by civil society and the diplomatic community hosted a grand peace march in the City. Guyana for the past two elections has been plagued with post-elections violence spurred by political parties in many cases.
The march began at the Botanical Gardens and proceeded through Vlissengen Road, to North Road and ended in the vicinity of the St. George’s Cathedral.
Joining the march was Head of State President Bharrat Jagdeo.
“I think it is an excellent initiative. I think if more Guyanese were to come out and stand up and let their views be heard. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy; we are going to have peace not just this year, but forever in this country. I am happy with the initiative and I want to thank and commend all those who organised it,’ the President said in an invited comment.
Co-Chair of the IRO Bishop Juan Edghill described the exercise as a peaceful and prophetic march that was intended for World day of Religion, observed yesterday. The Bishop expressed gratitude to those who participated, including the Head of State and the Canadian and British High Commissioners and the American Ambassador.

Guyana V.S Bdoes

CGID criticizes deportation of Bajan from Guyana

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has expressed deep disappointment over the recent deportation of Barbadian Construction worker, Mr. Roger Braithwaite, from Guyana on his arrival at the Timehri International Airport. Upon cursory inquiry into this incident, the Institute’s preliminary conclusion is that Mr. Braithwaite’s deportation appears to be without legitimate cause and is perceived to be “retributive justice” for the deportation of a large number of Guyanese from Barbados in July 2005.

Like the Barbados deportations, the evidence in Mr. Braithwaite’s case suggests that he violated no law and did not threaten Guyana’s national security or public safety. Consequently, his expulsion seems to contravene CARICOM law.

The gratuitous deportation of CARICOM citizens by various CARICOM governments is a worrying trend that undermines the CSME and Caribbean unity. CGID again vigorously renews its call for CARICOM Heads of government to develop and implement a cohesive, obligatory protocol for admission of CARICOM citizens into CARICOM territories. They must also establish a mechanism to monitor its complete and proper implementation. Until this is accomplished, these transgressions will continue throughout the region. The Institute announced that it will make such representation to the CARICOM Secretary-General.

The Institute’s President, Mr. Rickford Burke, has written to Guyana’s President, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, urging a swift investigation into the Braithwaite matter. In his letter, Burke said “The government of Guyana must take immediate action to remedy this situation. I am seriously concerned that a course of retaliation and counter-retaliation by Immigration Officers may spiral out of control and further disrupt the vital relations between Guyana and Barbados.”

The Institute said it is irresponsible for governments to conveniently surrender immigration policy decision-making to immigration officers or to grant them carte blanche to nonchalantly make profound decisions on deportations. “Under the law such determinations are, and should be, properly vested in and executed by statutory and judicial authorities, CGID emphasized.

CGID said it also wished to place on public record that to date it has not been informed of the conclusions of an investigation, if indeed one was conducted, of the July 2005 deportation of Guyanese from Barbados. The Institute noted that both the governments of Guyana and Barbados seem to have dropped the ball on the deportations, thus kicking the issue further down the road. This is a failure that does not inspire confidence, the New York based group said.