Sunday, August 13, 2006

In this "Case" he is wrong

The man picked to lead the PNCR-1G (every election they form new alliances, but they never win) response to crime, Hamley Case, belives that the reform of the Guyana Police Force alluded to by the President is seven years late. That analysis does not drive home the human side of the coin.

Guyana360 belives that the reform is late by 100,000 gun-related robberies, 10,000 gun-related murders, which includes a sitting Minister of the Government, 5,000 police encounters with bandits who manage to escape, 10,000 cases where high profile drug pushers roam free, 20,000 casses where criminals and drug runners get less time than a man who is caught stealing magoes from his neighbour, 500,000 pettey robberies and 1,000, 0000 traumatised Guyanese.

The Degeneration of the Guyanese Society

Guyana 360: After reading this story out of the twin island respublic of T&T, is this a Guyana you want, where the gate keepers of truth carry guns in the execution of their duties. Reporters are liken unto pastors. Could you imagine a pastor preaching from the pulpit with a 9 mm in his waist? It is truly a sad state of affairs in Guyana.

TT Newsday writer COREY CONNELLY writes:

Guyana’s acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene is attempting to fast-track gun licences for reporters employed at Kaieteur News, the newspaper’s publisher Glen Lall says.

“I spoke to the acting commissioner and he’s trying to see what could happen. He is even talking to a government official to see how quick he could get it,” Lall said in a telephone interview, yesterday.

Lall had called for gun licences to be issued to journalists after Tuesday night’s incident in which gunmen stormed the Kaieteur News printing department and shot six employees, four of them fatally.

He said crime reporters were the fittest ones to receive guns since they often had to go to crime scenes during the early hours of the morning.

“They are able and competent and work 24 hours a day, unlike police,” Lall said.
The shooting, which has rattled Guyana, came amid sporadic gang-related violence in the run-up to the country’s general election.

The election is due to take place in two weeks.

Lall, who was robbed, tortured and beaten at his home in 1989, said he had subsequently been granted a licensed firearm for protection.

“That experience has built me into the type of man I am today. But, it still did not prepare me for what my staff is going through. They are really, really scared,” he said.

Lall said he was unsure about the criteria for acquiring a licenced firearm.

“When you look at some of the people that have firearms, it seems that once you have a friend you could get through,” he said.

“There are so many guns on the street and there are some business people who are being told that they are getting a hard time.”

Despite the tragedy, Lall vowed that the 12-year-old newspaper—Guyana’s leading daily—will survive.

“Life has to go on, whether Lall is there or not,” he said.

“We have changed the landscape where presenting the news is concerned and we will continue to practise aggressive journalism.”

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who is Kerick "Da Former NY Top Cop"

Who is he and why is he here...We'll keep you posted.

Former Commissioner of Police of New York, Bernard Kerik is seen here having a light chat with President Bharrat Jagdeo

Life in the Wild, Wild West

As if the Tuesday night killing were not enough...

About 11:15h. Friday August 11, 2006, a group of approximately fifteen (15) heavily armed men attacked and robbed the Republic Bank and the Demerara Bank at Rosehall, Corentyne, Berbice.

Investigations revealed that the men approached both Banks simultaneously, discharging shots indiscriminately as they did so. They entered the Banks, held the staff and customers at gunpoint and forced the two Managers to open the vaults, which were both emptied of their contents.

A customer at the Republic Bank, Surujdai Virasammi, 39 years, who had just withdrawn money from the Bank was robbed of $10,000.00 and shot in her back in the process. She was admitted a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

The armed men escaped in various directions using motor vehicles which they hijacked outside of the Banks, and taking away the CCTV recorder from the Republic Bank in the process. Two motor vehicles were later recovered in the Rosehall Backdam.

At the time of this release, members of the Joint Services were hotly pursuing a number of men from the armed gang in the Rosehall Backlands.

It is not yet known what losses the Banks suffered.

A number of 7.62 spent shells and two live rounds have been recovered from the scene by the police.

I. Whittaker
Assistant Commissioner
Public Relations & Press Officer

Monday, August 07, 2006

CIOG caught in two minds

Stabroek News Monday, August 7th 2006:

CIOG urges severing of ties with Israel

The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) has called again on the Guyana Government to sever diplomatic ties with Israel which it said has openly demonstrated a disregard for human life in its current bombardment of Lebanon.
The group commended Allah's blessings on those who voiced outrage at the atrocities committed daily in the region and on those who send assistance to the thousands displaced. The CIOG said it was praying for peace and justice in the Middle East, Guyana and the world over.

Guyana360: Where the hell was the CIOG when the Americans were attacking Iraq. We just get a fealing that because non of its members will be seeking a visa from Israel, they urge Guyana to sever ties with that country.
Why didn't they urge a severing of ties with the U.S that continues to potray open disregard for life in Iraq and around the world...Remember Roger Khan's movement to the U.S.

Linden on Fire

Since Kashief and Shanghai Football earlier this year and town day, Linden has been as dull as its economic progress.

But on Saturday sources said it was a big affair in the mining town as the PPP/C and the PNCR-1G moved in to hold rallies.

The Demerara River streamed between the two parties, keeping them apart.

According to sources, the boys and the girls, the old and the young sported their best dan-dans.

Who could not afford Sunday best outfits substituted for party T-shits similar to those that were worn in Berbice at the PPP/C rally by GINA staffers and yes, those that were worn again by GINA staffers at the Linden rally despite warnings from International Observers.

Speaking of which, we hope that the Observers will be equal to point out that other reporters were seen in PNCR-1G T-Shirts-those with the “YES” on them.
According to a source, they waited until they were far from town and far from reality (Natural Black say so) to wear their party garb.

But foolish they were as they walked around the rally with their media passes on.

Except from a bottle being hurled at an NCN Linden branch staff and Neaz Subban hitting-down a man and attempting to drive away, the entire night was incident free.

“Yes”, the PNCR-1G campaign theme was a good sell in Linden

But we will say “NO” to having Anthony Vieira speak at another rally. The man spoke worse than most grand fathers do normally.

He read one of his past commentaries at a rally…Yes he did, at a rally where one expects to hear from speakers with vigor and enthusiasm speak their mind.

The only thing missing for Vieira was a teleprompter which Roy Babel forgot to deliver to Linden but he should have borrowed one from LTV.

PPP Gimmickries

Riding on the high wave of political gimmick and mockery, the ruling PPP/C launched a vicious and hilarious attack on the new boys, Trotman and Khemraj.

According to information, Donald told supporters in Linden on Saturday that they must not worry with the AFC since its leaders have “cock-eye” and the party has numerous “cock-eye policies for the country.”

Donald de duck waded through the AFC, attacking the collapse of the party’s stage at its Campaign launch more than a week ago.

“It was one of their cock-eye engineers that set up the stage,” Donald de duck quacked.

(We believe that Khemraj does have a funny eye, just our opinion)

The President was equal in dishing out his bag of tricks…He told supporters that the AFC Leaders who profess to be new are not at all new. He said he has been President for six years and he is still younger than them…WOW!!! who cares?

The President and the PPP don’t even careless about a new political culture where campaigns will be focused on clean tactics and outlining policies.

The opposition parties have so far kept boring Speeches at the rallies and slow to find physical faults with Government officials.

Like Sheik Baksh and his scamp beard or Sam wanting to commit suicide after becoming fed up with Government policies he decides to drink Kerosene.
Or the married President who is almost never with Varshnie…

Shameless Human Service Minister

The front page of Stabroek News, Sunday August 6th Edition has raised a very important debate with its front page photo showing vagrants and the homeless sleeping on the pave.

Termed the anti-PPP news outfit by the President and others on his band wagon, the Stabroek News has once again showed that the simple things we fail to recognize as a people are sometimes the most important things.

While a large section of the opposition, including new kids on the block, the AFC shift their focus to the Government’s inability to arrest the drug barons, simple social ills like the increase in pavement dwellers are forgotten.

Any visiting Guyanese or guest could take a walk by the La Penitence Market square or by Bourda Market in the evening. There are hundreds of vagrants there, the majority of which are deportees.

There has been a significant increase in pavement dwellers along Regent Street as well.

World Cup Cricket is just months away and even with the Election season upon us, removing street dwellers seems impossible.

Too many officials in high office sit around all day on their hinnies, least interested in the development of Guyana, El Dorado.

Minister Bibi Saddick (Sad state of affairs to appoint her as Human Services Minister) is one of those inept officials.

Where does she stand on vagrants…She defends them
Where does she stand on sex offenders…She says, give them a chance
Where does she stand on sex abuse…She says, Leave them its consensual
Where does she stand on teen girls forced into pornography…She says, it does not look forced to me.
Where does she stand on Child Labour…Children need to earn

She is clueless and hopeless about human service…Such a position requires someone that is compassionate not one that resembles and acts like a “fish vendor” (not we say so, the Opposition described her like that)We just hope that the imminent cabinet shuffle after the Elections will realize her demise.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Political parties...where is the monitoring?

The folklore of Guyana politics

The Election race is off with six parties contesting enough seats regionally to lay claim to the Office of the President if they win the majority votes and the folklore continues.

It started on Nomination Day, a day that resembled the horizon of a changed political landscape just after midday when the Justice For All Party headed by CN Sharma swooped down on city hall to present his list of Candidates to GECOM.

That promising atmosphere soon tilted the hands of the clock backward to a time when politicians had no regard for each other.

Up to the arrival of the AFC, everything seemed promising. But when the PPP/C entered the fray and nearly dispersed the AFC supporters, it was evident; this new political culture had died a natural death.

Once inside the President tried to upstage the AFC by trying to bypass them in the queue to present his list.

He was prevented from doing so. He displayed total arrogance that day, but what’s new?

After the President and his bandwagon departed, several other smaller parties turned up, including the National Muslim Party with a leader that had no supporters and no signatories to support just him, much less those who he planned on placing on the list.

Late in the afternoon as the sun rested in the West, the PNCR looking like a band of vagabonds up eastern Regent Street started tramping their way to city hall, 15 minutes before GECOM closed its doors to political parties.

As they got closer it looked like a destructive mob of people. It was. They tore through the gate and up city hall stairs with thunderous shouts as Corbin secluded himself between the supporters.
At 5 minutes before GECOM closed its door the PNCR made it in…We are not surprised since it clearly shows how serious they take the polls and maybe an indication at the space they will end up at the close of polls on August 28.

Both the PPP/C and PNCR-1G (as they call themselves now) have not changed a bit…PPP is still bigoted and the PNCR is still well, well sorry hoi polloi…oops.