Sunday, August 13, 2006

In this "Case" he is wrong

The man picked to lead the PNCR-1G (every election they form new alliances, but they never win) response to crime, Hamley Case, belives that the reform of the Guyana Police Force alluded to by the President is seven years late. That analysis does not drive home the human side of the coin.

Guyana360 belives that the reform is late by 100,000 gun-related robberies, 10,000 gun-related murders, which includes a sitting Minister of the Government, 5,000 police encounters with bandits who manage to escape, 10,000 cases where high profile drug pushers roam free, 20,000 casses where criminals and drug runners get less time than a man who is caught stealing magoes from his neighbour, 500,000 pettey robberies and 1,000, 0000 traumatised Guyanese.