Monday, August 07, 2006

Linden on Fire

Since Kashief and Shanghai Football earlier this year and town day, Linden has been as dull as its economic progress.

But on Saturday sources said it was a big affair in the mining town as the PPP/C and the PNCR-1G moved in to hold rallies.

The Demerara River streamed between the two parties, keeping them apart.

According to sources, the boys and the girls, the old and the young sported their best dan-dans.

Who could not afford Sunday best outfits substituted for party T-shits similar to those that were worn in Berbice at the PPP/C rally by GINA staffers and yes, those that were worn again by GINA staffers at the Linden rally despite warnings from International Observers.

Speaking of which, we hope that the Observers will be equal to point out that other reporters were seen in PNCR-1G T-Shirts-those with the “YES” on them.
According to a source, they waited until they were far from town and far from reality (Natural Black say so) to wear their party garb.

But foolish they were as they walked around the rally with their media passes on.

Except from a bottle being hurled at an NCN Linden branch staff and Neaz Subban hitting-down a man and attempting to drive away, the entire night was incident free.

“Yes”, the PNCR-1G campaign theme was a good sell in Linden

But we will say “NO” to having Anthony Vieira speak at another rally. The man spoke worse than most grand fathers do normally.

He read one of his past commentaries at a rally…Yes he did, at a rally where one expects to hear from speakers with vigor and enthusiasm speak their mind.

The only thing missing for Vieira was a teleprompter which Roy Babel forgot to deliver to Linden but he should have borrowed one from LTV.