Monday, June 30, 2008

Shame on Gilhuys...

New York Institute calls for cop-shooting Guyanese Magistrate to be interdicted from duty
New York: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is calling for Guyanese Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys who shot, and seriously injured, Police Corporal Mark George, to immediately step down from the bench. George is said to be in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Hospital on a life support.

Guyana Police have alleged that on or about 11:15 last Friday night, a "Police mobile patrol unit observed a heavily tinted vehicle, PJJ 6832, parked on Woolford Avenue, Georgetown." The patrol reportedly stopped and ranks approached the vehicle to conduct checks.

As the officers directed the then unknown driver to turn on the lights and wind down his windows, a verbal exchange ensued. The Police claims that the driver subsequently discharged several rounds at the officers hitting Corporal George in his abdomen.

According to a police statement, the officers returned fire, striking the vehicle, but the driver escaped. The driver, who later showed at the main Brickdam Police station to report the incident, turned out to be Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys, a former high ranking Police officer.

Gilhuys, has alleged that the Police fired at him first forcing him to return fire. He reportedly refused to give a written statement and to hand over his firearm when instructed to do by a senior Police officer. The Police have also claimed that the Magistrate's firearm license had not been "renewed in 2006."

He has been released on station bail as the investigation continues. Hospital officials say that several of George's vital organs have been damaged and that he has undergone at least one surgery.

CGID Director of Communications, Jevon Suralie, chided the Guyana Police for releasing Gilhuys on station bail saying "The Magistrate should have been detained, charged and placed before the courts. This would have been the normal course for an ordinary citizen."

"It is unacceptable that the Guyana Police have released an admitted cop shooter on station bail. It seems that this was not a mistake. Mr. Gilhuys appeared to have calculatedly fired at Police officers in uniform, hitting and seriously wounding one rank. He knows that such conduct is criminal and unbecoming of a judicial official. He must therefore immediately step down from the bench so as to allow the criminal justice and judicial processes to take their natural course, Suralie observed."

He said that CGID accepts the Magistrate's presumption of innocence until proven otherwise as well as his right to due process under law, but stressed that it had made the determination to call for him to step down based on his alleged admission of shooting at the officers.

"This is unacceptable. Justice must appear to be done on both sides and the rule of law must be upheld, the CGID official observed. He also contended that the prima facie evidence which the Police have presented in the public domain is sufficient to warrant an indictment, and thus called on the Judicial service Commission to, in the public interest, interdict Gilhuys from duty.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From one hell to Guyana

Sadam Hussein, Robert Mugabe & LFS Burnham all died & went straight to hell. Sadam Hussein said "I miss Iraq; I want to call Iraq and see how everybody is doing there.

He called and talked for about 5 minutes, and then he asked "Well, devil how much I owe you????
The devil says "10 million dollars." He wrote him a cheque and went to sit back on> his chair.

Robert Mugabe was so jealous, he starts screaming, "My turn! I wanna call the Zimbabwe, I want to see how everybody is doing there too!" He called and talked for about 2 minutes, then he asked "Well, devil how much do I owe you????
The devil says "5 million dollars." With a smug look on his face, he made a cheque and went to sit back on his chair.

LFS Burnham was even more jealous & starts screaming, "I want to call to Guyana too, I want to see how everybody is doing there too. I wanna talk to Robert, Vincent, Debbie, Bharat, Hammy Freddie, Luncheon, Janet.. I wanna talk to everybody"..... He called Guyana and he talked for about twenty hours on Blah Blah,
He talked & talked & talked, and then he asked,"Well, devil how much I owe you????
The devil says "One dollar". LFS Burnham is stunned & says "One dollar???
Only one dollar! The devil says "Well if you make a call from one hell to another hell, you only pay local charges."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We have tapes of fineman gang in Buxton, says President Jagdeo

President Bharrat Jagdeo has uncorked information that the security forces are in possession of video tapes that conatin compelling evidence of the fineman gang operating in Buxton. The President during a media conference in New York, where he is attending a Caribbean Conference with other regional leader, said that he has seen the chilling videos that were gathered by security official during undercover operations.

He also told a gathering of Guyanese that Oliver Hinckson who is on remand on sedition charges and political figure, are also involved with the gang. The President also disclosed that the tapes point to men patrolling southern Buxton with high-powered guns and stall holders also helping to conseal weapons.

President Jagdeo said also that during a meeting with Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin at State House, he disclosed the information about the tapes to Corbin.

The President stopped short of saying that the tapes will be presented as evidence before a court, or if charges will be laid against Hinckson or the political leaders suspected of being involved with the gang.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Breaking news 5 p.m.: Protests in Linden

Information coming to hand at this time suggests that residents of Linden continue to block the McKenzie bridge as a form of protest against the cost of living, especially a government-backed proposal to increase electricity tariffs. The protest started early this morning, but police have exercised a gread deal of restraint as they continue to keep a close eye on the situation.

Several persons using expletives to express their anger and frustration, said that no politician will be listened to. They said they will not seek an audience with any government official, including president Bharrat Jagdeo, who is in New York attending the "Conference on the Caribbean".

The protestors have also vowed to reject opposition leader, Robert Corbin if he attempts to speak with them. The wrath of the several Lindeners did not spare the media, many of whom were threatened physically, among them Paul McAdam, the acting editor of the Evening News.

In 2003, Lindeners took a similiar action to block the Mckenzie bridge to register disgust over a lack of potable water and electricity and had actually encamped at both sides.

However, the protest comes at a time when Joint Services ranks are in hot pursuit of 'most wanted', Rondell 'Fineman' Rawlins and several members of his gang, who may have used Linden as a hideout following a murderous attack at Bartica.

We will keep you posted...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Breaking News: Sash cards found on gang members

The bodies of the two armed men who were shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire with the Joint Services at Goat Farm, Berbice River , yesterday were brought out to the city today.

Joint Services sources have said that the men are gang members known to them as “Chung Boy” and “Uncle Willie” or “Limpy”. The police are now awaiting confirmation of their identities.

Along with the two AK 47 Rifles, seven hundred and eighty one (781) 7.62 x 39 rounds, nine (9) AK 47 magazines, ten (10) 16 gauge cartridges and eight (8) 12 gauge cartridges were recovered by the Joint Services.

In addition a quantity of foodstuff, a variety of clothing, cellular phones, documents, basic medical supplies and other articles were found in their possession. These include:

One Republic Bank Visa Card in the name of Satyadeo Sawh
One Canadian Bank Gold Card in the name of Satyadeo Sawh
One Bwee Miles Card in the name of Satyadeo Sawh
One kerosene stove and cooking utensils
Eleven GT&T cell phone chips
Three Digicel cell phone chips
Three cellular phones
Two torchlights
One pocket radio
One Koran
One New Testament
One Bible

The Joint Services will continue operations in the area aimed at interdicting the other wanted men who managed to elude the security forces at Christmas Falls , Berbice River .

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just for laughs

A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on Camp Street. Nutting ent movin. Dedriver wonderin what happenin.Nex ting you know, a man knocks on the window.

De driver roll down he windowand ask, 'Wha goin on?''Boy...terrorists kidnap Bharrat Jagdeo and askin for a $100 million ransom.

If dey don't get de money, dey say dey gon light he tail pon fire. So wegoin from car to car to take up a collection.'The driver asks, 'How much people givin on average?'

'About a gallon.'


Most of you would have had an experience of having to take a mint or a chewing gum or a sweet in lieu of a $5 or a $10 “change”.

I have had that experience numerous times. Often, if the sum is small, say $5, the cashier would ask me whether I would take a mint in place of the cash.I never refuse because there are times when you have to pay for something and you are short of a $5 or $10 and the person receiving the payment would waive the amount.

I do not mind taking a tamarind ball or a mint or a sweet in lieu of “change”.However, I was quite taken off guard yesterday when my newspaper vendor offered me a Guyana Times in lieu of the “change” he did not have.

I asked him why it was he was being so generous and he said, “The new paper nah selling. So I might as well give it away.”I was about to tell him not to bother but then I changed my mind. I decided that perhaps I should take a look at this new daily that has hit our streets with such soft feet. The vendor seemed relieved to get rid of it.I took it home and after reading the other dailies, decided that as I had it that I should really have a look at it.

The first thing that struck me about this new newspaper was its name: Guyana Times.
The paper in fact is very true to its name. This is truly a national newspaper. Times in Guyana are hard at the moment and the newspaper seems to embody those hard times.

It seems destined itself, given the way it has started, to struggle to survive just as how Guyanese are struggling to make ends meet.The next thing that caught my eye was the masthead of the newspaper. The letter “i” in the word TIMES is denoted by a symbol of the LIGHTHOUSE, no doubt to highlight the logo of the newspaper: THE BEACON OF TRUTH. Again, I have to wonder about the choice of this symbol.

The Georgetown Lighthouse is of course a national landmark. It is used as a navigational tool for guiding boats into the City harbour.There are however concerns as to its future as a beacon for ships. You see, a massive hotel is soon to be constructed not far from where the Lighthouse is located. This hotel is expected to be a very tall building.

It is expected to be taller than the Lighthouse and people are asking whether this massive structure will totally obscure the Lighthouse which will thus not be visible to incoming vessels.

Only time will tell.Similarly only time will tell whether the Lighthouse newspaper will indeed become a beacon of truth, or whether it will turn out to be another Guyana Chronicle or Mirror which are also beacons…of the government.

The next thing had me laughing so much I almost burst my seams. Below the masthead to the left of the logo, the newspaper had these words, “Nationwide coverage from the best news team in Guyana.”I know that as a newcomer to the media, the newspaper is expected to hype itself. But it is a bit ambitious having started just under a week now for the Lighthouse newspaper to be boasting about having the best news team in the country.

Best news team in Guyana and the paper hardly selling!I am glad, though, that I was able to secure a copy of the Guyana Times, even if it was because of the fact that my vendor did not have change and seemed glad to let go of what he titled the “give-away” newspaper.

I have to see him tomorrow for two reasons. The first is to thank him for allowing me to at least appreciate that I am not missing anything by not subscribing to this new newspaper.Then, I have to ensure that he goes around to the Bank of Guyana and “change” some of his hundred-dollar bills into twenties and coins.

The next time he owes me I want him to pay up because there is no way that the Peeper is going to forego any more change for a copy of the Lighthouse newspaper.

Sorry, Mr. Vendor, I am a charitable man and I give away a lot of money but I would rather let you have whatever you owe me rather than have the Guyana Times in exchange. Better yet, I would take a mint instead!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When Poverty and Illiteracy collide

All speculations have been put to rest, as relatives of the man who was killed at Christmas Falls on Friday last positively identified him as 21-year-old Otis Fiffee of Buxton, East Coast Demerara.

The positive identification was made at around noon yesterday by an aunt of the dead man, Jennifer Roberts, since Fiffee’s mother, Wendy Fiffee, was too distraught to do so herself.
This was after other relatives failed to confirm the identity of the dead man on Sunday when they visited the Georgetown Hospital mortuary. They had travelled to the city on Saturday after they had received a telephone call to check with the mortuary of the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Family members confirmed that they were able to ascertain that the dead man was indeed Otis Fifee from the publication of his photograph in the Kaieteur News.

“When I see he picture in the papers, I done know is he,” Roberts said.

Wendy Fiffee told this newspaper that she received a telephone call on Saturday informing her that her son might have been the man killed by Joint Services personnel during a confrontation some 90 miles from Kwakwani on Friday.

She was told to go to the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary, where she would be able to identify him.However, the woman said, up to Sunday, while she was still hoping the dead man was not her son, she visited the hospital’s mortuary but could not bear going into the mortuary to identify the man. As such, the woman said, a Police rank showed her a photograph of the dead man, but she was not able to confirm the identity because of the quality of the photo.

“I just ain’t want go in deh (mortuary) and see me son lying down dead, so I ask me sister fuh go; but when we see the photo, everybody keep telling me is meh son,” the woman said.
She added that her worst fears were confirmed early in the morning after a relative brought her attention to the photograph on the front page of yesterday’s edition of the Kaieteur News.

Relatives say that the dead man’s body bore a gunshot wound to his right side jaw, to the chest, and to the right shoulder.

“As soon as ah see de picture in de papers, right away ah know is me son! Nobody can’t tell me now that he is nah me son, but he ain’t deserve that,” the grieving mother added.
The woman said she last saw her son, the second of four children, two years ago.
“Dis boy was a quiet boy, but after Police keep harassing he and dem other boys in the village, he run away from home and I never use to hear from he.”

His aunt, Wendy Roberts, said that she saw Otis Fiffee last November.

Fighting to hold back tears, the woman added that her son was a mere couple of months old when his father left the home, and she was forced to raise him on her own.

“He father left and ah do all kinda things fuh mind he and me other children; I try me best with he!”

The woman said that now that her son is dead and his name is calling in a series of killings, there is nothing she could say, since she was not aware of his activities over the past two years.

However, in a subsequent interview, she said that she was aware that he was following bad company and had spoken to him to change.

“I talk to he over and over! He get licks all. He used to say, ‘nah mind he business, people ah cochore and dem gun dead’ and all dem things,” the dead man’s mother told this newspaper.
“You feel bad about it, yeah, but wha you ghun do? You can’t do nothing; it done happen dat way already,” she added.

She could not say for sure what led her son into a life of crime, but suggested that it might have been the constant harassment of young villagers by the security forces.

“Everybody scared of the Police! The young men, when they see Police, they run fuh dey life. They ain’t gat fuh do nothing,” she pointed out.

She added that because of such incidents, no one feels safe in the community anymore; and as such, some have chosen to flee the community because of the constant harassment.

“I remember another lady son de run way because Police always picking he up; and de next time she see he back, he was dead! And the thing is when dem run away, you don’t hear from them until Police kill dem, and then you hear that dem responsible for a set ah killings,” one resident said.

Kaieteur News understands that one of Fiffee’s cousins was among three men slain by Police in a house at Non Pareil last year, during a botched robbery.

Within recent times, Buxton has been in a state of unrest after the law enforcement agencies declared the village a haven for criminal elements and have been trying to rid the community of the criminals.

Following both the Lusignan and Bartica killings, the Guyana Police Force issued wanted bulletins and photographs for six men, including the now dead Otis Fiffee, called ‘Mud Up’.

In a release issued by the Force, the men’s photographs were taken during a clandestine operation in Buxton.The names of five of the men were listed: Cecil Simeon, called Limpy; “Pan Head”; “Mud Up”; “Magic,” and “Chung Boy,” while the sixth person’s name was listed as unknown.

Last Friday, ranks from the Joint Services swooped down on the gang at their hideout some 300 miles up the Berbice River.

During the confrontation, Fiffee was killed while the ranks believe that they wounded others. One of the fleeing men was identified as wanted man Rondell Rawlins, called ‘Fine Man’.
Police say they saw blood along the trail the gunmen used.

Police stated that those who escaped with Rawlins included Richard Ramcharran, called ‘Uncle Willie,’ ‘Magic,’ and ‘Chung Boy’.

The ranks recovered three FN rifles, four shotguns, and a .32 revolver; two AK-47 magazines, seven FN rifle magazines, and several rounds of ammunition from the gunmen’s well-stocked hideout.

According to a statement, the three FN rifles were stolen from the Bartica Police Station during the armed attack on that community on February 17, 2008.

The .32 revolver and two of the shotguns were stolen from the home of Bartica miner Chunilall Babulall.The Joint Services ranks were said to have also found a diary which provided “incontrovertible evidence” of Rawlins’s planning and execution of the killings at Lusignan and Bartica.

The Police say that the wanted man also planned to take vengeance for the death of his sister, Marcyn King, who was shot dead as she was returning home from her place of employment, on March 10 last.

According to the statement, the diary also contained several telephone numbers.
Residents of Kwakwani, which is some 90 miles from the gunmen’s hideout, told Kaieteur News that a large Joint Services contingent was still present in the community.

The Skyvan aircraft and a helicopter could also be seen flying regularly, they said.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Fineman prepared for GPL black out, goes "Green"

The gang members were housed in a location with four buildings in a desolate area in the jungle and had foodstuff to last several weeks in a large kitchen which also had a gas stove, generator and solar energy.

Website improvements

Kudos! Finally the waterfall paper boss get vex and decide to step up he game with a new-look website that is on par with Stabroek News'.

Of course we all know that the waterfall paper boss must have felt threatened by the new daily, Guyana Times. There is no way the established dailies can compete with the print quality of the new publication, but there is a thirst for regular internet updates and the race to get their first has started due mainly to competition.

Kaieteur News and Stabroek News have taken the first step to quench a population that thrives on news - a Guyanese population that spreads beyond the open borders.

The waterfall paper website has undergone about three facelifts in the past few months after Stabroek News re-launched it's site, but this current waterfall product is acceptable. That's just our thoughts, tell us what you thing.

A trigger-happy weekend

While the police were chasing after "Fineman" and his band of merry men, in other parts of the country, all hell broke loose as citizens took matters in their own hands....Makes one wonder if "Fineman" gang had split up and had launched petty robberies.

...About 2100h. last night Saturday June 07, 2008, two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, attempted to rob a businessman on the Corentyne, Berbice, during which the intended victim managed to take away the firearm from the bandit.

The businessman was about to enter his yard after transacting business when he was confronted by the two bandits who held him at gunpoint and demanded cash. However, the businessman snatched the firearm away and the two men ran away.

The .32 Taurus Revolver and ammunition were handed over to the police who are conducting investigations.

...The police are investigating an armed robbery that was committed on Ganesh Premchand, his wife Omawattie, and relative Paul Budhoo about 0045h. today at their home at Adelphi, Canje, Berbice.

Investigations revealed that the victims were closing up their home after a get-together when they were confronted by three men all armed with firearms. The men held them at gunpoint and took away a total of $800.00 US, $40,000.00 GC, and a quantity of jewellery and escaped, discharging rounds as they did so.

During the incident Paul Budhoo was lashed about his body with a cutlass. The police recovered two warheads and several pellets at the scene.

...The police in Berbice are investigating an attempted robbery under arms that occurred about 2100h. last night Friday June 06, 2008, at Chapel Street , New Amsterdam .

Investigations revealed that David Nazir was walking along Chapel Street when two men on bicycles, one of whom was armed with a firearm, rode up and held him at gunpoint. They demanded cash but Nazir put up a struggle during which he was struck about the body with the firearm. However residents in the neighbourhood were alerted by the commotion which caused the bandits to abandon the robbery and escape on their bicycles.

The police responded quickly and based on description given arrested a man on a bicycle at Main Street , New Amsterdam , who has been identified as one of the suspects. He is in police custody assisting with the investigations.

...The police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred about 2345h. last night at No. 78 Village, Corentyne, during which Roy Julian of No. 78 Village was shot in his left shoulder by a licensed firearm holder.

He has been admitted a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital .

...The police in Essequibo are investigating a fatal accident that occurred about 1615h. today on the Hampton Court Public Road, Essequibo Coast, which resulted in the death of Aroon Persaud, 22 years, and Narine Persaud, 44 years, both of Sparta, Essequibo Coast.

Investigations revealed that the victims were on a motor cycle driven by Aroon Persaud when it is alleged that the driver of motor jeep PJJ 5407 which was proceeding in the opposite direction swerved into the path of the motor cycle and struck down the victims. Both vehicles ended up in a trench as a result of the collision.

Aroon Persaud died on the spot while Narine Persaud died while receiving medical attention.

The driver of the motor jeep is in police custody assisting with the investigations.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who called Corbin to issue the threats?

Only Guyana360 has the dragline bearings to write about the person who was implicated in the police investigations into the death threats to Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin. The truth of the matter remains that the underworld is raging over the continued link made by the PNCR between Khan and other local businesses. And it would appear that one of those businessmen decided to take matters in his own hand. We refer here to the Iguana man. Yes, that little club in Albertown.

The owner of the club was arrested, questioned and then released. According to police sources, the Blue Iguana owner said while the number of his phone showed up as the caller, he was not the person making the phone. He related that someone may have used his phone to issue the threat. So far, no charges have been laid and the investigation continues.


At its last Press Conference the PNCR contended that the Jagdeo regime must have been aware of the existence and the activities of Roger Khan, because he himself admitted that he worked with elements of the police force and was able to purchase a computer which could only be bought by governments.

The Party wishes to take this matter further, especially in view of the revelations, emerging from the United States Government, that Khan headed a gang that might have been responsible for the deaths of over two hundred (200) Guyanese.

It would be appropriate to recall that, the America International Control Strategy Report, in 2005, labeled Roger Khan “a known drug trafficker”. This may or may not have provided the green light for the Disciplined Forces to go after him, primarily in search of the thirty (30) AK 47 rifles which had gone missing from the GDF compound.

The following business, which according to the Guyana Review, of July 2006, owned by Roger Khan, were searched:

*A private villa in the exclusive D’Aguiar’s Park;
*Dreamworks Housing Development in Garnett Street , Kitty;
*Avalanche Night Club, Sherriff Street , Campbellville;
*Blue Iguana Night Club, Light Street , Alberttown;
*La Familia Country Club, High Palm Road , Ruimveldt;
*Reef Night Club, Station Street , Kitty;
*Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaners, Second Street , Bel Air; and
*Kaow Island in the Essequibo River .

The raids on Khan’s businesses were clearly frowned on by the Jagdeo regime and, when he struck back by taping the then Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix, the Jagdeo regime took the opportunity to force Felix out.

The PNCR also believes that it is good to recall that when Khan fled to Suriname and was arrested, the Minister of Justice of the Government of Suriname said that Khan had been under surveillance by the Surinamese authorities for more that two (2) years and this served as the basis for the decision to arrest him for trafficking in narcotics.

The Party is convinced that such information must have been shared with other CARICOM states and the Guyanese government. It is also appropriate to note that when Khan was apprehended, the then Minister of Home Affairs, Gail Teixeira, said that the government had no interest in seeking Khan’s extradition to Guyana .

To all these developments, the PNCR can add the rather interesting situation after the Lusignan massacres when several placards demanding the return of Roger Khan greeted Bharrat Jagdeo when he visited that village. His response, which was widely reported, was that one man could not solve the crime situation, a very revealing remark.

All things considered, the PNCR believes, beyond a shadow of a doubt that for the President of Guyana to ask the United States for information about the activities of Roger Khan, when there is a mountain of evidence to suggest that the President and his cohorts knew of his existence and his activities is mere hypocrisy.

Confirmation: Corbin did get death threats

Opposition Leader Robert Corbin yesterday confirmed that he has received death threats and reports have been made to the highest level of the Guyana Police Force.

Reports had circulated of the threats at the weekend but when contacted on Monday, Corbin told Stabroek News that he had no comment. However, when faced with the question again yesterday following a brief rally at the John Ford car park, East Street, after the PNCR’s ‘cost of living’ march, Corbin said he received the death threat via a telephone call on Thursday. He said he had made a report to the police and he was giving them time to investigate.

Asked about the details of the threat, Corbin said the male caller said, “If you don’t stop talking about Roger Khan, we gon kill you.”

He said too the number from which the call was made was visible and he had since given it to the police. The day before he received the call, Corbin said he hosted the “Nation Watch” television programme where the topics of the death squad and the possible involvement of US drug-accused Roger Khan were discussed. He said he also talked about the need for proper inquests to be conducted; clearing the air on many issues.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that the police had made an arrest based on initial investigations and that a suspect had been questioned and released on station bail. As regard the arrest, Corbin said he had learnt that a suspect had been held but had no further comment on the matter. However, he also said threats had been made during his rally and that he would not be silenced on the issue since there are many unanswered questions.

Corbin and the PNCR have, over the last few weeks, been very vocal following revelations in US courts where Khan is facing charges such as conspiracy to import cocaine into that country. The defence has come up with information linking Khan to a gang which allegedly was responsible for committing a number of murders after the 2001 jail break. Since then the PNCR has been calling on government to ‘come clean’ about its knowledge of Khan and his activities.

The party contends that government “could not have been unaware of his extensive narco-related activities.”

At a press conference last week, party executive Lance Carberry noted that it had been said that “the organization headed by Roger Khan had not only exported cocaine to that country but was responsible for the deaths of over 200 individuals.”

It said it was as a result of these findings that Corbin reiterated a call for an independent inquiry into “the death squads in Guyana.” Carberry said the PPP’s response has been to deny all knowledge of Khan and his activities. The party’s statement also said that when Khan was arrested in Suriname in 2006, that country’s Minister of Justice and Police Chandrika Persad Santokhi had disclosed that the Surinamese government had exchanged information with the Guyana government about Khan.

Carberry also quoted Khan’s statement prior to his arrest and detention by the US government that he had worked closely with police and provided them with assistance at his own expense during the crime spree in 2002. Carberry then said that any person would query how it was possible for an individual to carry out major activities with a country’s police force without the knowledge of the government. He recalled that when Khan was arrested at Good Hope in 2002, one of the men arrested with him was a serving policeman and the computer in Khan’s possession at the time was one which could only be purchased by a government.

“The evidence is clear that, not only did the Jagdeo administration know of Roger Khan but also aided and abetted his nefarious activities,” the statement said.

Other members of the parliamentary opposition have since joined the call for government to explain any involvement with Khan.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Corbin gets death threats

More on this later...

Guyana 360 backs Obama

Contributors to Guyana360 have agreed to back Senator Barack Obama - the Democratic Party nominee for the 2008 White House Race.
Some of our readers might ask why are we meddling in the domestic politics of the United States? The answer is pretty simple. Guyana like most countries around the world, is tied economically to the United States and hence it makes sense for us to be cognizant of who will be leading the country for the next five years, despite not having the power to decide.
A good friend once uttered these words, “Once America sneezes, Guyana catches a cold.” Certainly true stataement when one examines the economic pressures locally, which has been blamed on the sliding US dollar.

Let, not stray from the intentions of this post.
It’s not a subject likely to go away anytime soon. The US Presidential race is bringing out the worst in the profession of American journalism. It has become a situation where the leading candidate, Senator Barack Obama, the first African-American to have made it so far into a race for the White House, not only has to watch every word that comes out of his mouth, but also every word that comes out of the mouths of every snorty-nosed reporter trying to advance his or her career.

When Obama won the first primary in Iowa earlier this election season, beating former first lady, Senator Hillary Clinton, it was a surprise to a lot of people. Iowa is a predominately white state, and the foregone conclusion was that white people wasn’t going to vote for a black man. But whether it’s Obama’s ancestry (having a white mother), his personal style, his message or a combination of all the above, plus his credentials, background, etc., his appeal to white folks as well as to Hispanic-, Asian- and African-Americans, and to young people, and people not traditionally party supporters, is unprecedented.

So what’s the problem? We’ve all heard of the unscrupulousness of the American media, purveying its corruptive influences on the minds of the susceptible, but such criticisms aren’t usually directed at the news reporting machinery. However, this campaign season seems to be highlighting the viciousness of the major news networks’ brand of journalism. It appears that freedom of speech is no longer a treasured feature of the American Dream when a candidate such as Barack Obama is running for president.

One can argue that facing an interrogation squad that calls itself a news reporting team of political analysts helps to prepare a candidate for the tough job of running a nation such as the US, which is fast tumbling from its pedestal of power and glory.
Who ever inherits the task of getting American back on track has the job cut out for them. In my opinion, based on real problems in that nation; social infrastructural decline (bridges collapsing, failing schools, inadequate medical services for the poor, rising cost of living, joblessness and homelessness, among other things), America is rapidly joining the ranks of the Third World, even if no one has the gall to admit it. Just recently I heard one TV show host say something similar to that effect. Imagine financing a war with money borrowed from the Chinese? And being three trillion dollars in debt?

And one man stood up and said it is time for “change we can believe in”. Change the conduct of business at the White House; level the playing field between the haves and the have nots; share the pie so that everyone gets a piece, not some having their bellies full to bursting and others empty, “bitter and frustrated”.
But it seems that some people wouldn’t have it any other way, and any talk of change is a great threat to their establishment. And the weapons of mass destruction to any idea of change are the journalists and the media networks that uphold such establishment.

Time for SN soul searching

Dear Editor,

I cannot help feeling that your further editorial note to Mr. Burke contained a statement to the effect that I had sent you an "empty" email, was intended to convey the idea of some sort of incompetence on my part with regards to my usage of the electronic mail system. Nothing can be further than the truth. I consider myself to be quite adept at this form of communication, but you would not know that for obvious reasons.

I would not go so far as to claim that your information to the public on that score was an outright "lie", but I did sent the very same communication to another person on the same heading as you for verification, so I know that you had received a proper communication from me. I know that because the other person had resend the correspondence easily and had reacted to it. I also sent the same communication to some of my other friends who read the contents easily.

What is telling is that you referred to my signature line which is "Cannot keep a good man down'... How significant. Many have tried, I will say nothing further.
For the record, Do NOT ever refer to me as the "Former" Chief Magistrate again, on threat of a lawsuit. Your wish has not yet been granted, not in this state.

My Letter which was sent you on Saturday 24th May, 2008 which you had never published is now attached.

Letter to the Editor,
Stabroek News

Dear Sir,
I note with some concern your editorial comment to the letter written by Mr. Rickford Burke, on today's date. I hope that you will publish my comment.
Your editorial note in reference to me stated "although she had nothing new to say, we nevertheless carried her comment". How condescending.

I know for a fact that the Stabroek News had steadfastly refused to publish any letter that I had submitted to that newspaper in relation to my case, over the past few years. Kaieteur News has done so but not the Stabroek News. Now I know the reason why.

I sometimes make calls to some members of the Kaieteur News on issues and publications that affect me, but somehow I never felt confident that I can do the same with the Stabroek news. The reason is simple enough; I had had far too many false allegations made against me. I just did not feel comfortable enough to contact anyone to clear up anything. I would simply rely on my right to bring lawsuits if things go wrong.

I therefore find it strange for your editorial to contain the statement that everything that I had said at the Press conference had been said before since it was the first time that I was "breaking my silence" so to speak to speak about certain issues. So what in heaven's name was your editorial note talking about Mr. Editor? I am at a loss.
So far as I am concerned I have to say that technically, your newspapers never "heard" anything from me. And in so far as my case had concerned issues of natural justice, those issues are timeless and can never be discussed publicly enough. If persons do not want to air or debate natural justice issues then the converse is oppression.

Take care Mr. Editor. May Almighty God continue to watch over you.

Yours faithfully,
Juliet holder-Allen(LL.B) (UWI)
Chief Magistrate of Guyana.