Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Breaking News: Sash cards found on gang members

The bodies of the two armed men who were shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire with the Joint Services at Goat Farm, Berbice River , yesterday were brought out to the city today.

Joint Services sources have said that the men are gang members known to them as “Chung Boy” and “Uncle Willie” or “Limpy”. The police are now awaiting confirmation of their identities.

Along with the two AK 47 Rifles, seven hundred and eighty one (781) 7.62 x 39 rounds, nine (9) AK 47 magazines, ten (10) 16 gauge cartridges and eight (8) 12 gauge cartridges were recovered by the Joint Services.

In addition a quantity of foodstuff, a variety of clothing, cellular phones, documents, basic medical supplies and other articles were found in their possession. These include:

One Republic Bank Visa Card in the name of Satyadeo Sawh
One Canadian Bank Gold Card in the name of Satyadeo Sawh
One Bwee Miles Card in the name of Satyadeo Sawh
One kerosene stove and cooking utensils
Eleven GT&T cell phone chips
Three Digicel cell phone chips
Three cellular phones
Two torchlights
One pocket radio
One Koran
One New Testament
One Bible

The Joint Services will continue operations in the area aimed at interdicting the other wanted men who managed to elude the security forces at Christmas Falls , Berbice River .

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