Saturday, June 21, 2008

We have tapes of fineman gang in Buxton, says President Jagdeo

President Bharrat Jagdeo has uncorked information that the security forces are in possession of video tapes that conatin compelling evidence of the fineman gang operating in Buxton. The President during a media conference in New York, where he is attending a Caribbean Conference with other regional leader, said that he has seen the chilling videos that were gathered by security official during undercover operations.

He also told a gathering of Guyanese that Oliver Hinckson who is on remand on sedition charges and political figure, are also involved with the gang. The President also disclosed that the tapes point to men patrolling southern Buxton with high-powered guns and stall holders also helping to conseal weapons.

President Jagdeo said also that during a meeting with Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin at State House, he disclosed the information about the tapes to Corbin.

The President stopped short of saying that the tapes will be presented as evidence before a court, or if charges will be laid against Hinckson or the political leaders suspected of being involved with the gang.

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