Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time for SN soul searching

Dear Editor,

I cannot help feeling that your further editorial note to Mr. Burke contained a statement to the effect that I had sent you an "empty" email, was intended to convey the idea of some sort of incompetence on my part with regards to my usage of the electronic mail system. Nothing can be further than the truth. I consider myself to be quite adept at this form of communication, but you would not know that for obvious reasons.

I would not go so far as to claim that your information to the public on that score was an outright "lie", but I did sent the very same communication to another person on the same heading as you for verification, so I know that you had received a proper communication from me. I know that because the other person had resend the correspondence easily and had reacted to it. I also sent the same communication to some of my other friends who read the contents easily.

What is telling is that you referred to my signature line which is "Cannot keep a good man down'... How significant. Many have tried, I will say nothing further.
For the record, Do NOT ever refer to me as the "Former" Chief Magistrate again, on threat of a lawsuit. Your wish has not yet been granted, not in this state.

My Letter which was sent you on Saturday 24th May, 2008 which you had never published is now attached.

Letter to the Editor,
Stabroek News

Dear Sir,
I note with some concern your editorial comment to the letter written by Mr. Rickford Burke, on today's date. I hope that you will publish my comment.
Your editorial note in reference to me stated "although she had nothing new to say, we nevertheless carried her comment". How condescending.

I know for a fact that the Stabroek News had steadfastly refused to publish any letter that I had submitted to that newspaper in relation to my case, over the past few years. Kaieteur News has done so but not the Stabroek News. Now I know the reason why.

I sometimes make calls to some members of the Kaieteur News on issues and publications that affect me, but somehow I never felt confident that I can do the same with the Stabroek news. The reason is simple enough; I had had far too many false allegations made against me. I just did not feel comfortable enough to contact anyone to clear up anything. I would simply rely on my right to bring lawsuits if things go wrong.

I therefore find it strange for your editorial to contain the statement that everything that I had said at the Press conference had been said before since it was the first time that I was "breaking my silence" so to speak to speak about certain issues. So what in heaven's name was your editorial note talking about Mr. Editor? I am at a loss.
So far as I am concerned I have to say that technically, your newspapers never "heard" anything from me. And in so far as my case had concerned issues of natural justice, those issues are timeless and can never be discussed publicly enough. If persons do not want to air or debate natural justice issues then the converse is oppression.

Take care Mr. Editor. May Almighty God continue to watch over you.

Yours faithfully,
Juliet holder-Allen(LL.B) (UWI)
Chief Magistrate of Guyana.

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