Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stinging criticism of Stabroek News

Dear Editor:

There is a prevailing consensus among certain Guyanese that the Editor-in-Chief of the Stabroek newspaper, Guyana's independent daily, has sold his soul to the devil to regain PPP government advertising in his newspaper. The behavior of the Stabroek News ever since the Government of Guyana restored government ads to it is disgracefully anti-black and patently pretentious. The government had ceased doing business with the paper for alleged biased reporting two years ago but restored ads last month. Now there seems to have been a nefarious deal, as the paper has emerged as a rancid sourpuss against black interests, and marching to the tune to the Guyanese etchnocracy.

During the period of the suspension of the ads, its owner, Mr. David DeCaires, a Portuguese-Guyanese, led an international campaign claiming that press freedom was under siege in Guyana, which was selfish, haughty and grossly insular at best. He disregarded attacks on African-Guyanese members of the journalistic fraternity, the many attacks on the Guyana Press Association, the murder of journalist Ronald Waddell who once worked for him but whose sin is being black, and the criminal arrest and imprisonment of journalist Mark Benschop. Not once did he mention these other journalistic interests in his egocentric endeavors. How stink?

Now that he is back in bed with the racist PPP etchnocracy, he promotes their interest and ignores the oppression of the Afro-Guyanese population. There is no question in my mind that the Stabroek news pursues an anti-black agenda. It refused to cover the remarks of the Chief Magistrate of Guyana, Ms. Juliet Holder-Allen, when she held a press conference last week to highlight the government's discriminatory actions against her. It subsequently downplayed this rather important development by reporting it days later.

It also refused to cover the very large opposition demonstration last week and then editorialized against it - an epistle reminiscent of how Jim Crow "red-necks" of the segregation era in America, attempted to lecture African-Americans on what their rights were. The Stabroek news also diluted the significance of President Bharrat Jagdeo's suspension of the license of Sharma TV Channel 6, because the station champions the interests of blacks, the working class and the poor in Guyana. Its mission is not in keeping with the agenda of the elitists at Stabroek News.

In the ideal world we should not divide ourselves by ethnicity, as we strive for a truly harmonious, multicultural society. However, the PPP etchnocracy, the Stabroek news and others, enforce these ethnic divisions daily in Guyana.

Hence, as the grandson of another Portuguese-Guyanese, I feel constrained to say that it's time that we get real with these self-appointed elitists and narcissistic charlatans. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, pontificates like a duck and behaves like a duck, then it is what it is - a duck! Many racist agendas are being played out in Guyana today and we must reject them.

My advice to Mr. DeCaires is to putdown his bag of "gulf clubs" and blinders, and pick up equality, fairness and journalistic professionalism and integrity.


  1. Who is the author?

  2. how're we suppose to know who wrote this letter
    y'all gettin sloppy bad ova hey

  3. I saw this letter in my mail and I belived it came from a pncr group in New York run by Burke