Thursday, May 22, 2008

Double standards on CET waiver

Speaking briefly on the Common External Tariff (CET), the Minister said that this is also a means through which competitive industries can be developed in ensuring regional food security.He stressed that that there is need to guard against reducing tariffs to the point where its effectiveness may eroded.“We must bear in the mind the legitimate reasons for these tariffs. We should also see the CET as a means of boosting trade between our Member States. Waivers of the CET should only be granted in extreme cases,” Persaud said.

Guyana360: We certainly agree with the Minister here, but why is Guyana allowing cement from extra-regional sources? Guyana continues to garnt waivers to local cement importers, including Fidility Iinvestments, which has two past PPP/C Government ministers sitting on its board. Despite all the shady business practices embraced by Fidility, including smuggling, this Government continues to facilitate the company's growth. Talk about double standards!

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