Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No sound for ICT meeting

The Information, Communication and Technology workshop was a big thing, which was held at the new Guyana International Conference Centre (GCCI), Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown on Tuesday. We, being technology freaks went to the meeting. It was share confusion; The Chinese built, fancy looking interior building could not accommodate everyone.
Hear laugh. The Chinese people who designed the building, built it backward anticipating that a road would have been built at the back from Georgetown. Poor chaps, people say how they were upset that the road had not been built so they left early.

And guess what?

They did not teach anyone to operate the sound system in the building. So the first ever meeting in the building was confusion.

Imagine dignitaries, from the various embassies and other country reps sitting for nearly two hours just for the opening ceremony. They eventually used a good ole, ordinary PA system

The President smart, he waited for them to rectify the problem before he took his seat, we heard that he got word from, non other than his information liaison, Mr. MBA.

The Chinese also installed Chinese version windows XP operating software to a main frame computer in the building.

The work shop went good but we wait to see when the measures discussed will be implemented.

Dying Guyana

The folks over at Livinguyana were first sleepinguyana now they are dyingguyana. They have not posted in a while, anyway dead men log no post...We promise not to miss the coffee and cookup rice..oh not to mention de rum...make haste and kick de bucket

West Indies get Blessing in Disguise

Let us as West Indians give thanks for the rain. Guyanese need not be afraid . We are referring to the rain in New Zealand.

Were it not for the rain, West Indies would have lost another match and boy, oh boy, oh boy New Zealand would have become the latest team to hand us another white wash.

Chanders must be happy. Yes happy for a draw. A draw in his books must be a win after loosing several prior to this match.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ron under Attack

Mail Trail:

I dont think you got it right in this case.
It was Mr. Robinson who is now clutching at a last straw of survival and it was Mr. Toolsee's Ass who begged Mr. My Big ASS (MBA), who eventually ordered Mr. Fuz Ass to take on the now desparate Robinson. Robinson is going through a massive life change after his Ad Agency business collapsed. His December outing with the LINK SHOW was a failure and his family is all but broken up. He owes all the media houses hundred of thousands of dollars. Robinson dont have cash, he dont have credit. He is starting back from scratch.


Guyana360: Thanks for the info J. We still believe that Ron could make a positive contribution to the media especially NCN which is struggling at the moment. Ron anchoring the morning news is welcomed, after the two previous chicks performed an injustice. Suelle Finlay (or Findlay) has since swam over to Sharama, where everything goes and Vidya Brijlall (not to be mistaken as Bitchlall) has since started ripping apart pages from Guyana's historic note book. Both chicks failed miserably. Right now we bet our bottoms dollar that Ron may soon be overcome by exhaustion.

West Indies who? At least we alive

Yester year we shouted, “Cricket lovely Cricket.”
Today we cry, “Cricket dismal Cricket.”

Those were the good ole days, when West Indies dominated world cricket. Those days just slipped by, almost forgotten in the chatter about another West Indies collapse.

Every time you tune in, you are likely to see the West Indian side do something foolish or break another record on the negative side of the game.

We would like to think that Chanderpaul’s dismissal was the worst display of professional cricket we have seen. It was a mix up between Chanderpaul and Morton when they attempted a single that was definitely on. Chanderpaul ought to take a flogging for this. He should have taken the single after Morton said yes.

The Two West Indian batsmen ended up at one batting crease, both trying to touch down behind the propping crease before the other. It was a photo finish; the third umpire was called in to declare the winner. It’s the first time that we have seen something so foolish on the International cricket stage.

Is this the same Chanderpaul that wants to captain Guyana in the upcoming Carib Beer series? We think not. Let him go captain the Unity team until he masters the art of playing professional cricket.

Keep on watching West Indies cricket for the latest emphatic losses and innovated ball by ball comical antics.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mystery CD surfaces

Earlier in the day [Monday] we recieved our copy of a mystery CD. The CD contains a telephone converstaion between the Commissioner of Police and PNC/R MP Basil Williams. We want to know how the commissioner phone get tap, and why only after searching de big boys dem this CD surface. Something aint right. We know the CD instead of sinking the commissioner has revealed how sick and dirty Guyana has become. Businessmen names are called on the CD. Guyana is a full fledge Narco state.

Guyana look out, war between the security forces and the drug lords.

Bring it on...More searches

The police and soldiers have to be brave to search buildings associated with Roger Khan, Guyana's Pablo.

Police seized 7 handguns, 2 pellet guns, 2 pistol magazines with three live 9mm rounds, 4 heavily tinted vehicles, including an F 150 bullet proof pick up truck, 7 Hand held radios, 3 Mobile telephones, 41 small containers with cocaine, 1 Guyana Passport, a quantity of live and blank ammunition, 4 AK 47 magazines, 2 cleaning kits, 2 revolvers, 1 pistol, a quantity of police uniforms.

Sham or Authentic?

We really want to know if today’s action by the security forces was a Sham or was it authentic.

Finally the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) appear to have what it takes to arrest a criminal situation.

Today against all odds they searched the premises of suspected drug barons in the hope of recovering the missing guns. The Blue Iguana, a popular, yet questionable night club and Dream Works Inc. owned and controlled by a US named drug baron was searched.

From the impoverished village of Buxton to the rich upper crust of Guyana’s society, there has been no trace of the missing weapons. The security forces are keeping a tight lid on the city.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Brazil the army has managed to recover a stolen arms cache after weeks of intense military pressure.

We suspect that today’s action may have been as a result of the success of Brazil’s armed forces…The time is coming soon when the Chief of staff of the GDF will have to step down…unless they start searching the headquarters of all political parties.

Ride, Ride de Donkey

While chaos reigns in the city, our busy President has taken time off to enjoy a donkey ride compliments of our Amerindian brothers and sisters. All we say is that this man could act at Easter as Jesus on the donkey. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rumors ah fly like flies.

As we walk through the streets of Georgetown, we hear rumors about a certain top ranking politician, so we have pieced together a list of all the rumors to date.

1. Dr. Roger Luncheon is on dying
2. Dr. Roger Luncheon is alive and kicking
3. Dr. Roger Luncheon went to fix his eyes
4. Dr. Roger Luncheon will stop telling lies
5. Dr. Roger Luncheon took a hair cut
6. Dr. Roger Luncheon get put out
7. Dr. Roger Luncheon suffered a heart attack
8. Dr. Roger Luncheon will soon come back
9. Dr. Roger Luncheon will never see again
10. The PPP lost a man with a good tongue and brain.

Which do you believe?

US National Security Tragedy

The White House recently released President Bush’s second term National Security Strategy (NSS), which according to the White House, reflects the President’s most solemn obligation: to protect the security of the American people.

Below is an excerpt from the plan.

“Many of the problems we face – from the threat of pandemic disease, to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, to terrorism, to human trafficking, to natural disasters – reach across borders. Effective multinational efforts are essential to solve these problems. Yet history has shown that only when we do our part will others do theirs. America will continue to lead.”

Guyana360: In case you missed it the US just don’t care about Guyana and other small countries. I guess they don’t care about our drug or crime problem. They appear as caring brothers only because they are protecting their interest. So don’t ever think for one moment that the US cares about the welfare of citizens of other countries. Bomb them, kill them, the US goes all out to protect its citizens. We think its time other governments adopt the same policy. Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia have already done so.

GMC Suckered

We don’t care for good English, but we do like the criticisms. Keep them coming. We were just trying to prove a recent experiment right . We are laughing at the GMC who pointed out some mistakes on our blog. We have some homework for the folks over at livinguyana. We want you guys to point out the errors below and let us know where we fell down. Computerized spell checks are allowed.

Can You Read This? Olny srmat poelpe can.

I Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Point Proven

No sooner had we pointed out that Guyana suffers from “diss accustomcy” when a cruise ship visits every blue moon did The Swan Hellenic, Minerva II arrived at the John Fernandes Warf.

The ship docked on Tuesday and on Wednesday tourists were streaming all over a quite Georgetown, quite because of Phagwah celebrations. Lucky for them, keep reading

Well we were at the St. George’s Cathedral and helped some of the tourist with their holiday photos. But we have to scream at the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Police Force because there were no police in sight in a town overflowing with thieves.

We know the police excuse…there were plain clothes out there, well pardon us…You know this is truly Guyana, when you hear that a tourist get robbed…We know it happened, ask the police they will tell…Good thing the streets were empty.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NCN Save the Children Plan


Mr. MBA & his NCN comrades have managed to snatch the biggest fish of them all, the big kahuna. Yes folks it is official, Ron Roberson has returned to broadcasting with the state media. It must have been a lucrative offer for him to accept. His return, we hope will be cemented and should bring much needed stability over at NCN where kids run amuck. Our sources tell us that he will ply his trade on TV and Radio.

Robinson read the NCN Morning News on Monday. It was a welcome sigh of relieve to actually understand what’s in the morning news. No glitches, no fumbles and for the first time on NCN Morning News he managed to call the names of cricketers correctly. The two previous chicks just need to sit back and learn from the pro.

It was not all thumbs up for Ron. His Monday appearance looked like he had just gotten out of bed, jumped into some clothes from last week that had been forgotten in a corner of his room. Like the comedian he is, he left without brushing what’s left on his head. Tul se Das needs to find the champ a make-up artist and a proper wardrobe. We will stay tuned.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Media Shame..Dancing with the Enemy

It dawned on us that many media personnel are availing themselves as PR personnel for political parties.

We saw an ad a few days ago with a young man from channel 2, he said in the Alliance for Change ad (we presume) that young people doom if the consitution aint change before the next elections.

Recently too, A senior reporter from Channel 28 has been hosting AFC programmes.

The AFC and other political parties are guilty of using reporters for their PR stint. The thing is if the AFC were to make the news, will these reporters carry a fair report. mmmmmm. How could a man like Ramjattan who champions media rights now trample the very principles he fights for.

Dancing with the enemy that's what reporters are doing, some even get into bed with the enemy. In the private media many reporters are sharing beds with political opposition parties. That is what the government has said on numerous occasions...but wait they guilty too.

NCN has a few reporters loyal to the PPP/C. A very senior man at NCN is also a very senior PYO member. In many countries reporters are fired because of their association, its against the good ole journalism principles...but then again this is Guyana.

Insider 411 a no show???

Well, well we were waiting to see Insider 411, and its just never showed. What's happening over there. Insider 411 is a great show and we do hope that all is well, Roop did email us to say all was well a few weeks ago. As for the other people they have not said much to us lately.

Got mails from them and it was shocking to read that they had left the show over two months ago because of a fall out with Roop suits.

Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy we are running nuts, We loved the show, it created a difference in the rather dead media world in Guyana. Love the concept and the production, What a same. As of now consider us investigators...We will get to the bottom of this fiasco.

Dredful Opinion

We feel for Manzoor Nadir, the tourisim man with a vision. Ever since he took office he has been seeing increase tourist arrivals.

We have been here for five years, and for that time we are still to see the influx of tourist alluded to by Mr. Nadir. We wonder if those VSO's or foreigners coming to work here are included in Nadir's figure.

Non the less, Cricket World Cup is just around the corner and Nadir is pulling all the diplomatic plugs. Like an obeah man he already seeing an influx of tourist, 20,000m to be exact. That's 20,000 new wallets and hand bags to snatch. 20,000 more lives to be snatched by blood thirsty gunmen. 20,000 more that will hear from Govt. and GINA and 20,000 more complaints about Guyana.

We are peeved that all other Caribbean destinations can accomodate huge cruise ships that match the height of the tallest building in Georgetown. Guyanese go crazy when one lil ship come once in a bluemoon.

CWC coming and Nadir is yet to dredge de fricking Demerara Channel. Any huge cruise ship coming will have to dock way out in the Atlantic and the tourists will have to risk their lives by using small boats to climb pretty.

Who is Nadir fooling? Some of these Media Bigshots who never left these shores go crazy, running around like headless chickens when 1 small cruise ship land. NCN does do big fancy feature...It looks shameful, Guyana suffering from disaccustomcy

But before you start running around predicting how much money Guyana will make during the world cup, stick and pin and consider this from the folks over at Livinguyana.

If livinguyana's opionion is true, its a dredful one in deed. Our concern here is that Nadir is dooping poor Guyanese into seeting up Hotels and tea and breakfast facilities for tourists.

Many Guyanese are borrowing loans, hoping to repay the banks after reaking US $$$ from the tourists. We hope for the sake of all those poor people running to the Banks that Mr. Nadir has it right this time.

We see a big problem and everybody forgetting. Regardless of the world cup chatter, Guyana has to survive General Elections...With all those guns around, 33 Aks missing and we hosting World cup? Have a Laugh, thats what the international community will do.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Its a Blog Disease

It seems as if we have caught the blog syndrome. Errors, Errors, Errors!!!
Some wise guy had this to say...

I really like you GUYS. The slaming of the Guyana Media..............GOOD GOING
this is what can be found on the guyana360 blog

"There is no other Blog like Guyana 360...Providing total coverage of Guyana"
But I note with interest that your first link on the page right is
Staborek News
Guyana Chronicle
BBC Caribbean
Caribbean Net News
Guyana Gazette
Guyana Media Critic
Guyana Investment Opportunities
GT Flavas
WHAT IN HELL IS STABOREK NEWS? I am sure that CN Sharma News do better editing & proofreading than that. SHAME!
I dare you to highlight your own mistake

Guyana360: A couple of things to note, we were given this blog to run ok, we had nothing to do with its design or structure. The guy who developed it must shoulder all the blame. We like the fact that we were dared to correct our mistake...dare us again, infact we dare anyone including our friends from the blogging world. We know many of you bloggers would use this as a stepping stone to kill us...Go right ahead.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Now Publishing

Now publishing after some foolish person hacked into our mainframe. But we survived. We notice we stepped on the GMC toes and he threw a punch.

Hey not our fault we did not post, blame technology, give us a break here. We have a lot of backed up posts so enjoy the we dont want to call another flood...enjoy the plentiful posts.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cut throat GMC...

There is no need to reprimand our friends over at Livinguyana for this mistake, at least they had the testicular fortitude to say ‘oops sorry’….but we will not spear our friends for this interview, very clever.

We are upset that you guys are magnet to beautiful women.

We were never given a contact for pretty Pascale Piquion and as friends we should have shared her contact. We will forgive and forget your selfish acts, if and only if we are introduced to the lovely lady.

Coke in Condom, Condom in Poke

Guyanese good we say, they can find anyway to get the cocain out. A woman tried to fetch the illigal substance out just days after her husband was caught.

How foolish, she got caught and now both a dem in jail...but wait that's not the whole store, the woman stupid so till, she tried to fetch the white lady out at a time when the U.S was sharing licks to Guyana about its inability to stop mules.

Well she is one mule that get stop and they find the coke in a condom and the condom was in she...(Shut your mouth) well read more here.

As a former Miss Guyana World would say, "Wrap it up everytime."

Guyana V.S US 2

After sharing licks with the drug report, the US continued on that track, Guyana V.S United States. Here is what a US Human Rights Report stated...

While the government generally respected the human rights of its citizens, there were problems in some areas:

* unlawful killings by police
* police abuse of suspects
* poor prison and jail conditions
* lengthy pretrial detention
* severe inefficiencies in the judicial system
* warrantless searches of homes and vehicles
* government interference in the media
* violence against women and children
* trafficking in persons
* discrimination against indigenous people


* The law does not provide for public access to government information. Government officials were reluctant to provide public information without approval from senior levels of the administration.

* The independent media were active and expressed a wide variety of views without restriction. International media were allowed to operate freely. The government's daily newspaper, the Guyana Chronicle, which typically displayed a pro-government bias, covered a broad spectrum of political and nongovernmental groups.

* Government limits on licensing and expansion constrained the broadcast media. The government owned and operated the radio stations, which are the only media that reach the entire country…The national television station continued to expand its service.

* There was a widespread public perception of corruption in the government, including law enforcement and the judicial system. Low wage public servants were easy targets for bribery.

The report can be found here

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stone Age Media House

GMC has popped this question about a local media house that has no computers thus forcing its reporters to write. What in heavens is happening in Guyana?

GMC would like someone to guess which media house is culpable of such an inhumane act.

We suggest that when the guilty media house is known, Tony Vieira should do a commentary on how media operatives squander the profits instead of investing in improving staff welfare and equipment.

Sad state of affairs, the Guyana Human Rights Association should be called in.

We see Trouble Down the Road

There is no way that we will want to drive fear into anyone but for goodness sake the wine is brewing. Are we sitting on a land mine?

The Agricola massacre should be a lesson for the future especially since Guyana is in an election year.

Here is what Stabroek News had to say in Saturday’s edition

"While police are still exploring several leads as to who carried out the assault, Stabroek News was told that Buxton gunmen under the command of military-trained personnel might have carried out the killings. The precision and high level of sophistication that was used in the attack has shocked many, since the gunmen were fully decked out in black uniforms and were equipped with cellular phones which they used throughout the ordeal to communicate with each other."

If this Stabroek News article is true, then a showdown between Buxton gunmen and the Phantom Squad spells trouble for Guyana, civilians will get caught in the cross fire.

In the mean time the Police Commissioner keeps on harping about his men responding promptly to the Agricola incident. He should be made to resign. The brutal attack lasted 45 minutes, the time it takes a bus to travel from Linden to Georgetown, yet the gun men carried out their attack unchallenged.

“Given the time the incidence occurred, the time the report came to the police and the time I heard of it I cannot find much sloth in that.” (The Top Cop Harping on NCN)

The commissioner may be right they did respond, these Journo Quacks should ask the top cop what was the response and how many police men were on the scene and at what time? If police men were on the scene they should be fired, for neglecting their duty. Or did they stay away deliberately?

When ever AK-S are barking the police never venture, remember the jail break 5?

Guyana also needs to watch out for those missing guns from the army base, something is a miss.

Inside word is that the Chief at Camp Ayangana may have been caught with his pants down. 33 AK-S, this is an election year people. If the GDF cares about the Guyanese people they would get their soldiers out looking for these guns. If these guns fall into the wrong hands, its trouble for this struggling nation.

News of hundreds of grenades, guns and ammunition stolen from the Surinamese Army does not mean well for Guyana, a nation struggling to protect its borders.

Everything that happens between now and August may have more than what meets the eye.

A very good neighbour, age 74, said to us today that he has never seen Guyana so quite before General Elections.

When ole’ people talk pickney must hear.

Lou Vincent shows us his Lou-Lou

5th ODI, Windies V.S Kiwis, Lou Vincent loss his pants saving four in the latter overs...Now thats committment. Posted by Picasa

Rare Victory

We were rudely awaken by our 74, year old neighbour and his grand sons, only to find out that West Indies had won the last and non-decisive one day match against the Kiwis.

Our neighbours must have stayed up the entire night after we warned them and thousands more not to loose sleep over a team that keeps churning out losses after losses.

Well all we could say is that the team looks reenergized since Lara’s arrival.

One thing we could not understand. Why were the Windies embracing each other, rocking away before the winning run was scored?

For a side that is not accustom to winning, they rejoiced as if they had hoisted the World Cup trophy. We’ll have to put up our brooms for now.

We await the test matches.

Friday, March 03, 2006

GMC on the Attack

The GMC promised us to stay quite as Elections approaches. Well GMC lied and sprung a vicious surprise attack on this reporter...poor thing, we bet that the reporter is wearing a shame face.

Bring out the Broom

Thousands of West Indian cricket fans will waste another night of sleep to see the West Indies currently operating like a bunch of headless chickens square off against the Kiwis for the 5th and final National Bank one day series.

Already 4 -0 down the West Indies team led by a bashfull Shivnarine Chaderpaul (Guyana's own) will be looking to save embarrassment and avoid being swept.

The last match saw the Kiwis making light work of the Windies.

On the field the Windies bowlers play "ini, mini, mine -e-mo" as commentators sit in press boxes reading Chanderpaul's match plan which started since game 1 of the series. The guy knows to captain, arrange his bowlers and set his field one way, by the book.

When will the WICB ask Chanderpaul to step down, Chaders is out of form and looks like a hapless bird.

Lara's arrival is creating more buzz than the Windies have been able to create since the team arrived in New Zealand almost a month ago.

The Kiwis with broom in hand will be hoping for a clean sweep of the series by winning the next One day Match.