Sunday, March 19, 2006

US National Security Tragedy

The White House recently released President Bush’s second term National Security Strategy (NSS), which according to the White House, reflects the President’s most solemn obligation: to protect the security of the American people.

Below is an excerpt from the plan.

“Many of the problems we face – from the threat of pandemic disease, to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, to terrorism, to human trafficking, to natural disasters – reach across borders. Effective multinational efforts are essential to solve these problems. Yet history has shown that only when we do our part will others do theirs. America will continue to lead.”

Guyana360: In case you missed it the US just don’t care about Guyana and other small countries. I guess they don’t care about our drug or crime problem. They appear as caring brothers only because they are protecting their interest. So don’t ever think for one moment that the US cares about the welfare of citizens of other countries. Bomb them, kill them, the US goes all out to protect its citizens. We think its time other governments adopt the same policy. Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia have already done so.