Thursday, March 16, 2006

Point Proven

No sooner had we pointed out that Guyana suffers from “diss accustomcy” when a cruise ship visits every blue moon did The Swan Hellenic, Minerva II arrived at the John Fernandes Warf.

The ship docked on Tuesday and on Wednesday tourists were streaming all over a quite Georgetown, quite because of Phagwah celebrations. Lucky for them, keep reading

Well we were at the St. George’s Cathedral and helped some of the tourist with their holiday photos. But we have to scream at the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Police Force because there were no police in sight in a town overflowing with thieves.

We know the police excuse…there were plain clothes out there, well pardon us…You know this is truly Guyana, when you hear that a tourist get robbed…We know it happened, ask the police they will tell…Good thing the streets were empty.