Sunday, March 26, 2006

West Indies who? At least we alive

Yester year we shouted, “Cricket lovely Cricket.”
Today we cry, “Cricket dismal Cricket.”

Those were the good ole days, when West Indies dominated world cricket. Those days just slipped by, almost forgotten in the chatter about another West Indies collapse.

Every time you tune in, you are likely to see the West Indian side do something foolish or break another record on the negative side of the game.

We would like to think that Chanderpaul’s dismissal was the worst display of professional cricket we have seen. It was a mix up between Chanderpaul and Morton when they attempted a single that was definitely on. Chanderpaul ought to take a flogging for this. He should have taken the single after Morton said yes.

The Two West Indian batsmen ended up at one batting crease, both trying to touch down behind the propping crease before the other. It was a photo finish; the third umpire was called in to declare the winner. It’s the first time that we have seen something so foolish on the International cricket stage.

Is this the same Chanderpaul that wants to captain Guyana in the upcoming Carib Beer series? We think not. Let him go captain the Unity team until he masters the art of playing professional cricket.

Keep on watching West Indies cricket for the latest emphatic losses and innovated ball by ball comical antics.