Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NCN Save the Children Plan


Mr. MBA & his NCN comrades have managed to snatch the biggest fish of them all, the big kahuna. Yes folks it is official, Ron Roberson has returned to broadcasting with the state media. It must have been a lucrative offer for him to accept. His return, we hope will be cemented and should bring much needed stability over at NCN where kids run amuck. Our sources tell us that he will ply his trade on TV and Radio.

Robinson read the NCN Morning News on Monday. It was a welcome sigh of relieve to actually understand what’s in the morning news. No glitches, no fumbles and for the first time on NCN Morning News he managed to call the names of cricketers correctly. The two previous chicks just need to sit back and learn from the pro.

It was not all thumbs up for Ron. His Monday appearance looked like he had just gotten out of bed, jumped into some clothes from last week that had been forgotten in a corner of his room. Like the comedian he is, he left without brushing what’s left on his head. Tul se Das needs to find the champ a make-up artist and a proper wardrobe. We will stay tuned.