Sunday, March 12, 2006

Its a Blog Disease

It seems as if we have caught the blog syndrome. Errors, Errors, Errors!!!
Some wise guy had this to say...

I really like you GUYS. The slaming of the Guyana Media..............GOOD GOING
this is what can be found on the guyana360 blog

"There is no other Blog like Guyana 360...Providing total coverage of Guyana"
But I note with interest that your first link on the page right is
Staborek News
Guyana Chronicle
BBC Caribbean
Caribbean Net News
Guyana Gazette
Guyana Media Critic
Guyana Investment Opportunities
GT Flavas
WHAT IN HELL IS STABOREK NEWS? I am sure that CN Sharma News do better editing & proofreading than that. SHAME!
I dare you to highlight your own mistake

Guyana360: A couple of things to note, we were given this blog to run ok, we had nothing to do with its design or structure. The guy who developed it must shoulder all the blame. We like the fact that we were dared to correct our mistake...dare us again, infact we dare anyone including our friends from the blogging world. We know many of you bloggers would use this as a stepping stone to kill us...Go right ahead.