Monday, March 13, 2006

Media Shame..Dancing with the Enemy

It dawned on us that many media personnel are availing themselves as PR personnel for political parties.

We saw an ad a few days ago with a young man from channel 2, he said in the Alliance for Change ad (we presume) that young people doom if the consitution aint change before the next elections.

Recently too, A senior reporter from Channel 28 has been hosting AFC programmes.

The AFC and other political parties are guilty of using reporters for their PR stint. The thing is if the AFC were to make the news, will these reporters carry a fair report. mmmmmm. How could a man like Ramjattan who champions media rights now trample the very principles he fights for.

Dancing with the enemy that's what reporters are doing, some even get into bed with the enemy. In the private media many reporters are sharing beds with political opposition parties. That is what the government has said on numerous occasions...but wait they guilty too.

NCN has a few reporters loyal to the PPP/C. A very senior man at NCN is also a very senior PYO member. In many countries reporters are fired because of their association, its against the good ole journalism principles...but then again this is Guyana.