Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ron under Attack

Mail Trail:

I dont think you got it right in this case.
It was Mr. Robinson who is now clutching at a last straw of survival and it was Mr. Toolsee's Ass who begged Mr. My Big ASS (MBA), who eventually ordered Mr. Fuz Ass to take on the now desparate Robinson. Robinson is going through a massive life change after his Ad Agency business collapsed. His December outing with the LINK SHOW was a failure and his family is all but broken up. He owes all the media houses hundred of thousands of dollars. Robinson dont have cash, he dont have credit. He is starting back from scratch.


Guyana360: Thanks for the info J. We still believe that Ron could make a positive contribution to the media especially NCN which is struggling at the moment. Ron anchoring the morning news is welcomed, after the two previous chicks performed an injustice. Suelle Finlay (or Findlay) has since swam over to Sharama, where everything goes and Vidya Brijlall (not to be mistaken as Bitchlall) has since started ripping apart pages from Guyana's historic note book. Both chicks failed miserably. Right now we bet our bottoms dollar that Ron may soon be overcome by exhaustion.