Sunday, March 05, 2006

We see Trouble Down the Road

There is no way that we will want to drive fear into anyone but for goodness sake the wine is brewing. Are we sitting on a land mine?

The Agricola massacre should be a lesson for the future especially since Guyana is in an election year.

Here is what Stabroek News had to say in Saturday’s edition

"While police are still exploring several leads as to who carried out the assault, Stabroek News was told that Buxton gunmen under the command of military-trained personnel might have carried out the killings. The precision and high level of sophistication that was used in the attack has shocked many, since the gunmen were fully decked out in black uniforms and were equipped with cellular phones which they used throughout the ordeal to communicate with each other."

If this Stabroek News article is true, then a showdown between Buxton gunmen and the Phantom Squad spells trouble for Guyana, civilians will get caught in the cross fire.

In the mean time the Police Commissioner keeps on harping about his men responding promptly to the Agricola incident. He should be made to resign. The brutal attack lasted 45 minutes, the time it takes a bus to travel from Linden to Georgetown, yet the gun men carried out their attack unchallenged.

“Given the time the incidence occurred, the time the report came to the police and the time I heard of it I cannot find much sloth in that.” (The Top Cop Harping on NCN)

The commissioner may be right they did respond, these Journo Quacks should ask the top cop what was the response and how many police men were on the scene and at what time? If police men were on the scene they should be fired, for neglecting their duty. Or did they stay away deliberately?

When ever AK-S are barking the police never venture, remember the jail break 5?

Guyana also needs to watch out for those missing guns from the army base, something is a miss.

Inside word is that the Chief at Camp Ayangana may have been caught with his pants down. 33 AK-S, this is an election year people. If the GDF cares about the Guyanese people they would get their soldiers out looking for these guns. If these guns fall into the wrong hands, its trouble for this struggling nation.

News of hundreds of grenades, guns and ammunition stolen from the Surinamese Army does not mean well for Guyana, a nation struggling to protect its borders.

Everything that happens between now and August may have more than what meets the eye.

A very good neighbour, age 74, said to us today that he has never seen Guyana so quite before General Elections.

When ole’ people talk pickney must hear.