Sunday, May 28, 2006

Guyana at 40

Yippy…Guyana celebrated its fortieth Independence on Friday May 26, 2006.

What has changed from 1966 to 2006?

Everybody got a gun…long gun, short gun, water gun, caps gun.

We have a rich businessman as defiant as hell to the law. WOW Guyana has really changed.

Mitta Sharma was right, Guyana has not achieved much.

The Opposition was almost a no show at the flag raising ceremony at the National Park. Apart from their mega presence they were not allowed to share the microphone, considering that it was the PNC Government led by Burnham that took the reins after the British bid Guyana farewell.


Mitta Sharma was locked out…He now seeking justice after all. This is a clear indication that we are still bound by the shackles of politics that now threaten the very existence of all Guyanese.

President Jagdeo was right but he is probably deaf or not smart enough to comprehend what he was reading. Probably the heckling from the crowd during his speech might make him realize that this country’s politics is on a razor sharp edge.

The children play and get along with each other, day in and day out. It’s the politicians that keep this country divided. The President and Opposition leaders need to work something out quickly.

President Jagdeo said…

“I recall my own childhood days and the friends that I had, friends drawn from all ethnic backgrounds and stations in life. We all shared a happy childhood uncorrupted by the biases inflicted by partisan politics. I am sure that almost all of the adults here tonight can attest to experiencing a similar childhood. We need to ask ourselves what has happened to those childhood experiences. Have we allowed partisan politics to change us? Why is it that our children can get along so wonderfully together without regard to race and ethnicity but at the national level, division and mistrust intrude in our lives and cause so much pain and hurt. If we are to be truly worthy of our independence we must live together in peace and harmony, the way our children do.”

Presidential Pride and Prize

Remember this post…?

As the post suggested it seems as if the President has his eyes fixed on a first child…

Observant as we are, our wandering eyes alerted us to the presence of the ever so charming, Varshnie Jagdeo, the first lady at Thursday's National Flag Raising Ceremony.

Similarly, we were surprised and shocked that she had decided to stand shoulder to shoulder with the President in public after years.

Is it because it’s an election year or something else?

However, not so charming was the fact that we happened to notice that she is getting a little fat in the mid section…Strange?

Well her debonair husband said he was thinking about child rearing after elections.

The President has a lot riding on these elections…Let’s get it on.

The AFC's Dick

The AFC showed us it’s Dick the other day and the voter response was overwhelming.

What a Dick, some of them said…Dick Morris that is, one of the most popular private American Citizen. He has worked closely with Bill Clinton.

SO why is he here working for free?

To raise the AFC…but Guyanese must not be fooled Dick is sometimes wrong; he predicted Hilary Clinton would not have won in New York and she did. Even though he has helped Clinton to victory, he has emerged as one of the fiercest critic of the Former U.S President.

Well we just want to know where is the AFC’s Dick…The AFC’s Dick cannot be found.

How will the AFC function?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is this fuh real?

"More than 65 million people have been infected with HIV since AIDS was
first detected 25 years ago. More than 25 million people have died, and
an estimated 40.3 million people are now living with HIV.

In addition to showing an estimate of the people living with HIV, the
clock links to regional figures, fact sheets and epidemiology trends,
based on information provided by the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS
(UNAIDS). It also provides links to some of the major campaigns that work to
spread awareness of the issue and mobilize effective responses."

Guyana 360: This bit of fact was taken from a recent United Nations Report. It spells trouble for the Humans throughout the world. As a good friend would say, "Wrap it up Everytime."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pirates' Paradise Pt. 1

Pirates Sail Free...

There is a South American Island where the rusty brown water from the Atlantic Ocean washes its northern coast. It is probably the only country where pirates roam free because of the absence of effect laws to scare them away.

On the streets young men push cart loads of stolen booty. In stores around town sales girls hand you the very latest stolen booty with a dazzling smile, so charming a smile that you literally forget you’re buying stolen commodity.

The situation has reached its peak and politicians view the situation as opaque as our dead blind grand mothers. Why must we allow pirates to roam free?

We are now placing many cultural songs by Guyanese on the market, the likes of first born and some other new comers whose music we find interesting. The new comers sound good but with a more practice they will get there with the right capital. How will they get the right capital when their daily bread is snuffed out by money making pirates, trampling on entire industries?

It took us one day to tour a couple of places where music and moves are sold… Our first stop was at “Nothing Music on Robb Street. Oh Yes! This guy “He-on” has publicly spoken out against this societal scourge. Wait…here is the shocking revelation, his store has tons of booth legs from DVDs to Cds. From Jim Reeves to Buju Banton…What a shame, that was not hot at all Guyana.

Keep reading…more in Part 2 is up next, simply scroll down

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pirates' Paradise Pt 2

Further up the street about two corners down we reached King Street and turned up to Regent Street where we found two record bars. To safe us the double trouble, we devised a plan. The plan was to ask first thing, “Do you have any original CDs or DVDs on sale?” After about one minute in each we found our answer…zilch, pirates were sailing.

On to “Mahts” where we did find stolen booty well polished and looking like the real merchandise. These Guys were good, the best pirates we have seen. Everything looked a bit original. “Mahts” has a mixture of stolen booty and the real deal.

We managed to evade the road side pirates many on small ships along the walkways. In between we spotted a huge catch among the lot…It was "Discover Guyana: 2007 Edition," a documentary film produced by local Guyanese pilot, Mike Charles and which was launched a few months ago. What a shame.

Our biggest experience came when we entered “Gift Island” and boy did we regret. What a place that is, the biggest ship, the pirates of them all. From X-Rated to Finding Nemo. This place was filled. Right away we knew that Guyanese like cheapness.

At one time we thought that the floor was caving in as it bounced to the trampling of feet. It was sweltering heat on the third floor with thousands of booty

Hollywood and Bolllywood would come together for the first time to sue a company. What a tragedy?

A closer look at the operation showed numerous machines were being manned. These capable of churning out five to ten copies of one DVD or CD at one time and there were at least ten of these machines. Imagine the mass production of bootleg material. That’s about 100 Cds

Imagine the amount of revenue earned and lost from the exercise. If only decision makers and influential people could bring pressure to bear on these pirates it will help the problem.

Unlike Miss. “Janita Ourburn” who was in “Gift Island” last Saturday shopping in the music department. Shame! She should have been boycotting such an operation.

Slingshot missed the pirates, with his antique gun, but we encourage and promote law makers who use the modern laws to tell the pirates R.I.P

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Good Man Gone Fuh Real

It seems as if many of the Good men are going, judging from this. It seems as if those folks at Livinguyana have also gone, judging from the absence of activity over there. They were good men...May their souls rest in peace...RIP...

Popular Guyanese Sayings

Yo know Yo Guyanese When...

1. De back of ya remote got scotch tape.
2. Ya know bout pluggin' out ya TV to turn it off.
3. Ya know bout keepin' rain water fo drink.
4. Shopping bags from de grocery store is also garbage bags.
5. Uncle George and Aunty Pam and half de other people ya call uncle and aunt are not really related to you!
6. Space in de living room is unacceptable and must be occupied by something you don't actually need.
7. You know what a plate clat and floor clat is.
8. You recycle oil.
9. It's cool to have fairy lights all year long.
10. Bun bun is food.
11. A ole bicycle tire is a toy.
12. De dishwasher is also known as ur lil sister or lil brother.
13. Powder milk and sugar is a snack.
14. Your Grandma call a wife beater a singlit.
15. Jumping up and down could give you narra.
16. A mistress is known as a "sweetwoman."
17. A blackout is normal.
18. Bugs are bugs; a ca-ca-roach is something totally different.
19. Ghosts are known as Jumbies and Bacoos.
20. All footwear is known as boots.

Guyanese sayings cont'd

21. You get a cold, you drink bush tea.
22. All barrels from farrin includes Cadbury chocolate...with almond.
23. You know bout brushin ya teeth with salt and water.
24. You straighten ya hair, not perm it!
25. A frog is called a Cropo; and throwin' salt pun it back will kill it.
26. Christmas means pepperpot and sorrel, not eggnog!
27. A bottle is called a "bokle" and it's cap is a "cark" and they come in cases, not six packs.
28. Soda, juice and anything other than water is "drink."
29. Dog food is always leftovers.
30. Deodorant is roll-on.!
31. You've used your towel as a shower curtain at least once in your life.
32. Straws, plastic spoons and forks can all be converted into a toothpick.
33. Gossip is ah "seh seh."
34. You call your alcoholic uncle ah "Sa-gi-wang."
35. "Bamba laytee bam bam" means ur in trouble.
36. Your ten year old is a bottle of rum.
37. You go to college, your family feel you know everyting.
38. Crush up news papers was once a substitute for toilet paper.
39. Having a dog or cat on the bed, or anywhere in the house for that matter, is NOT normal to you.
40. You have home clothes, church clothes, sleeping clothes, wuk clothes and "good" clothes

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cry baby GINA...

Here is a piece of text published by GINA...You have to feel sorry for them.

The Government Information Agency (GINA) is disturbed at the disappearance of a banner that was erected on April 29 in the vicinity of the Russian Embassy, Pere Street Kitty.
GINA has embarked on a public awareness programme of the country’s Independence Anniversary celebrations and in that light a number of decorative boards and banners has already been erected.
The costly banner beautifully designed with the 40 th Independence Anniversary logo and historical landmarks such as the Majestic Kaieteur Fall, the 1763 Monument, Independence Arch and Parliament Building, which disappeared, is one of 16 that will be erected in all 10 administrative Regions

Guyana 360: We believe the Top Cop should go, this is the last straw, the camel's back has been broken, the fat lady is singing, its over...Mr. Comissioner you must go because you failed to ensure that GINA's expensive and beautifully designed road-side banner remained in place. This is an attack on democracy. After all the Government spends 7B a year on your guys Mr. Commissioner. There must be perons amoung the 5500 men at your disposal that can solve this abhorrent crime. Even with sleepy eyes, we know robbery was not the motive...We know this crime leads straight to men operating in a Buxton, and persons from Nation News have been in contact with these men...Furthur we say not.

They made it out alive...Phew!!!

These two fellas made it out the country alive and everything they brought remained in tact...and they say Guyana is filled with people who just attack every foreigner...or people who wait in bushes along the airport route to chop off your wrist if u hang your hand outside the vehicle...These two guys left the larger group behind to take this photo infront of Demico House in down-town Georgetown...Let's see, Photo or Life? Why risk it all for a photo? Brave fellas we tell yaPosted by Picasa

VCT Laziness

VCT laziness...The Owner of VCT has over the years boasted about bringing TV to Guyana, on the contrary, we feel he has brought chaos to Guyana. Local programming is at its lowest. Local production is almost invisible, save for NCN. Today (Monday) VCT had dish problems...VCT and the other channels rely too much on foreign programming. which they steal..So if there is a problem like what occurred today, a silly message from the dish network is left on screen for a considerable amount of time...GuyTV get your act together. Posted by Picasa