Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Popular Guyanese Sayings

Yo know Yo Guyanese When...

1. De back of ya remote got scotch tape.
2. Ya know bout pluggin' out ya TV to turn it off.
3. Ya know bout keepin' rain water fo drink.
4. Shopping bags from de grocery store is also garbage bags.
5. Uncle George and Aunty Pam and half de other people ya call uncle and aunt are not really related to you!
6. Space in de living room is unacceptable and must be occupied by something you don't actually need.
7. You know what a plate clat and floor clat is.
8. You recycle oil.
9. It's cool to have fairy lights all year long.
10. Bun bun is food.
11. A ole bicycle tire is a toy.
12. De dishwasher is also known as ur lil sister or lil brother.
13. Powder milk and sugar is a snack.
14. Your Grandma call a wife beater a singlit.
15. Jumping up and down could give you narra.
16. A mistress is known as a "sweetwoman."
17. A blackout is normal.
18. Bugs are bugs; a ca-ca-roach is something totally different.
19. Ghosts are known as Jumbies and Bacoos.
20. All footwear is known as boots.