Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pirates' Paradise Pt 2

Further up the street about two corners down we reached King Street and turned up to Regent Street where we found two record bars. To safe us the double trouble, we devised a plan. The plan was to ask first thing, “Do you have any original CDs or DVDs on sale?” After about one minute in each we found our answer…zilch, pirates were sailing.

On to “Mahts” where we did find stolen booty well polished and looking like the real merchandise. These Guys were good, the best pirates we have seen. Everything looked a bit original. “Mahts” has a mixture of stolen booty and the real deal.

We managed to evade the road side pirates many on small ships along the walkways. In between we spotted a huge catch among the lot…It was "Discover Guyana: 2007 Edition," a documentary film produced by local Guyanese pilot, Mike Charles and which was launched a few months ago. What a shame.

Our biggest experience came when we entered “Gift Island” and boy did we regret. What a place that is, the biggest ship, the pirates of them all. From X-Rated to Finding Nemo. This place was filled. Right away we knew that Guyanese like cheapness.

At one time we thought that the floor was caving in as it bounced to the trampling of feet. It was sweltering heat on the third floor with thousands of booty

Hollywood and Bolllywood would come together for the first time to sue a company. What a tragedy?

A closer look at the operation showed numerous machines were being manned. These capable of churning out five to ten copies of one DVD or CD at one time and there were at least ten of these machines. Imagine the mass production of bootleg material. That’s about 100 Cds

Imagine the amount of revenue earned and lost from the exercise. If only decision makers and influential people could bring pressure to bear on these pirates it will help the problem.

Unlike Miss. “Janita Ourburn” who was in “Gift Island” last Saturday shopping in the music department. Shame! She should have been boycotting such an operation.

Slingshot missed the pirates, with his antique gun, but we encourage and promote law makers who use the modern laws to tell the pirates R.I.P