Sunday, May 28, 2006

Guyana at 40

Yippy…Guyana celebrated its fortieth Independence on Friday May 26, 2006.

What has changed from 1966 to 2006?

Everybody got a gun…long gun, short gun, water gun, caps gun.

We have a rich businessman as defiant as hell to the law. WOW Guyana has really changed.

Mitta Sharma was right, Guyana has not achieved much.

The Opposition was almost a no show at the flag raising ceremony at the National Park. Apart from their mega presence they were not allowed to share the microphone, considering that it was the PNC Government led by Burnham that took the reins after the British bid Guyana farewell.


Mitta Sharma was locked out…He now seeking justice after all. This is a clear indication that we are still bound by the shackles of politics that now threaten the very existence of all Guyanese.

President Jagdeo was right but he is probably deaf or not smart enough to comprehend what he was reading. Probably the heckling from the crowd during his speech might make him realize that this country’s politics is on a razor sharp edge.

The children play and get along with each other, day in and day out. It’s the politicians that keep this country divided. The President and Opposition leaders need to work something out quickly.

President Jagdeo said…

“I recall my own childhood days and the friends that I had, friends drawn from all ethnic backgrounds and stations in life. We all shared a happy childhood uncorrupted by the biases inflicted by partisan politics. I am sure that almost all of the adults here tonight can attest to experiencing a similar childhood. We need to ask ourselves what has happened to those childhood experiences. Have we allowed partisan politics to change us? Why is it that our children can get along so wonderfully together without regard to race and ethnicity but at the national level, division and mistrust intrude in our lives and cause so much pain and hurt. If we are to be truly worthy of our independence we must live together in peace and harmony, the way our children do.”