Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pirates' Paradise Pt. 1

Pirates Sail Free...

There is a South American Island where the rusty brown water from the Atlantic Ocean washes its northern coast. It is probably the only country where pirates roam free because of the absence of effect laws to scare them away.

On the streets young men push cart loads of stolen booty. In stores around town sales girls hand you the very latest stolen booty with a dazzling smile, so charming a smile that you literally forget you’re buying stolen commodity.

The situation has reached its peak and politicians view the situation as opaque as our dead blind grand mothers. Why must we allow pirates to roam free?

We are now placing many cultural songs by Guyanese on the market, the likes of first born and some other new comers whose music we find interesting. The new comers sound good but with a more practice they will get there with the right capital. How will they get the right capital when their daily bread is snuffed out by money making pirates, trampling on entire industries?

It took us one day to tour a couple of places where music and moves are sold… Our first stop was at “Nothing Music on Robb Street. Oh Yes! This guy “He-on” has publicly spoken out against this societal scourge. Wait…here is the shocking revelation, his store has tons of booth legs from DVDs to Cds. From Jim Reeves to Buju Banton…What a shame, that was not hot at all Guyana.

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