Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cry baby GINA...

Here is a piece of text published by GINA...You have to feel sorry for them.

The Government Information Agency (GINA) is disturbed at the disappearance of a banner that was erected on April 29 in the vicinity of the Russian Embassy, Pere Street Kitty.
GINA has embarked on a public awareness programme of the country’s Independence Anniversary celebrations and in that light a number of decorative boards and banners has already been erected.
The costly banner beautifully designed with the 40 th Independence Anniversary logo and historical landmarks such as the Majestic Kaieteur Fall, the 1763 Monument, Independence Arch and Parliament Building, which disappeared, is one of 16 that will be erected in all 10 administrative Regions

Guyana 360: We believe the Top Cop should go, this is the last straw, the camel's back has been broken, the fat lady is singing, its over...Mr. Comissioner you must go because you failed to ensure that GINA's expensive and beautifully designed road-side banner remained in place. This is an attack on democracy. After all the Government spends 7B a year on your guys Mr. Commissioner. There must be perons amoung the 5500 men at your disposal that can solve this abhorrent crime. Even with sleepy eyes, we know robbery was not the motive...We know this crime leads straight to men operating in a Buxton, and persons from Nation News have been in contact with these men...Furthur we say not.