Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Guyanese sayings cont'd

21. You get a cold, you drink bush tea.
22. All barrels from farrin includes Cadbury chocolate...with almond.
23. You know bout brushin ya teeth with salt and water.
24. You straighten ya hair, not perm it!
25. A frog is called a Cropo; and throwin' salt pun it back will kill it.
26. Christmas means pepperpot and sorrel, not eggnog!
27. A bottle is called a "bokle" and it's cap is a "cark" and they come in cases, not six packs.
28. Soda, juice and anything other than water is "drink."
29. Dog food is always leftovers.
30. Deodorant is roll-on.!
31. You've used your towel as a shower curtain at least once in your life.
32. Straws, plastic spoons and forks can all be converted into a toothpick.
33. Gossip is ah "seh seh."
34. You call your alcoholic uncle ah "Sa-gi-wang."
35. "Bamba laytee bam bam" means ur in trouble.
36. Your ten year old is a bottle of rum.
37. You go to college, your family feel you know everyting.
38. Crush up news papers was once a substitute for toilet paper.
39. Having a dog or cat on the bed, or anywhere in the house for that matter, is NOT normal to you.
40. You have home clothes, church clothes, sleeping clothes, wuk clothes and "good" clothes