Monday, April 27, 2009

KN's Michael Jordan up shit creek


The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) wishes to express surprise and concern about an article that appeared in the Kaieteur News of Saturday 25th April 2009 entitled "Maria van Beek Quits," which falsely reports that the Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana) Mrs. Maria van Beek, is stepping down from her position as Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana) due to concerns for her safety.

The OCI would like to inform the public that the Mrs. van Beek never indicated to the reporter or for that matter anyone that she has plans to resign and affirms that there is no truth whatsoever to this claim as purported in the newspaper article. Mrs. van Beek is at this time on leave for medical reasons. She nevertheless remains the Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana).

The statement, "Close associates of the 36-year-old van Beek revealed last night that she has decided to resign out of concern for her safety, despite the presence of armed security at her home", is considered by the OCI to be false, misleading and irresponsible reporting that fails to meet the high media standards expected of a national daily newspaper.

In the circumstances, the OCI expects that the newspaper involved would wish to publish a correction that is accurate fair and balanced in as prominent a place, as the previous misleading statement.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not a good year to be a politician

Opposition leader Robert Corbin was hospitalised yesterday after complaining of chest pains.

Up to press time Corbin, 61, was a patient at the Woodlands Hospital in the city, where he was admitted after experiencing a sudden discomfort in his chest while driving in the morning. Although it was initially suspected that the PNCR leader might have suffered a heart attack, his brother Charles Corbin said that test results were negative.

“The results are in and they are negative,” he told Stabroek News last evening. He also explained that his brother’s physicians in the US have requested that he be flown overseas to be placed under their care. Although preparations were being made, there no decision had been made up to press time. “I can’t say when he will be flown out,” he said, while noting that his doctors both here and overseas were making arrangements. [Link]

SN Slams KN

Reports that Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of CLICO (Guyana) Maria van Beek has decided to resign are inaccurate, a source close to her has said.

An article in yesterday’s edition of the Kaieteur News headlined ‘Maria van Beek quits’ said that close associates of van Beek had informed the newspaper that the commissioner was resigning. “Close associates of the 36-year-old van Beek revealed last night [Friday] that she has decided to resign out of concern for her safety, despite the presence of armed security at her home,” the newspaper said. [link]

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sad development

Fearing for her life after narrowly surviving a gunman’s bullet two Thursdays ago, Maria van Beek is stepping down as Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana).

Close associates of the 36-year-old van Beek revealed last night that she has decided to resign out of concern for her safety, despite the presence of armed security at her home.

Kaieteur News also understands that police allowed van Beek to view two of the men who were deemed to be suspects in her shooting.However, a source said that she failed to pick the men out during the identification parade.

Van Beek was shot in the chest while driving along Lombard Street in heavy traffic on April 16, last.The gunman then escaped on a motorcycle with an accomplice, who was waiting in Leopold Street.

An eyewitness told Kaieteur News that he saw a man, with one hand tucked under his sweater, walking ‘calmly’ from Lombard Street into Leopold Street seconds after the shot was discharged.

He described the suspect as a short, dark-complexioned individual of medium build, who was wearing a cap, jersey and three-quarter pants.

The injured woman managed to drive to Mohamed’s Enterprise on Lombard Street, where she sought assistance from staff who drove her to the Woodlands Hospital in Carmichael Street.

Police ruled out robbery as a motive for the attack.A sister of van Beek’s had told reporters that the shooting might be linked to the contentious issue of the CLICO debacle but could not understand why her sister, in her role, was a target.

The relative described the attempt on her siblings’s life as “an eye opener for the entire family”, adding that security arrangements would be put in place to prevent any further attack.

She stressed that although van Beek was integrally involved in the CLICO issue, she was not personally responsible for the debacle that the company found itself in.

van Beek was appointed Judicial Manager of CLICO (Guyana) on February 25 last and was tasked with assessing the entity’s financial position.On Tuesday last she presented her report to the High Court, declaring the company insolvent, adding that in a worst-case scenario the company’s liability outweighed its assets by some US$60M.

Kaieteur News report by Michael Jordan

Friday, April 24, 2009

Drunk on cool-aid at Guyana Chronicle

"Rohee critical of "sexing up" news reports USE file photo of Rohee"...what in Stabroek Market is that piece of garbage about. These state employees getting paid our tax monies to fuck up. In these hard economic times, people should be made to pay for skunt like this. Too much cool-aid from the Jagdeo VAT got dem rass drunk and stupidee or is it Rohee's sex that got dem stupideeeeee...ROHEEEEEEE got dem STUPIDEEEEEEEE...

NBS responds to sharp criticisms

THE Board of Directors of the New Building Society Limited (NBS) have reviewed statements appearing in some sections of the media attributed to particular spokesperson(s) calling themselves “concerned members”. These statements are considered slanderous/ libelous, misleading and mischievous.

The Society wishes to set the records right. It must be made clear that the Board of Directors have always and will always act in accordance with the Rules of the Society and good governance practices. We now wish to clarify the undermentioned issues:


The Notice of the Annual General Meeting and Agenda was first published in the Guyana Chronicle on 3rd April 2009 and subsequently in other newspapers in keeping with the rules. The Notice and Agenda was also displayed at the Chief Office and all of its Branch Offices from the same date. A contributor to the Business Page of Stabroek News of April 19, 2009 failed to mention that fact.


The Society’s Pension Scheme currently holds a Flexible Annuity Policy of approximately $111M with CLICO. This is contrary to speculations contained in the Kaieteur News of 15th April, 2009 and Business page of the Stabroek News, of 19th April 2009, that the Society may have negotiated redemption of its Pension Scheme Investment in CLICO at the time of purchase of the Bonds for the Berbice River Bridge. We repeat there was no trade off or insider dealings in this matter as suggested by ‘So-Called Concerned Persons’.


The Bank of Guyana conducted three (3) inspections of the Society’s records, two of which were done in the last three years. Accountability of the Society is under the purview of the Minister of Finance who has power to examine or cause to be examined the books of accounts of the Society. The Bank of Guyana or any other agency may be utilized for this purpose. We reiterate that we are guided by our own set of rules and the law under which we are governed.


The Society received a nomination for an Auditing firm to be appointed Auditors for the year 2009 in accordance with the Rules of the Society. As required by the rules, the NBS informed the current Auditors by way of letter and informed its members by an advertisement in daily newspapers. We subsequently received notification from our current Auditors of their desire not to seek re-election at the Society’s AGM on April 25, 2009.
The Board of Directors in accordance with the Society’s Rules does not appoint Auditors, so it cannot be accused of removing the Auditors. In fact, the Board over the years has enjoyed cordial relations with Messrs. Jack A. Alli, Sons & Company. The Board and the Management of the Society categorically deny that they had anything to do with the process of elections of the Society’s Auditors. This is within the purview of the members.


It is a fact that NBS purchased $1.5B in Bonds in the Berbice River Bridge from CLICO. The Bonds were purchased at face value. The Society wishes to make it pellucidly clear that the investment is in the Berbice River Bridge and not with CLICO and the bridge is fully insured. The acquisition of the Bonds we emphasize is in the interest of our members and the Society as a whole.Our Bridge Investment is a merely 5.0% of Total Assets. Of the other 95.0%, 54.0% or $19.0B is invested in mortgage loans, amounting to 7,819 in number. This translates into an average mortgage loan of $2.4M. Our maximum exposure in any one security until recently was $8.0M. The investment therefore in the bridge is sound, justified and is the most lucrative investment opportunity currently available to NBS. Thus, the directors are satisfied that they have met their fiduciary obligations to the institution.


The Society recorded a profit of $288M for the year 2008. Had it not been for an exchange loss of $200M as a result of the depreciation of the pound sterling due to the Global Economic Meltdown, the total profit for the year 2008 would have been $488M. The investment in the UK is guaranteed by the Government of the United Kingdom.Of interest to members it should be noted that the investment in Britain has been there for decades inclusive of the period when a self styled ‘Concerned Member’ was a Member of the Society’s Board of Directors. The Society’s profits over the years had the benefit of significant increase in the value of the pounds sterling. Therefore the $200M losses for this year will have to be measured against those massive gains in previous years.


The Society has always been and continues to be very sound financially. It surpassed all of its key financial indicators, strategic goals and operational targets in achieving record earnings despite many challenges during the year.We wish to remind our members of the 2007 sinister plots which were designed to undermine the Society by the same ‘So-Called Concerned Members’ who predicted the downfall of the Society. However, the Board of Directors wishes to assure all members that the Society continues to be strong and will continue to be sound well into the future.We regret that the media houses which continue to publish these inaccurate and misleading statements continue to do so without seeking our view on these matters. We hope that sacred tenets which form the basis of good journalism will be adhered to in the future. We equally hope that these facts will be published fully in the interest of fairness to the Society and balanced reporting.

On behalf of theBoard of Directors

Freddie daggers BJ...ragga, ragga, ragga

President Jagdeo told a press conference in Trinidad during the Summit of the Americas that Guyana has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world.

What that means no one knows since Mr. Jagdeo didn’t define the adjective, “progressive.”This is a very nuanced term that traditionally has a socialist connotation and has a comparative function to it—progressive in relation to what?

Many interpret the word to be synonymous with “modern.” Generally, when a political or judicial or constitutional system is modern, it means it has the features that are part of a modern world, meaning it offers justice, equality and freedom.

Most countries in the world have the type of constitution that is progressive in the way Mr. Jagdeo means. Haiti has a progressive constitution.

If you exclude the Arab sultanates, other countries like the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Swaziland, dictatorships like North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, Libya and a few others, a majority of States at the United Nations have “progressive” constitutions.

On the question of Guyana itself, it is debatable that it is a democratic document.Mr. Jagdeo has the habit of engaging in convenient arguments. In extolling the Guyana Constitution, he made mention of the changes to the 1980 Guyana Constitution but chose not to cite the egregious aspect of that very document.

Quite a number of legal experts have condemned the authoritarian nature of the 1980 Constitution. Mr. Jagdeo stayed clear of such features.For a brilliant examination of the nature of the 1980 treatise see the book by two former UG professors, Harold Lutchman and Rudolph James, “Law and the Political Environment, Univ. of Guyana, 1977.

This is the best exposition on the authoritarian dimensions of Mr. Burnham’s blueprint of 1980. Readers will find it a fascinating journey as the authors show where one article allows for freedom while another article cancels the enforceable power of that said article.

The part of the book that readers may like is the section on impeachmentThe Parliament of Guyana can impeach the President for criminal conduct or should he lapse into insanity. The framers made that clear.

But there is an article that says that the President, in his capacity as Head of State, can prorogue Parliament as he sees fit.It makes you smile as you read this description because you know Mr. Burnham was a cunning politician who would have closed all the loopholes. So the situation is easy to comprehend.

The President has committed a criminal act. He knows that in a week’s time, Parliament will meet to impeach him. He makes his move before Parliament can act.Mr. Jagdeo cites the two-term limit but one wonders why he did that.

Many, many countries have that cut-off point so it is old news to people around the world. But Sigmund Freud was at work when the President told the press conference he is not interested in a third term.Why did he use the word, “interested?”

Legally, Mr. Jagdeo cannot have fifteen years. The Constitution only allows for ten. So even if he is interested, he cannot seek re-election. I read the transcript of the press conference three times and nowhere did I read the President as saying that the Guyana Constitution outlaws third terms.

No mention was made of the impossibility of fifteen years.Was the President showing a Freudian preference when he used the words “not interested?” Could a candidate be interested in running for a third term when that is not legally possible?

One wonders if Mr. Jagdeo remembered what he told the press in Guyana about the Constitution when he used the word “progressive” in Trinidad. Mr. Jagdeo made it quite clear that the Constitution did not say that the Opposition Leader has to agree when the President consults him and if he withholds his assent, the President cannot go ahead and make his decision.He was speaking about the nomination of former UG Vice Chancellor, Dr. James Rose, to head the Integrity Commission.

Well not only is the Constitution of Guyana not progressive but it is farcical. All the President has to do is to call the Opposition Leader, say to him, “Dear Robert, I have James in mind to head the Race-Horsing Authority.”

Robert says, “Nah, I don’t think the guy is the right choice.” The President then says: “You cannot claim that I didn’t consult you.” Next day, the appointment is made. Of course the President can intensify the farce in by-passing the Opposition Leader by making acting appointments.We have an acting Chief Justice and acting Chancellor. Looks like the President may soon be sharing out Academy Awards.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

An original cool-aid drinker

Professor Narine lauds President’s avoided deforestation model-suggests Guyana join biological revolution
Georgetown, GINA, April 22, 2009

Professor Suresh Narine, Director of the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (IAST) today, told University of Guyana, Earth Science students that reducing the quantity of forests results in a decline in the carbon sink side of the equation, and this upsets the equilibrium of carbon in the atmosphere, as it is generally accepted that deforestation leads to an increase in atmospheric carbon.

In case you are wondering who is Dr. Narine, click here

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which contractor will be fined for this mess? None maybe.

Reactive fools!

ACTING Chief Magistrate, Melissa Robertson-Ogle, yesterday confirmed that the Magistrates’ Association of Guyana met with Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Clement Rohee and Commissioner of Police Mr. Henry Greene last Monday evening, as was requested by the Association in an effort to avert any hiccups in the administration of justice.

Robertson-Ogle, speaking exclusively with the Chronicle, said the Magistrates’ Association had called for the meeting following the recent criminal attacks on Magistrate Nigel Hawke and his wife.

The Acting Chief Magistrate said the results of that meeting with Rohee and Greene, which was held about 18:00 hrs Monday evening with a number of Magistrates, yielded “favourable” results. “It was very amicable and very hopeful,” she said.

According to Robertson-Ogle, the Minister as well as the Commissioner undertook to provide Magistrate Hawke with additional security, and after speaking with Hawke yesterday, she said he confirmed that these were indeed provided.

Robertson-Ogle said she did not wish to disclose further details of the meeting she had with the Minister and Commissioner but may do so after she meet with her colleagues in the near future.
She added that various magistrates would be present at their monthly meeting this Saturday and the Association would thereafter determine whether or not they would release another press statement on the issue.

Had the Magistrates’ Association not receive any sort of satisfaction at the meeting, Robertson-Ogle said as a start, Magistrates would have chosen not to sit their courts.

Meanwhile, a source told the Guyana Chronicle that at the meeting, the Magistrates made a number of requests as it relates to their security.

The source said among the requests made were the need to have personal bodyguards and security guards at their homes.

In addition, the Association also requested armed policemen and women in the courts over which they preside.

As a result, the source said heightened security measures were put in place from yesterday around the courts with an officer scanning every person that went through the Georgetown Magistrate’s court gate.

The source added that the back gate which gives the public access to the other courts in Jainarine Singh’s building may also be closed, except to prisoners. A police rank will also be present in that building.

On Monday last, an emergency meeting was called by the Magistrates’ Association in Robertson-Ogle’s Chamber and a number of Magistrates attended along with a representative of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) ‘A’ Division, Ms Maxine Graham.

Magistrate Robertson-Ogle had told reporters that no courts on the West Bank Demerara and on the East Coast were being held subsequent to the criminal attacks on Hawke.

The Magistrate had mentioned that the Association was “weary” of making complaints but nothing has so far been done for them as it relates to their security.

A press statement from the Association had the following to say:

“There is grave concern among all Magistrates at this time especially in light of repeated attempts for the authorities to address the burning issue of security for Magistrates vis-à-vis other judicial officers.

“A detailed security memorandum was prepared by the Association since October 11, 2009, and sent to the Honourable Chancellor of the Judiciary and a copy was later forwarded to the Commissioner of Police. To date, no action has been taken with regards to any of the recommendations therein.

“Magistrates at first instance deal with 90 per cent of the criminal proceedings and as a consequence, we are a constant target of criminal aggression. Magistrates, and in some instances members of their family have been threatened, abused and attacked in and out of the Court Room by criminal litigants and their associates. This must not be allowed to continue”.

Magistrate Hawke and his lawyer wife, Donnelle, were robbed in their Section ‘B’ Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara, home by a lone gunman with an AK-47 assault rifle in the early hours of Monday morning.

Hawke told this newspaper yesterday that an armed guard was posted at his residence from 15:00 hrs.

He added that after the incident on Monday night, a policeman was stationed at his house and the police also patrolled the area every hour.

The ranks in the mobile patrol were backed-up by members of a neighbourhood policing group.
Magistrate Hawke said he learnt that several suspects were ‘picked up’ by the Police for questioning since the robbery at his home.

He noted that the incident has left him and his wife shaken and he is hoping to resume work shortly.

Hawke pointed out that so far he is pleased with the efforts that are being made to beef up security at his home, the courts and in general for magistrates. (Additional reporting by Michel Outridge)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Question it

Did the Trinis cultural presentation outdo the Guyana Carifesta opening?

SN's Page one comment

The shooting of Commissioner of Insurance, Ms Maria van Beek, yesterday morning marked a new low point in our downward slide towards a nihilistic society. From police reports it is clear that this was no random robbery attempt; the gunmen used a motorcycle, and made no effort to try and steal anything. One of them simply fired a shot and then they both made good their escape. It is a sign of the levels to which we have sunk that their target was a civil servant who had been appointed by the court to discharge the functions of Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana).

Ms van Beek’s name until recently probably would not have been recognized by the vast majority of Guyanese; she was just a conscientious official working in the background with little or no public profile. It was with the collapse of Clico that she became a household name, and while it is still too early to speculate on who the perpetrators were, it is reasonable to surmise that the attempt on her life had some connection to the events surrounding the collapse of that ill-managed entity.

And now everyone has become acutely aware of just how dangerous this society has become. In a general way citizens have been conscious for a long time that potentially they could become the victims of armed robbers, or find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time; but the deliberate targeting of a public servant who was simply trying to carry out her duties has taken us into a new dimension.

If there is one case that the Guyana Police Force needs to show some energy on, then this is it. For the sake of Ms van Beek and her family, and for the sake of society at large, this case must be solved. For its part the government should ensure that any resources needed by law enforcement to assist in their investigations, are provided expeditiously.

We cannot afford to allow this particular crime to join the long list of cold cases which the police will never clear up.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The AFC's very short statement on Van Beek shooting

The Alliance For Change expresses deep regret at the shooting incident of Guyana's Commissioner of Insurance, Ms. Maria Van Beek.

We condemn without reservation this violent attack on an innocent citizen and hope that the perpetuators are brought to justice.

Our prayers are with her and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Breaking News: Van Beek's shooters known

Police sources are confirming that at least two men who opened fire on Commissioner of Insurance, Maria Van Beek are well known 'guns for hire' working closely with a major drug ring in central Georgetown.

A police source not authorised to speak publicly about the investigations, said that the men lay wait on Van Beek. The source said that several high-profile businessmen are currently being looked at in the current ongoing investigations.

"There could be several possible motives for the killing. Many are looking at the fact that she was appointed Chairman of Clico by the Court. But, we must remember that as Commissioner of Insurance, she did rub a few people the wrong way. Maybe they could have used this opportunity to get back at her," the source stated.

During her tenure, Van Beek had sought to close down GuyFlag as part of an investigations into a multimillion dollar scam involving the burnt Sacred Hearts Church. Several Government officials, including a former Finance Minister have invested heavily in GuyFlag, which has sister companies engaging in beer and cement importation.

"I cannot tell you who we suspect at this moment," the police source stated.

Guyana360 has been able to confirm that Van Beek has since been transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where she is under police guard.

See previous posts here, here, here but not here


The Government of Guyana notes with the greatest concern the dastardly attempt on the life of Mrs. Maria van Beek, the Commissioner of Insurance, which was made this morning in Lombard Street, Georgetown.

The Administration finds it incomprehensible that any sane mind would stoop to such an act that would seem to have an intention of frustrating the work she is doing as the Commissioner of Insurance.

The Guyana Police Force has already commenced its investigation into this incident.

The Commissioner of Police has indicated that no stone will be left unturned during these investigations.

Mrs. van Beek is receiving medical attention, and her condition is regarded as stable.

The Administration condemns this act in the severest manner possible and wishes Mrs. van Beek a speedy recovery.

Regarding the work that she is doing as Judicial Manager of CLICO (Guyana), the Government of Guyana continues to stand firmly by its commitment to protect the interest of policyholders of the company.

Rain, rain go away...

We have sat playing cards for the last several hours wondering when this rain will stop. Some say God is really crying over Guyana. At least we have some where to stay, some people have not been so lucky and lost their homes during the downpour.

Wonder where is Minister Robert Montgomery "two seeds" Persaud?

PNCR on the Van Beek shooting

The People’s National Congress Reform has received the shocking news of the shooting of Ms. Maria Van Beek this morning on Lombard Street, in the vicinity of the Public Buildings.

Whether it was an attempted robbery or for other reasons, the Party unreservedly condemns this criminal act and would urge the Commissioner of Police and the Jagdeo Administration to act with dispatch to ensure that the perpetrator(s) are caught and placed before the courts.

The Party has learnt, with some relief, that Ms.Van Beek is in a stable condition in a hospital in Georgetown.

The PNCR wishes her a speedy and full recovery.

More news on Van Beek

Further to this AP story, it is being reported that Van Beek was shot twice in the chest area.

Breaking News: Van Beek esecapes execution attempt

A gunman shot a Guyana official in charge of dissolving a failed insurance company as she drove to work Thursday, police said.

Insurance commissioner Maria Van Beek, who was hospitalized with a wound in her abdomen, has gained a high profile through the liquidation of Colonial Life Insurance Co. The company has 15,000 clients in this South American country.

The motive for the shooting was unclear, assistant police commander Ivan Daniels said.

"We are investigating exactly what happened," he said.

The collapse of Clico has left many policyholders and pension fund contributors in Guyana anxious about the company's ability to honor its commitments. Earlier this week, Van Beek filed a report saying the company's liabilities of more than $60 million far exceed its assets.

Guyana seized Clico after its parent company in Trinidad, CL Financial Ltd., received a government bailout. CL Financial suffered huge losses in real estate investments and could not borrow enough money on credit markets paralyzed by the global financial crisis.

President Bharrat Jagdeo's administration has said it will borrow from the Treasury to pay Clico policyholders, but payment could drag out over a 10-year period.

The bailout of the investment holding company — whose interests include manufacturing, health services, spirits, real estate and energy — sent shock waves across the 15-nation Caribbean Community bloc, where CL Financial is the largest business group.

Regulators in other countries including the Bahamas and Belize are moving to liquidate local Clico subsidiaries to protect depositors.

Who is a cool-aid drinker?

In Guyana politics, the phrase 'soup drinker' has been used time and time again to describe individuals closely associated with the Governing PPP/C regime, who are willing to sell their souls just to be recognised by the Government.

Perhaps that is putting it lightly when one considers what these persons are giving up. Hence, going foward, this blog will recognise such individuals as cool-aid drinkers.

The likes of Kwame McKoy and Bishop Juan Edghill will be known as cool-aid drinkers.

The former Attorney General, Doodnaught Singh became a soup drinker during the 1997 elections and even declared...'that was good'

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jagdeo goes begging again!

President Jagdeo leaves for Summit today with HIGH HOPES
- says President Obama’s presence at the Summit brings an ‘enlightened approach’ to several crucial issues up for discussion

By Mark Ramotar

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo will today leave for the high-profile and much-talked-about Fifth Summit of the Americas to be held in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, where he has high expectations that at least ‘a few dollars or initiatives’ can emerge out of the long list of pledges currently on the draft declaration to be finalised by the some 33 Heads of State and Government that will be attending the Summit, including the highly popular United States President Barrack Obama. (Imran Khan/media critic should note length of sentence)

President Jagdeo, speaking at a news conference yesterday at the Presidential Secretariat in Georgetown, said he will be joining fellow leaders of CARICOM in a series of begging engagements before the formal opening of the summit tomorrow, in an effort to “concretise positions” that the regional leaders may wish to pursue at the Summit.

A wide-ranging declaration will be issued upon the conclusion of the summit on Sunday, entitled ‘Securing our citizens future by promoting human prosperity, energy security and environmental sustainability’.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Glenn's generousity

Meanwhile, Managing Director and Publisher of Kaieteur News Mr. Glenn Lall yesterday expressed concern on seeing the burnt shack in which the family had lived.

“That is extreme poverty. I can’t believe that a family could live under those conditions,” he said.

“These are the kinds of people who need cheap house-lots.”Mr. Lall has promised to assist the family financially and has invited Mr. Munroe to meet him at Kaieteur News on Tuesday.

In the meantime, he will also assist them with their funeral expenses.Mr. Lall said he would also appeal to his other business colleagues to assist the family.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Refreshing, stunning , compelling and certainly brave

It's not the Guyana Media Critic, but this certainly eases the pain. So long pro-government neophytes over at Liveinguyana.

Guyana Times editor praises govt.

Our financial system is soundI AM convinced that the financial system is sound in Guyana. Another of Guyana’s many banks, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI), has achieved a profit of some $940M even as the world is going through a financial crisis.

What is even more interesting is that the bank has invested some $2.6B for building a head office which will be completed by the end of this year. I have also noticed that there was a significant increase in the bank’s loan portfolio which has increased by a rate of $31.6%.

I sure hope that the critics of the financial system are taking note of this development. Isn’t this evidence that Guyana’s financial system is sound? Even after the financial downturn began last year, GBTI was still able to open another outlet at Diamond/Grove.

Some may wish to argue that the CLICO debacle has shown how vulnerable Guyanese are but the truth is that we are not much affected compared to some other countries.

I do believe that the financial crisis that is being experienced in other parts of the world could in fact be of advantage to us in Guyana because of our vast resources such as our agricultural base. On the contrary, Guyana could yet again emerge as the “Breadbasket of the Caribbean” because of this crisis!


Jagdeo's child play

Head of State Bharrat Jagdeo says that he will agree to an investigation into what transpired at Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) Guyana only if there is a corresponding investigation into the affairs of Globe Trust and Investment Company Limited (GTICL). [Link]

Saturday, April 11, 2009

While RP was blogging...

Chairman of the No. 66 Fish Port Complex Pravinchandra Deodat has told Stabroek Business that irresponsible harvesting has contributed to a reduction in catch by as much as 40 per cent over the past two years and that there was indeed a need for the Ministry of Agriculture to put even stronger measures in place to protect the fishing industry. [Link]

Van West Charles returns to Guyana

Dr. Richard Van West- Charles, former Senior Minister of Health and PAHO/WHO Senior Manager and Special Advisor on Partnership with the International Financial Institutions for almost two decades has tendered his resignation and will return to his home, by the end of April, to continue his contribution to his native land and to strengthen the role of the People’s National Congress in creating a cohesive nation with equal opportunity for all its citizens regardless of race, color or creed.

Over the years, Dr.Van West-Charles visited anually and maintained contact with his homeland, and was invited to be President of a not-for-profit organization – Partnering and Networking for the Development of Guyana (PNDG) - dedicated to poverty alleviation and capacity building. The motto of the Guyana not-for-profit organization is “Safeguarding our future and protecting the vulnerable.”

In his capacity as President of the PNDG, Dr. Van West-Charles has established a network of concerned Guyanese, at home and abroad, and together they are working to bring relief to many families and a number of Guyanese communities. The organization, under its capacity building program, has donated computers to churches and schools.

As Senior Minister of Health, Water, Housing and Environment in the Guyana Government during the period 1980 – 1985, and later as Minister of Medical Education, Food Policy and Environment, Dr. Van West- Charles within his portfolio of Medical Education, led the team which established Guyana’s First School of Medicine at the University of Guyana (UG).

Dr. Van- West Charles, also served as a Member of Parliament, and was engaged in many CARICOM, Commonwealth and Non-Aligned Summits and initiatives. He also served as Guyana’s representative to the Governing Bodies of PAHO/WHO and the Executive Board of WHO.

Dr. Van-West’s service as a Minister of Health prepared him for the several capacities in which he later served PAHO/WHO. During his service to both organizations, he was the PAHO/WHO Representative to Jamaica; Cayman Islands; Bermuda; The Commonwealth of The Bahamas ; Turks and Caicos and was also responsible for the technical cooperation for the Eastern Caribbean. He also was appointed as Area Manager for Information and Knowledge Management and acted as the Deputy Director of PAHO/WHO.

During his tenure, he travelled extensively and met with top Government officials of Latin America and the Caribbean, participated in many global and regional conferences which have shaped his vision and strengthened his capacity to make a significant contribution to the development of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. He was also immersed, in addition to health matters, in public administration, project management and implementation, politics, international affairs and diplomacy.

Doctor Van West-Charles will be accompanied by his wife Roxanne (nee Burnham) on his return to Guyana.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lloyd King's 50 greatest hits

1) Why did Brindley Benn leave the PPP? Was it for ideological or real estate issues?

2) Was it true that at a PPP congress, Ranji Chandisingh had the highest votes over the Jagans?

3) As a Head of State, why was Dr. Cheddi Jagan's will not made public to show what were his personal possessions as distinct from gifts he had received in his capacity as President and Minority/Opposition Leader, in keeping with precedents in some countries?

4) Who are the policyholders in the PPP's commercial arm, GIMPEX? How this party practices Marxism-Leninism but runs the party like a corporate entity?

5) Is it true that the PPP owns a number of buildings and lands around the country including the East Bank of Demerara?

6) Who is the PPP's political leader? Janet Jagan or someone else?

7) What was the role of the House of Israel in Guyana? Was Rabbi Edward Washington really a religious leader or a political thug for the PNC?

8) Why did Fr. Andrew Morrison S.J allow the Reverend Jim Jones to use the Sacred Heart Church for Jones to perform his first quasi-faith-healing scam in Guyana?

9) What was the connection between the PNC and the Peoples Temple? Was Viola Burnham really a member of the Peoples Temple?

10) Is it true that the GDF's Frontline Band was Jim Jones' band instruments and where did all of Jones' financial resources disappear to?

11) If Burnham was this intellectual Titan, how come he never wrote a single book chronicling political developments in Guyana from his perspective?

12) Was Forbes Burnham truly the fifth richest Black man in the world and did he have large amounts of investments in Africa, especially in Zambia?

13) Who really is the author of the book 'From Pain to Peace'? Was it Hamilton Green or Rovin Deodat?

14) What was the role of Jack Kelshall in Guyana and was he Dr. Jagan's private secretary or a Soviet agent planted to overseer the running of Guyana?

15) What was the purpose of the X-13 Plan and why LFS Burnham had appointed Cde. Van Genderen known as 'Old Man' to report to him and gave instructions that military training must be carried out to Cde. I. Thomas? Is there a modern X-13 Plan still in existence in Guyana?

16) Is it true that Forbes Burnham had a hyphenated name Sampson-Burnham and why is it the never used hyphen?

17) Why was Sydney King expelled from the PNC? Was it because of his strong Afro-centric views or because Burnham supported Jagan for independence? Or is it because he had dropped a 'bombshell' on the PNC by contesting as an independent against Burnham?

18) How did the PPP's heroine, Kowsilla, die on March 6,1964 at Plantation Leonora? Did she run in front of the tractor or the driver drive through the protesting squatters? How, then, the driver was never charged with murder?

19) Who threw the bomb into the bus at Lusignan, killing 13 year old Godfrey Texiera and 11 other children?

20) Was the Home Affairs Minister, Janet Jagan correct to say that the Commissioner of Police, Peter Owen should not use the Volunteer Forces but the British soldiers since the Volunteer Forces and the rioters were the same. Was this statement a parallel to Hoyte's "kith and kin" in relation to the army and police?

21) Was the former Minister of Information and Chairman of CASWIG, Shirley Field-Ridley a rising star in the PNC and even capable of replacing Forbes Burnham?

22) Who instructed that the Sun Chapman boat be bombed while plying the Georgetown- Mackenzie route?

23) Why did Hugh Desmond Hoyte mysteriously deviate from Forbes Burnham's political and economic directions of how the party must go, dismantling all the party structures that will keep him in power?

24) How did the body of Donna Mc Kinnon end up on the vacant lot adjacent to Freedom House and no one could have detected how it was placed there although there were guards on a 24 hour basis there?

25) Was Bilal Ato the real killer of Fr. Darke or another House of Israel?

26) Does the PPP really have a wing called the Red Army and what is its purpose?

27) Was Forbes Burnham really assassinated by the Cubans? Did he really refuse the valuable advice by his son-in-law, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles to go to Cuba?

28) What was the Del Conte road scandal? Is it true that large sums of money were siphoned off from this project during the PPP-led administration in the 1960s?

29) Why was Ronald Waddel shot in his foot in Buxton prior to his execution and who really executed him?

30) Is Eusi Kwayana's formula for partition of Guyana on the basis of race part of the solution to the country's problems?

31) Who was responsible for placing the bomb at Freedom House that killed Michael Forde and the one at GIMPEX that killed Eddie Griffith? Why wasn't Eddi Griffith immortalised like Michael Forde?

31) Why was the Dr.Jagan-Clive Thomas formula as a slate did not materialise just prior to the 1992 elections?

32) Which leading WPA member returned home and described the slate as "too left:" and worked to destroy it?

33) What was David Hinds doing with guns concealed in a false-bottom suitcase at the airport?

34) If Dr. Jagan was extremely sick at the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, how was it that he could have written that his wife should take over?

35) Why was Michael X brought into Guyana and hidden clandestinely on the Highway? Was it to kill Eusi Kwayana?

36) Is it true that Moses Nagamootoo, Reepu Daman Persaud, Feroze Mohammed had contemplated joining the PNC in 1983, following in the footsteps of Ranji Chandisingh and Vincent Teekah. Is it true that Nagamootoo et al had been given keys to a car PCC 151 to go to Congress Place?

37) Who really killed Vincent Teekah, who was the political author behind his death and what was the reason?

38) Did Brother Walter Rodney engage in a failed revolution when he met his death and GDF Sgt. 4141 Gregory Smith aka Cyril Johnson an agent of Burnham?

39) Who shot Peter Taylor, the owner of the Evening Post, since he represented big business and not the working class?

40) Why the police sources were unable to say how the high-powered GDF rifles had come into the possession of WPA activist Brother Ohene Koama?

41) Who really killed Security Guard, James Henry, at the newly built No.63 toll station on the Corentyne? Did Arnold Rampersaud really have any knowledge of this killing?

42) Who burnt down TUF activist and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Hydraulics, Arthur Abraham's home on Hadfield Street and killed him and most of the members of his family?

43) Who killed PPP Home Affairs Minister Claude Christian? Was he stabbed with an old umbrella or did he die from a heart attack?

44) Was Dick La Borde removed from his post in Berbice by Forbes Burnham? Was it because he refused to carry out racial orders given by Forbes Burnham or because earlier in Burnham's legal career, La Borde working as a court orderly firmly insisted that Burnham must remove from the court's door, resulting in Burnham being embarrassed?

45) Where were the 23,000 members derived from to attend the Pincer's last congress and how manage they cannot muster 23 persons for a simple picket line outside parliament?

46) Was the Buxton gunmen really Freedom Fighters, as dubbed by certain sections of the society, or were they criminals who operated 'guns for hire'?

47) Who burnt down the PNC's headquarters on Camp Street? Was it a Machiavellian tactic to blame the WPA or was it really the enemies of the PNC?

48) Why did Eusi Kwayana chase Ronald Wadell from the 'Lessons Place' in Buxton? Was Wadell preaching hate messages?

49) Why was Khemraj Ramjattan disciplined and expelled from the PPP? Is it that he was a rising star in the PPP's executive and a beacon of democracy or he really divulged information to the Americans? Did Moses Nagamootoo sell out on Khemraj Ramjattan at the last moment?

50) Is it true that all members of the PPP's Central Executive and Cabinet members must sign an un-dated resignation in the event that anyone of them deviates, in keeping with a communist culture?

If these questions should be answered truthfully, the political culture would be much healthier for one to exist and practice in and the process of healing and reconciliation will be evident or serve as political fertiliser for the tree of progress in Guyana.

The high-tech bill

The tabling of the Bill comes just shy of three months after a furore at the start of the year over President Bharrat Jagdeo’s alleged treatment of former First Lady Varshnie Singh, who said the Office of the First Lady was a “myth.”

Singh went public in January with complaints that she did not receive proper maintenance or care during their nine-year union. Singh, who revealed that the two were never legally married, also accused the head of state of, among other things, psychological domestic violence and using his authority to sideline her work for her sick children’s charity, the Kids First Fund. [link]

Twisted SN

When Stabroek News had visited Cox at the hospital on Wednesday, he could barely mumble a few words.

He was unable to open his eyes and the affected areas were severely swollen and black, while the skin on his chest was peeling.

Yesterday, his condition seemed improved. He was able to open his eyes and was more alert and responsive. In addition, his speech was clearer and relatively intelligible. Read the rest if you dare

Guyana360: Don't beat up on Sn for reporting this. They actually omitted the gruesome parts. The fact that the man's ear was hanging by the skin, his right side balls had swollen, his eyes had fallen in and his rib cage was visible through the skin. Thank you SN for omitting the most sickening parts.


Did they did what?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Political smoke screen

An official smoke screen.

Guyana no longer a sweet country

KINGSTON, Jamaica, April 9, 2009 - Despite setbacks in its sugar industry Jamaica led production in February among Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) member states.
A release from the SAC says that in February, Jamaica produced 26,038 tonnes of sugar, compared to Belize's 10,503 tonnes; Guyana's 7,928 tonnes; and Barbados' 1,072 tonnes, following its late start on February 24.

Only four countries in the English-speaking region continue to export sugar. Trinidad and Tobago ceased production about two years ago. Total output by the four countries in February was 45,541 tonnes, with year-to-date production being 86,581.

However, Chairman of the SAC and General Manager of Jamaica Cane Product Sales, Karl James, said it is too early to say whether Jamaica will meets its target of 139,000 tonnes for the 2008/2009 crop.

"This reaping season has been one of the best ever, in recent times. It is taking fewer canes to produce the sugar, but it is early days yet. I think the end of March figures will give us a better indication, but those figures won't be ready until probably next week," he said.

According to the SAC, the region exported 35,054 tonnes of sugar to the European Union (EU) in February, bringing total sugar export to the EU to 155,296 tonnes. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) received 216 tonnes. Cumulative exports, including Complementary Quantities, United States and world market exports, added up to 163,720, of which 118,000 tonnes were from Guyana.

Jamaica has been trying to divest its five factories since moving to transform the industry, following the European Union's decision to reform its sugar regime in 2005/2006.
The huge debt burden of the Sugar Company of Jamaica (SCJ), which manages the government-owned factories, is also a major factor. The government has been looking for other private sector investors, since negotiations with Brazilian firm, Infinity Bio-Energy, fell through in January.

(JIS Story)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Konfuse us KN

After stealing a video camera, biting a police sergeant and assaulting two other ranks, an 18-year-old Berbician begged Magistrate Chandra Sohan for a chance to bargain with the court.But the magistrate was not prepared to enter into any agreement with Aubrey Mc Lennon and sentenced him to a total of nine years, three months in jail, on seven different charges. Earlier, McLennon had identified himself as Abdool Melaram.

and later in the story...

However, Magistrate Sohan was in no mood to entertain any suggestion from Mc Lennon. He sentenced the convict to three years in jail on the larceny charge, and 18 months each on the unlawful wounding charges, 12 months on each of the resisting arrest charges, and a further three months on the assault charge.The sentences are to run concurrently.

Get your cup ready BJ

As expected, the G20 won’t produce any big coordinated fiscal boost. Or at least not the kind that both British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and U.S. President Barack Obama had hoped.

But sources involved in the negotiations say it could provide as much as $1 trillion to the global economy through a combination of measures such as increased funding for the International Monetary Fund and a trade credit package.

British Minister Mark Malloch-Brown, the Prime Minister’s official envoy to the negotiations, says the aim is to bolster the economies of poorer countries. It’s providing “stimulus support for those parts of the globe that can’t do it on their own.”

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Yes...BJ should apologise

During an emotional eulogy at yesterday’s state funeral for former President of Guyana Janet Jagan, Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee broke down in tears and he called for an apology to the late president from those guilty of heinous acts perpetrated against her between 1997 and 1998 in the wake of the December 1997 polls.

The state funeral, which was held at Public Buildings, was well attended by individuals from every stratum of the social sphere, from diplomats to the ordinary man in the street who came out to pay respects to the fallen ‘freedom fighter’. (Link)