Saturday, April 11, 2009

Van West Charles returns to Guyana

Dr. Richard Van West- Charles, former Senior Minister of Health and PAHO/WHO Senior Manager and Special Advisor on Partnership with the International Financial Institutions for almost two decades has tendered his resignation and will return to his home, by the end of April, to continue his contribution to his native land and to strengthen the role of the People’s National Congress in creating a cohesive nation with equal opportunity for all its citizens regardless of race, color or creed.

Over the years, Dr.Van West-Charles visited anually and maintained contact with his homeland, and was invited to be President of a not-for-profit organization – Partnering and Networking for the Development of Guyana (PNDG) - dedicated to poverty alleviation and capacity building. The motto of the Guyana not-for-profit organization is “Safeguarding our future and protecting the vulnerable.”

In his capacity as President of the PNDG, Dr. Van West-Charles has established a network of concerned Guyanese, at home and abroad, and together they are working to bring relief to many families and a number of Guyanese communities. The organization, under its capacity building program, has donated computers to churches and schools.

As Senior Minister of Health, Water, Housing and Environment in the Guyana Government during the period 1980 – 1985, and later as Minister of Medical Education, Food Policy and Environment, Dr. Van West- Charles within his portfolio of Medical Education, led the team which established Guyana’s First School of Medicine at the University of Guyana (UG).

Dr. Van- West Charles, also served as a Member of Parliament, and was engaged in many CARICOM, Commonwealth and Non-Aligned Summits and initiatives. He also served as Guyana’s representative to the Governing Bodies of PAHO/WHO and the Executive Board of WHO.

Dr. Van-West’s service as a Minister of Health prepared him for the several capacities in which he later served PAHO/WHO. During his service to both organizations, he was the PAHO/WHO Representative to Jamaica; Cayman Islands; Bermuda; The Commonwealth of The Bahamas ; Turks and Caicos and was also responsible for the technical cooperation for the Eastern Caribbean. He also was appointed as Area Manager for Information and Knowledge Management and acted as the Deputy Director of PAHO/WHO.

During his tenure, he travelled extensively and met with top Government officials of Latin America and the Caribbean, participated in many global and regional conferences which have shaped his vision and strengthened his capacity to make a significant contribution to the development of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. He was also immersed, in addition to health matters, in public administration, project management and implementation, politics, international affairs and diplomacy.

Doctor Van West-Charles will be accompanied by his wife Roxanne (nee Burnham) on his return to Guyana.


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