Friday, April 17, 2009

Question it

Did the Trinis cultural presentation outdo the Guyana Carifesta opening?


  1. Definitely ! I am a Guyanese and still I believe that Trinidad has put on a way better opening ceremony. The costumes were excellent unlike the cheap ones used for carifesta.
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  2. I think you comparing apple with orange, Trinidad is a rich rich country, therefore, it can afford to put on such a cultural extravaganza, do you think Suriname, Belize, Jamaica, Barbados or Haiti could have put on such a show. I say NO, so leave poor Guyana alone. We do the best we can with our limited resources, but let me say there are Trinidadian people that have to use a garden hose to hook up to a pipe a mile away from their homes, just to get some drinking water, the GOT should have used of the money they used for the cultural show some to put infrastructure in for potable water, but no they want to show the world they are a rich country like America