Thursday, April 23, 2009

An original cool-aid drinker

Professor Narine lauds President’s avoided deforestation model-suggests Guyana join biological revolution
Georgetown, GINA, April 22, 2009

Professor Suresh Narine, Director of the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (IAST) today, told University of Guyana, Earth Science students that reducing the quantity of forests results in a decline in the carbon sink side of the equation, and this upsets the equilibrium of carbon in the atmosphere, as it is generally accepted that deforestation leads to an increase in atmospheric carbon.

In case you are wondering who is Dr. Narine, click here

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  1. Zella Holiness ForeverThursday, 23 April, 2009

    so that is what he looks like, he looks a bit of biggatee with himself, I don't know him, but I don't like him, he looks like he needs Jesus, especially since he took a loaded gun onto a jetliner. Keep him a way from me.