Friday, April 03, 2009

Konfuse us KN

After stealing a video camera, biting a police sergeant and assaulting two other ranks, an 18-year-old Berbician begged Magistrate Chandra Sohan for a chance to bargain with the court.But the magistrate was not prepared to enter into any agreement with Aubrey Mc Lennon and sentenced him to a total of nine years, three months in jail, on seven different charges. Earlier, McLennon had identified himself as Abdool Melaram.

and later in the story...

However, Magistrate Sohan was in no mood to entertain any suggestion from Mc Lennon. He sentenced the convict to three years in jail on the larceny charge, and 18 months each on the unlawful wounding charges, 12 months on each of the resisting arrest charges, and a further three months on the assault charge.The sentences are to run concurrently.

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