Friday, April 10, 2009

Lloyd King's 50 greatest hits

1) Why did Brindley Benn leave the PPP? Was it for ideological or real estate issues?

2) Was it true that at a PPP congress, Ranji Chandisingh had the highest votes over the Jagans?

3) As a Head of State, why was Dr. Cheddi Jagan's will not made public to show what were his personal possessions as distinct from gifts he had received in his capacity as President and Minority/Opposition Leader, in keeping with precedents in some countries?

4) Who are the policyholders in the PPP's commercial arm, GIMPEX? How this party practices Marxism-Leninism but runs the party like a corporate entity?

5) Is it true that the PPP owns a number of buildings and lands around the country including the East Bank of Demerara?

6) Who is the PPP's political leader? Janet Jagan or someone else?

7) What was the role of the House of Israel in Guyana? Was Rabbi Edward Washington really a religious leader or a political thug for the PNC?

8) Why did Fr. Andrew Morrison S.J allow the Reverend Jim Jones to use the Sacred Heart Church for Jones to perform his first quasi-faith-healing scam in Guyana?

9) What was the connection between the PNC and the Peoples Temple? Was Viola Burnham really a member of the Peoples Temple?

10) Is it true that the GDF's Frontline Band was Jim Jones' band instruments and where did all of Jones' financial resources disappear to?

11) If Burnham was this intellectual Titan, how come he never wrote a single book chronicling political developments in Guyana from his perspective?

12) Was Forbes Burnham truly the fifth richest Black man in the world and did he have large amounts of investments in Africa, especially in Zambia?

13) Who really is the author of the book 'From Pain to Peace'? Was it Hamilton Green or Rovin Deodat?

14) What was the role of Jack Kelshall in Guyana and was he Dr. Jagan's private secretary or a Soviet agent planted to overseer the running of Guyana?

15) What was the purpose of the X-13 Plan and why LFS Burnham had appointed Cde. Van Genderen known as 'Old Man' to report to him and gave instructions that military training must be carried out to Cde. I. Thomas? Is there a modern X-13 Plan still in existence in Guyana?

16) Is it true that Forbes Burnham had a hyphenated name Sampson-Burnham and why is it the never used hyphen?

17) Why was Sydney King expelled from the PNC? Was it because of his strong Afro-centric views or because Burnham supported Jagan for independence? Or is it because he had dropped a 'bombshell' on the PNC by contesting as an independent against Burnham?

18) How did the PPP's heroine, Kowsilla, die on March 6,1964 at Plantation Leonora? Did she run in front of the tractor or the driver drive through the protesting squatters? How, then, the driver was never charged with murder?

19) Who threw the bomb into the bus at Lusignan, killing 13 year old Godfrey Texiera and 11 other children?

20) Was the Home Affairs Minister, Janet Jagan correct to say that the Commissioner of Police, Peter Owen should not use the Volunteer Forces but the British soldiers since the Volunteer Forces and the rioters were the same. Was this statement a parallel to Hoyte's "kith and kin" in relation to the army and police?

21) Was the former Minister of Information and Chairman of CASWIG, Shirley Field-Ridley a rising star in the PNC and even capable of replacing Forbes Burnham?

22) Who instructed that the Sun Chapman boat be bombed while plying the Georgetown- Mackenzie route?

23) Why did Hugh Desmond Hoyte mysteriously deviate from Forbes Burnham's political and economic directions of how the party must go, dismantling all the party structures that will keep him in power?

24) How did the body of Donna Mc Kinnon end up on the vacant lot adjacent to Freedom House and no one could have detected how it was placed there although there were guards on a 24 hour basis there?

25) Was Bilal Ato the real killer of Fr. Darke or another House of Israel?

26) Does the PPP really have a wing called the Red Army and what is its purpose?

27) Was Forbes Burnham really assassinated by the Cubans? Did he really refuse the valuable advice by his son-in-law, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles to go to Cuba?

28) What was the Del Conte road scandal? Is it true that large sums of money were siphoned off from this project during the PPP-led administration in the 1960s?

29) Why was Ronald Waddel shot in his foot in Buxton prior to his execution and who really executed him?

30) Is Eusi Kwayana's formula for partition of Guyana on the basis of race part of the solution to the country's problems?

31) Who was responsible for placing the bomb at Freedom House that killed Michael Forde and the one at GIMPEX that killed Eddie Griffith? Why wasn't Eddi Griffith immortalised like Michael Forde?

31) Why was the Dr.Jagan-Clive Thomas formula as a slate did not materialise just prior to the 1992 elections?

32) Which leading WPA member returned home and described the slate as "too left:" and worked to destroy it?

33) What was David Hinds doing with guns concealed in a false-bottom suitcase at the airport?

34) If Dr. Jagan was extremely sick at the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, how was it that he could have written that his wife should take over?

35) Why was Michael X brought into Guyana and hidden clandestinely on the Highway? Was it to kill Eusi Kwayana?

36) Is it true that Moses Nagamootoo, Reepu Daman Persaud, Feroze Mohammed had contemplated joining the PNC in 1983, following in the footsteps of Ranji Chandisingh and Vincent Teekah. Is it true that Nagamootoo et al had been given keys to a car PCC 151 to go to Congress Place?

37) Who really killed Vincent Teekah, who was the political author behind his death and what was the reason?

38) Did Brother Walter Rodney engage in a failed revolution when he met his death and GDF Sgt. 4141 Gregory Smith aka Cyril Johnson an agent of Burnham?

39) Who shot Peter Taylor, the owner of the Evening Post, since he represented big business and not the working class?

40) Why the police sources were unable to say how the high-powered GDF rifles had come into the possession of WPA activist Brother Ohene Koama?

41) Who really killed Security Guard, James Henry, at the newly built No.63 toll station on the Corentyne? Did Arnold Rampersaud really have any knowledge of this killing?

42) Who burnt down TUF activist and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Hydraulics, Arthur Abraham's home on Hadfield Street and killed him and most of the members of his family?

43) Who killed PPP Home Affairs Minister Claude Christian? Was he stabbed with an old umbrella or did he die from a heart attack?

44) Was Dick La Borde removed from his post in Berbice by Forbes Burnham? Was it because he refused to carry out racial orders given by Forbes Burnham or because earlier in Burnham's legal career, La Borde working as a court orderly firmly insisted that Burnham must remove from the court's door, resulting in Burnham being embarrassed?

45) Where were the 23,000 members derived from to attend the Pincer's last congress and how manage they cannot muster 23 persons for a simple picket line outside parliament?

46) Was the Buxton gunmen really Freedom Fighters, as dubbed by certain sections of the society, or were they criminals who operated 'guns for hire'?

47) Who burnt down the PNC's headquarters on Camp Street? Was it a Machiavellian tactic to blame the WPA or was it really the enemies of the PNC?

48) Why did Eusi Kwayana chase Ronald Wadell from the 'Lessons Place' in Buxton? Was Wadell preaching hate messages?

49) Why was Khemraj Ramjattan disciplined and expelled from the PPP? Is it that he was a rising star in the PPP's executive and a beacon of democracy or he really divulged information to the Americans? Did Moses Nagamootoo sell out on Khemraj Ramjattan at the last moment?

50) Is it true that all members of the PPP's Central Executive and Cabinet members must sign an un-dated resignation in the event that anyone of them deviates, in keeping with a communist culture?

If these questions should be answered truthfully, the political culture would be much healthier for one to exist and practice in and the process of healing and reconciliation will be evident or serve as political fertiliser for the tree of progress in Guyana.

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