Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jagdeo goes begging again!

President Jagdeo leaves for Summit today with HIGH HOPES
- says President Obama’s presence at the Summit brings an ‘enlightened approach’ to several crucial issues up for discussion

By Mark Ramotar

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo will today leave for the high-profile and much-talked-about Fifth Summit of the Americas to be held in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, where he has high expectations that at least ‘a few dollars or initiatives’ can emerge out of the long list of pledges currently on the draft declaration to be finalised by the some 33 Heads of State and Government that will be attending the Summit, including the highly popular United States President Barrack Obama. (Imran Khan/media critic should note length of sentence)

President Jagdeo, speaking at a news conference yesterday at the Presidential Secretariat in Georgetown, said he will be joining fellow leaders of CARICOM in a series of begging engagements before the formal opening of the summit tomorrow, in an effort to “concretise positions” that the regional leaders may wish to pursue at the Summit.

A wide-ranging declaration will be issued upon the conclusion of the summit on Sunday, entitled ‘Securing our citizens future by promoting human prosperity, energy security and environmental sustainability’.

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  1. Don't criticise the beggar, because when all is said and done we reap the benefits of the beggar and the lil handouts he is given to make life easier in Guyana, now if Burnham had followed suit and did begging the country would have never been allowed to fall into disrepair, but no, pompous Burnham with so much pride, and nothing else stayed home and ranted and raved like a lunatic, the madman that he was, and allowed our nice country to just fall apart. Good show President Jagdeo, I have contacted the White House asking that President Obama meets you personally, and trust me President Jagdeo will be the darling of the group there in Port-of-Spain, people like him.