Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Yes...BJ should apologise

During an emotional eulogy at yesterday’s state funeral for former President of Guyana Janet Jagan, Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee broke down in tears and he called for an apology to the late president from those guilty of heinous acts perpetrated against her between 1997 and 1998 in the wake of the December 1997 polls.

The state funeral, which was held at Public Buildings, was well attended by individuals from every stratum of the social sphere, from diplomats to the ordinary man in the street who came out to pay respects to the fallen ‘freedom fighter’. (Link)


  1. I know it is tradition that the opposition leader make remarks on such an occassion as this, but it was still galling for me to see, as I too feel that Mr. Corbin is responsible in part for the violent demonstrations against the leadership of Comrade Janet, and becasue of this I could never vote for the PNC.

    They brutalised this dear woman, but in the end she prevailed, never mind she only got 20 months to rule Guyana, but the fact is she got to rule, and that is what I wanted for her my entire life, she was once a President of Guyana and that is all that matters.

    Another thing, that galled me is the note of condolance the PNC wrote on behalf of the party to Comrade Janet's family, it was full of compassion, and kind thoughts and words, but this begs me to ask why couldn't respect be shown to her when she was a live.

    BJ does not need to apoligise, he is the President of Guyana and as such, he makes the decisions, you hear how he micro-managing and dis and dat well the same people that saying he doing that will steal Guyana away in a New York minute so he has to have his hands in everything. Burnham suffered that fate when he first was leader of Guyana, and people learn form experince.

  2. She should not have ruled for a single day!

  3. Plus let it be known that Comrade Janet won the elections free and fair, that in itself speaks volumnes of this great woman of Guyana.

  4. Yea you go and rule another country not being born there.