Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not a good year to be a politician

Opposition leader Robert Corbin was hospitalised yesterday after complaining of chest pains.

Up to press time Corbin, 61, was a patient at the Woodlands Hospital in the city, where he was admitted after experiencing a sudden discomfort in his chest while driving in the morning. Although it was initially suspected that the PNCR leader might have suffered a heart attack, his brother Charles Corbin said that test results were negative.

“The results are in and they are negative,” he told Stabroek News last evening. He also explained that his brother’s physicians in the US have requested that he be flown overseas to be placed under their care. Although preparations were being made, there no decision had been made up to press time. “I can’t say when he will be flown out,” he said, while noting that his doctors both here and overseas were making arrangements. [Link]

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  1. Probably Mr. Corbin is overworked, that is why the chess pains, plus Puffy-tuh coming back to grab the party, Van East or whatever his name is. I wish Mr. C a speedy recovery and I am glad it was not a heart attack, just a little bed rest and some nice home cooked meals, like some crushed cassava with a little margarine, and some light peas soup and steamed callaloo will revive Mistuh. God Bless Mistuh C and keep him safely.