Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breaking News: Van Beek's shooters known

Police sources are confirming that at least two men who opened fire on Commissioner of Insurance, Maria Van Beek are well known 'guns for hire' working closely with a major drug ring in central Georgetown.

A police source not authorised to speak publicly about the investigations, said that the men lay wait on Van Beek. The source said that several high-profile businessmen are currently being looked at in the current ongoing investigations.

"There could be several possible motives for the killing. Many are looking at the fact that she was appointed Chairman of Clico by the Court. But, we must remember that as Commissioner of Insurance, she did rub a few people the wrong way. Maybe they could have used this opportunity to get back at her," the source stated.

During her tenure, Van Beek had sought to close down GuyFlag as part of an investigations into a multimillion dollar scam involving the burnt Sacred Hearts Church. Several Government officials, including a former Finance Minister have invested heavily in GuyFlag, which has sister companies engaging in beer and cement importation.

"I cannot tell you who we suspect at this moment," the police source stated.

Guyana360 has been able to confirm that Van Beek has since been transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where she is under police guard.

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The Government of Guyana notes with the greatest concern the dastardly attempt on the life of Mrs. Maria van Beek, the Commissioner of Insurance, which was made this morning in Lombard Street, Georgetown.

The Administration finds it incomprehensible that any sane mind would stoop to such an act that would seem to have an intention of frustrating the work she is doing as the Commissioner of Insurance.

The Guyana Police Force has already commenced its investigation into this incident.

The Commissioner of Police has indicated that no stone will be left unturned during these investigations.

Mrs. van Beek is receiving medical attention, and her condition is regarded as stable.

The Administration condemns this act in the severest manner possible and wishes Mrs. van Beek a speedy recovery.

Regarding the work that she is doing as Judicial Manager of CLICO (Guyana), the Government of Guyana continues to stand firmly by its commitment to protect the interest of policyholders of the company.

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